Laptops used by more than 50 children in a social project stolen from an NGO in Porto Alegre

The children went last two mornings NGO Collective Autonomous Moro da CruzA. Sao Jose neighborhoodInside Porto Alegre, Computer class was replaced by a movie. It was a creative way for the team to dribble an episode that took place at the venue, which serves 55 students after school hours. Six notebooks donated to the project were taken less than a month after the property was attacked this week.

The NGO has been conducting activities in the neighborhood for almost a decade Eastern Region Serving children and adolescents from different communities, Nira Perera, 60, arrived at the headquarters of the Integration Project in Rua Martins de Lima on Monday morning (6) before the students and discovered the theft. To enter the building, a rented house adapted for joint activities, the perpetrator used a back window, which he was forced to open.

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The six notebooks were in a room in the front area, where the children stayed in the morning and afternoon shifts. There, they usually have computer and English classes and other activities that both seek development and appreciation of the community where they live. The equipment was donated by a company in May – part of a project aimed at teenagers, another at NGO headquarters and another for children.

– Upstairs in our computer room Moro da Cruz. Before having these computers, the children had left and gone up the hill to take computer classes there – Nira explains.

Born in the community, Nira says this is the first time the NGO has faced such a situation Collective activities did not stop even after being pushed. This Tuesday (8) morning the children occupied the room where the notebooks were taken. About 15 students watched the film attentively on television, the only equipment left in the room. In the background, empty tables.

– We believe that the person who did it does not know our job, which is to show children a better world. We welcome, we teach what love is, so much so that they don’t know what happened. We’re not going to close our doors because it happened. We found a way to follow. This NGO belongs to this community, says the vice president.

Recognized work

“alt =” Laptops used to help children and adolescents in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil – NGOs have been stolen. Photo from NGO Collective Autonomous. In the photo, NGO Vice President Nira Pereira shows the window where the thieves entered. Indexer: Jeff Botega“/>

The burglar enters through the back window of the building where the NGO’s headquarters worksPhoto: Jefferson Botega / RBS Agency

The trophy was proudly won by the NGO in the room where the computer was taken. Last year, due to his work, the entity was awarded the Leader and Winner Award in the Educational Reference category, which values ​​the leaders of the Do Sul community in Rio Grande, and Assembly And by the Federation of Business Entities (Federasul) in Rio Grande.

In addition to IT and English, the NGO offers children’s gymnastics, dance, theater, tutoring and citizenship classes. One of the goals of the project is to show the positive aspects of the community where they live.

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– Here children learn the values ​​of life, they learn that this mountain here is very good for their survival, they have a future in front of them through education and study. Our NGO was set up for education, to teach children that, even in a risky situation, only education, qualifications, will change the world – completes the vice president.

In addition to the 55 children assisted at the Martins de Lima headquarters, 20 other teenagers participated in the Decola project, in preparation for their first job, at the headquarters of Travisa 25 de Julho, in Sao Jose.

Get the building identification strip

Believing that the person who took the notebooks does not even know the work of the NGO, in addition to strengthening the security of the place, the organization has decided to fix the banner in front of the three buildings to facilitate the identification service. This will happen in the next few days.

– NGO is a place to welcome, to help, to be included. NGOs are for everyone, and these computers are for happiness and benefit. We don’t want to get involved in revenge. That’s not what we’re looking for. The NGO is there to welcome and help and will continue to do so – strengthening President Lucia Skalko.

The case has been filed in the police station and the team of police station 19 is investigating. According to correspondent Mario Mombach, the incident has been investigated.

“We are doing some surveys. We hope to hear from you soon, “he said.

To cooperate

Anyone interested in contributing to the NGO can contact us by phone at (51) 98182-6538.


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