Lazio – Verona: 2-0 Serie A 2022/2023. The last post is a review of the game

  • Thank you for following the broadcast of this match with us, we are going to see you at the subsequent Serie A match!19:58

  • In the subsequent spherical of the competitors, Lazio will play away to Cremonese, whereas Verona will probably be away from dwelling in opposition to Fiorentina.19:58

  • 90′ + 6′

    IT’S DONE! LAZIO 2-0 VERONA. Sarri’s crew gained three factors because of targets from Immobile and Luis Alberto.19:56

  • 90′ + 5′

    GOAL! LAZIO-Verona 2-0. Luis Alberto community. To the exhaustion of Zaccagni, Luis Alberto stroked the ball by himself and beat Montipò to finish the double.

    Check out the participant profile of Luis Alberto19:56

  • 90′ + 3′

    The last effort made by yellow and blue is to strive in each solution to take the image.19:52

  • 90′ + 2′

    LUCKY VERONA! Great probability on Ilic’s left hand in the coronary heart of the space, Provedel punches the ball in and saves the rating.19:52

  • 90′ + 1′

    LAZIO NETWORK IS OUT! Cancellieri’s objective was dominated out as he was offside.19:51

  • 90′

    Four minutes of restoration.19:49

  • 89′

    Don’t overlook the triangle between Tameze and Ilic, Lazio can relaxation a little.19:49

  • 88′

    He WARNED Cioffi for protesting19:48

  • 87′

    On the ball positioned by Hysaj, Doig manages to make his objective with a powerful carom.19:47

  • 85′

    GOOD LUCK LAZIO! Cancellieri pulls laborious at the close to post, Montipò turns into the protagonist of a nice intervention along with his left foot.19:45

  • 84′

    He WARNED Hysaj for polluting Tameze.19:43

  • 83′

    Cancellieri tries to begin himself, Montipò comes out and chooses the proper time.19:43

  • 81′

    Lazio controls the ball and slows down the tempo.19:39

  • 80′

    WARNED Hien for polluting Zaccagni.19:40

  • 79′

    WARNED Luis Alberto for protesting.19:39

  • 78′

    GOOD LUCK LAZIO! Immobile passes Hien in the woods however is not cool sufficient head to head with Montipò, who manages to seduce him and preserve his crew on their toes.19:39

  • 76′

    LAZIO CHANGE: Lazzari out, Hysaj in.19:35

  • 74′

    Kallon swings nicely in the slalom and opens a plate that finally ends up vast of the objective that Provedel defends.19:34

  • 73′

    Ilic punches Luis Alberto in the face, extending his arm too far.19:33

  • 72′

    Tameze’s deep throw goes straight into Provedel’s arms.19:32

  • 70′

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Lasagna out, Kallon in.19:30

  • 70′

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Lazović out, Hrustić in.19:30

  • 68′

    GOAL! LAZIO-Verona 1-0. Real Estate Network. Milinkovic-Savic sends in a kissing cross that goes behind the defenders, Immobile is at the far post and with an correct header he fires the ball into the web.

    Check out the participant card of Ciro Immobile19:29

    Ciro Immobile
  • 67′

    Luis Alberto’s bag is removed from Immobile.19:28

  • 66′

    WARNED the Cabal for insulting Lazzari of late.19:26

  • 65′

    REPLACEMENT LAZIO: Felipe Anderson is out, Cancellieri is in.19:25

  • 65′

    REPLACEMENT LAZIO: Marcos Antônio out, Vecino in.19:25

  • 64′

    GOOD LUCK LAZIO! Luis Alberto nearly took the lead with a shot from the proper that went vast.19:24

  • 63′

    WARNED Coppola for being dangerous at Zaccagni.19:23

  • 62′

    Depaoli chooses a cross in the center, Henry is anticipated to come back out of Provedel.19:22

  • 61′

    VERONA CHANGE: Terracciano out, Depaoli in.19:20

  • 61′

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Ceccherini out, Cabal in.19:20

  • 59′

    Zaccagni modifications the tempo and serves Luis Alberto in the space, Ceccherini returns each in the race and retains the yellow and blue permitting Montipò to cease for a very long time.19:20

