Learn how social networks help bring children and teens closer to a potential foster home Parnambuko

In Parnambuco, 139 children and adolescents are available for adoption. At the same time, there are 928 applicants. “Numbers don’t add up, accounts don’t close,” Judge Helia Vegas, the childhood and youth coordinator of the State Court of Justice, announced in an interview this Monday (9), where she reviewed the data. (Watch the video above).

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The magistrate explained that one of the obstacles was the profile sought by the plaintiffs. Cases like Isabel and Corey Gali, who adopted four siblings, are even more difficult to happen. In their case, Triple Renato, Ryan and Ryan were 9 years old and their older brother Ruan, 14 years old.

“Although there has been a huge expansion in this profile, our national adoption system has easily adopted people up to the age of 10. The profile is idealized by the vast majority,” the magistrate declared.

To help “close the account”, the state Judicial Adoption Commission (SEJA) has used social networks to help these children and adolescents find a home. The name of the initiative is Projeto Family.

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Judge Helia Viegas talks about late adoption – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo.

With approval from the Pernambuco Court of Justice, photos of children and adolescents who are eligible for adoption and looking for a family are published on social media by the State Judicial Adoption Commission (CEJA). In the post, they write a little about themselves.

The project, which began using hammocks in 2016, also includes 10-year-olds, teenagers, siblings and people with disabilities or certain health groups, the judge explained.

“Our foundation, as a human being, is to have a family, so adoption is very important. These children and adolescents have already violated their rights in their biological family. It is not surprising that they have been removed from their biological family and this adoption. Expecting from the family, giving him love, welcoming him and giving him all the responsibility for his full development “, he said.

Over the years, the TJPE initiative has been able to make 228 national and 35 international adoptions. “These are children and adolescents who had no suitors, who were invisible: those with disabilities, those who are older. There is no shortage of suitors for children. These children and adolescents in society need to know,” announced Helia Vegas.

Children and adolescents present themselves to potential recipients and post on social networks – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Interested parties do not need to be in Parnambuco as they are all part of the National Adoption Registry. The magistrate explained that the process could start in any city, contact the Juvenile and Youth Court where you live.

“The first thing is that he has to qualify for adoption. What does that mean? Formalizing an application is a process where the person being represented does not need to be represented by a lawyer. It is an administrative procedure that is formally preceded by the judiciary.”

In this first step, the prospective recipient must present personal documents and background certificates. The full list is available on the TJPE website.

“Besides, she has to attend a training course for adoptive candidates. This course is offered regularly by the judiciary, for free. Nowadays, it is distance, which makes everyone’s life easier. Going through an interview, by a psychologist, social support. Once the conditions are verified, the request will be granted and he will be registered, “said the judge.

When registering, the person also states what profile they are interested in receiving and thus, the information is cross-referenced. After that, if the interest is confirmed, the approximate process begins, then, stay at home for certain adoption.

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