Lawyers and businessmen create profiles to share trishal assumptions and experiences with married influencers for 15 years: ‘It is possible to survive in a free love’ | Tokantins

On social media, lawyer Grazella Veras Pario Lustosa, 31, businessman Diego Matthews Simon, 33, and influential Natalia Bezera da Silva, 26, shared their routines, answered questions and made a point about talking about polymer.

They form a triad and are not ashamed or afraid to show their relationship: “The purpose is to show that it is possible to love more than one person, free and without prejudice,” says Natalia.

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Residents of Palmas, the capital of Tokentins, created the profile “Window a Trace” about a week ago and already have more than 1,200 followers, eager to know how the story began.

Graciela and Diego have been married for more than 15 years. They met as teenagers while attending high school in the capital. But in 2020 they decided to follow a friend’s advice and agreed to a different experience.

“A friend started joking about whether I had the courage to have sex with another woman, but at that point I said yes. Then I came to Diego and said: ‘Gee, I think I wanted to have this experience. Diego liked the idea and that’s how it started, “said Graziela.

Graziela, Diego and Natalia form a triad from 2020 – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

With this idea in mind, one person was needed to form the trishal. Graziela guarantees that when she and Diego Natalia first met, “they liked it now.” They had mutual friends and were almost always together on dates with the boys.

“Diego and I talked: ‘Let’s hit her, invest, flirt with her.’ But Natalia wasn’t very moral at first, I don’t know if she was embarrassed or not. He jokes.

Natalia, on the other hand, was resisting the attack. He said at first he was embarrassed by the situation.

“I did not know where to put my face. It wasn’t something I was dealing with and there was another provocative reason, they were married, I was afraid to say anything and they would do it wrong and the friendship would end, I was scared. ”

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Until the couple stops flirting. That’s when Natalia, for fear of losing the opportunity to experience something different, decided to lose. The relationship between the three began on October 5, 2020, during the epidemic.

“We have never been apart. At first there were a lot of friendships, we stayed because the three of them always had a lot of chemistry. We’ve always been together in rolls, Natalia would have lunch at our restaurant every day in the middle of the week. And we begin to live forever, “explained Graziela.

Grazi and Diego asked Natalia to date in October last year after a brief breakup. At that moment, they realized that they could never be apart.

“There was a silly argument between us and Nath severed ties with us. And I said: ‘Diego, what do you mean, I have no choice but to leave Natalia? I asked: ‘Diogo, you live without him, can you see your life without Nath?’ And Diogo said no. We called her, bought her a ring, and everything went well. ”

The three became closer after the request. They live in the same house, share routines, bills and love.

“One of the questions was whether my marriage was in conflict and therefore the third person. And not really, my marriage was so good that it was possible to add someone else without ruining it. “

Has created a profile on social networks to show Trisal routine and shows that it is possible to survive in a free love – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

In June 2021, Natalia decided it was time to reveal the relationship. Because there were already rumors and misinterpretations about the relationship.

“People will comment with bad eyes, such as: ‘Natalia is hitting her best friend’s husband. Or Natalia’s best friend’s husband is cheating on his wife.’ I saw Hot Friend and Grazie as horns. I said: ‘We need to talk to people that we are together and we want to be together.’

They said they never feared the verdict of the people. In fact, the only stumbling block was the family who still didn’t know the relationship between the three of them.

“Mainly my family, which is a little more traditional. I was very insecure and that’s why we took a little longer. The three already wanted to be as Trishal, wanted to post pictures together, show what the routine was like, but had a family. Today, everyone is calm, “Graziela reported.

Today the three of them live together and get along well with Diego and Natalia’s parents. Graziela’s parents live in Goa and communication is more limited due to the distance.

There is no fear or insecurity in the judgment of society. Nevertheless, Natalia claims to be a victim of prejudice.

“Closed superstitions happen a lot. I’ve felt it on some occasions in my work, I’ve felt it on some occasions among friends, some people have taken it well and others haven’t taken it so well, even more so because I’ve never given a sign that I will. A bisexual person. Some friends started saying that I was with Grazi to stay with Diego. ”

Graziela, Diego and Natalia have been together since October 2020 – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Living together: jealousy, love, sex and children

Having lived with the three for almost two years, Trisal has decided to create a profile on social networks to share routines, answer curious questions and show polymers.

“The goal is to get people out of the house, out of the comfort zone, to show that yes, it is possible to live this love free and without prejudice, and that life is light when you can be like yourself,” Natalia said.

The question they get most from netizens is about sex, they say with a smile. Trisal has no problem talking about it, on the contrary, they explain how it works and can play with the situation.

“So how does the question of sex work? Questions that do not want to be silent. Normally, the three of us are always together, so the three of us have sex together, but there are no rules. For example, if Nath and I are at home and we are in the mood. If Nath and Diego are at home and in the mood, then so be it, “explained Graziela.

The relationship between the three is closed and they guarantee that there is no violence, at least not between them. Some have even asked if there will be room for a fourth person. But the couple guarantees that Natalia is the first and the last.

“A lot of people interpret it differently and want to put themselves in our midst: ‘Oh, there’s room for another one.’

Trishal, who hopes to stay together for a long time, is already thinking of having children, but has plans for the future. “We always say we’re going to do it together, but it’s something much later,” Natalia insists.

This is the first such experience of the three. But is it possible to love two people with the same intensity?

“I never imagined in my life that I could love two people at the same time, with the same intensity, with the same affection. Today I can’t see my life without Diego and Grazi. I can’t even explain what it’s like to just survive to know, but what we feel for each other is so big, “Natalia declared.

“I can’t tell the difference between Diego and Natalia. Just as important as Diego Natalia, it doesn’t matter if he and I stay together for long. They occupy an equal position in my life. The same affection, the same care, the same respect, the same concern. Even in chemistry, in sexual desire, there is great chemistry between the three of them, “said Grazilla.

“In the case of a normal monogamous relationship, as Grazilla and I have always been, we have always been friends, partners, collaborators, as we should be. And the best part about Trisol is that now, each of us has doubled that,” Diego concluded.

Trisal lives in Palmas and decides to share routines and experiences on the web – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

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