  • 57′

    Ceccherini directs the ball into the center with out discovering his teammates.19:23

  • 56′

    Lazovic crosses the ball to the far post, Marusic closes along with his chest in favor of Provedel’s intervention.19:15

  • 55′

    LAZIO CHANGE: Bašić out, Luis Alberto in.19:14

  • 54′

    Lasagna factors at Patric, who doesn’t permit himself to be enchanted by ache and all the time stops him.19:14

  • 52′

    Immobile enters the space with drive, Hien blocks him along with his physique with out making him spin.19:11

  • 50′

    Felipe Anderson concentrates and makes an attempt a shot from the edge which Hien saves brilliantly.19:10

  • 49′

    Lasagna strikes straight previous Casale, a penalty that Lazio will get.19:08

  • 48′

    Felipe Anderson tries to get inside the yellow-blue penalty space, Ilic challenges him and restarts his crew.19:07

  • 46′

    BACK TO START, restart from 0-0 in the first half.19:04

  • In the second half, Lazio ought to enhance their expertise by making an attempt to create one thing by together with extra Immobile. Verona is invited to play with the similar crew as in the first spherical, making an attempt to chunk in opposition to them once they get the probability.18:52

  • The first half performed nicely by each groups ends with none objective. Both Lazio and Verona are equal in phrases of possibilities: The forwards shake the post with a harmful shot from distance, Henry hits the high of the crossbar at the finish of the restoration. The Biancocelesti have the finest soccer, the Gialloblù all the time give the feeling of with the ability to harm in the restart.18:51

  • 45′ + 3′

    FIRST HALF ENDS: Lazio-Verona 0-0. The first half ends with a clear web.18:48

  • 45′ + 1′

    LUCKY VERONA! As the nook widens, Henry provides the closing phrase which reaches the high of the cross!18:46

  • 45′

    Three minutes of restoration.18:45

  • 45′

    A polished cross by Lazzari and a little smanacciato by Montipò: the crowds push on the accelerator and change into extra harmful.18:45

  • 44′

    He WARNED Ceccherini for defaming Zaccagni.18:43

  • 42′

    GOOD LUCK LAZIO! Lazio made a good run from the again and have been present in the space by Lazzari, who chewed his shot vast after lacking Doig.18:43

  • 40′

    Ceccherini rushed to the proper lane, however met the trocar’s cross badly.18:41

  • 39′

    On Provedel’s lengthy throw, Hien went to Montipò and denied the Biancocelesti’s probability.18:39

  • 38′

    Lasagna pours a excessive and gradual cross, Henry makes use of his arms a lot to get the place and commits a foul.18:38

  • 36′

    VERONA REPLACEMENT: Miguel Veloso exits, Tamèze enters.18:36

  • 34′

    WARNED Miguel Veloso for insulting Milinkovic-Savic.18:35

  • 32′

    Miguel Veloso is on the floor as a result of of the ball that hit him in the pit of his abdomen.18:33

  • 30′

    Terracciano sees Provedel outdoors the post and tries a lengthy-vary shot that goes vast.18:30

  • 29′

    GOOD LUCK LAZIO! The lightness that is being constructed by Hien favors an open home, Montipò comes out and blocks his approach. The Lazio striker was dominated offside at the finish of the incident.18:42

  • 27′

    GOOD LUCK LAZIO! Basic releases the torpedo along with his left hand, Montipò extends his hand and swings at the tree!18:27

  • 25′

    Milinkovic-Savic rushes in from the edge of the space and kicks the fly, Montipò blocks the Serbian middle again with no drawback.18:26

  • 23′

    Basic appears the ball straight to reward Zaccagni’s deep assault, Montipò calculates every little thing prematurely and holds the ball safely.18:23

  • 22′

    Terracciano’s trocar cross is unsuccessful, Lazio will get a objective.18:22

  • 20′

    Lasagna slips behind the biancoceleste protection and goes to shut the finish with freedom.18:20

  • 18′

    Marusic’s outdoors shot flies over the floor and never a lot.18:18

  • 16′

    Beautiful cross and proper outdoors Lazovic, Provedel calls the ball and makes it his personal.18:16

  • 15′

    Basic provides the ball a little in the center, Hien reads the play nicely and prevents the menace.18:15

  • 14′

    Lasagna is freed and from the tight aspect tries to substantiate, Lazzari will get in the approach along with his physique and concedes a nook.18:14

  • 11′

    Montipò saves his crew with a good exit outdoors the penalty space, which was obligatory to attend for Lazzari.18:15

  • 10′

    The distinction between Lazzari and Doig’s game is that the former is a little shocked after hitting his head.18:10

  • 9′

    Milinkovic-Savic misses a contact inside, the guests attempt to break away.18:09

  • 7′

    The first ring from the receiver: the tip given in the center by Zaccagni is a little inaccurate for Immobile.18:08

  • 5′

    Hellas are harmful with lengthy direct balls, Lazio’s protection is not too nervous and has the progress of Lasagna and Henry.18:12

  • 4′

    Basic’s cross is very tender and predictable, Montipò got here out of the gate and beat the ball very laborious.18:05

  • 3′

    A well timed closing of Casale’s run at Lasagna, Verona receives the flag.18:02

  • 2′

    Milinkovic-Savic’s harmful again move, Provedel comes out in time and sweeps.18:01

  • 1′

    LET’S GO! The first half of Lazio-Verona begins. The first ball is managed by the crowd.17:59

  • Massimiliano Irrati leads the assembly with the assist of assistants Luigi Rossi and Giuseppe Perrotti. The fourth chief is Niccolò Baroni. The Var household is made up of Paolo Mazzoleni and Filippo Valeriani.12:37

  • Gabriele Cioffi connects Lazovic with Lasagna behind Henry, the solely offensive place. Terracciano and Doig will act on the outdoors, with Ilic and Veloso in the center line. Farao, Tameze and Djuric begin on the bench.17:25

  • Maurizio Sarri depends on a trio made up of Felipe Anderson, Zaccagni and Immobile. Cataldi did not qualify, Pedro did not. Luis Alberto and Vecino go to the bench.17:24

  • Verona are unbeaten in all three of their last three video games in opposition to Lazio in Serie A (1W, 2N), by no means recording a lengthy streak with out an away defeat in opposition to the Biancocelesti in the competitors.12:29

  • Lazio have gained simply two of their last six Serie A video games in opposition to Verona (2N, 2D), having executed nicely in the earlier 5 video games. half previous twelve

  • VERONA (3-4-2-1) SUPPORTING TRAINING: Montipò – Ceccherini, Hien, Coppola – Terracciano, Ilic, Veloso, Doig – Lazovic, Lasagna – Henry. Available: Berardi, Perilli, Faraoni, Verdi, Hrustic, Hongla, Djuric, Piccoli, Günter, Dawidowicz, Depaoli, Kallon, Cabal, Tameze, Cortinovis. Followers of Gabriele Cioffi.17:22

  • LAZIO (4-3-3) SUPPORTING TRAINING: Provedel – Lazzari, Patric, Casale, Marusic – Milinkovic-Savic, Marcos Antonio, Basic – Felipe Anderson, Immobile, Zaccagni. Available: Maximiano, Adamonis, Vecino, Luis Alberto, Cancellieri, Romagnoli, Kamenovic, Romero, Hysaj, Radu, Gila, Bertini. Pastor Maurizio Sarri.17:23

  • The Gialloblù gained the last game of the league, in opposition to Sampdoria, after drawing two and dropping twice: in the last 5 years of Serie A performed, the Venetian crew has gained no less than two of the first six video games performed in 2020/21.12:33

  • The biancocelesti, who collected 8 factors in 5 video games, are on this place after their first defeat of the season in opposition to Napoli. 12:32

  • At the Olympic Stadium in Rome every little thing is prepared for Lazio-Verona, a match that is worthy of the sixth day of Serie A.12:29

  • Where the game is performed:

    Stadium: Olympic
    City: Rome
    Capacity: 72698 viewers12:29

    The Olympic Games
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