Lakers show Darvin Ham: Three picks at the first press conference

The Los Angeles Lakers are entering a new era under the recently appointed head coach Darvin Ham. On Monday, he announced Ham with a press conference where he shared his experiences in preparing for the upcoming team next season. Ham touched on his view of the Lakers’ reputation for football safety, his perception of how Russell Westbrook is fit for the team next season, and the expectations he has for Anthony Davis.

Here are some of the highlights of Ham’s press conference.

1. Ham’s commitment to security

If you looked at the Lakers last season then you know that he fought hard against the ball. A year after finishing with the highest defense in the league, LA reached 21st in the 2021-22 season, struggling to keep everyone from joining. Prior to this season, the Lakers had been in the top five defense for two consecutive years, so the full fall of the season was exciting to witness.

Some of these downs are affecting staff, but that is not enough reason for defense to give 138 points to the Houston Rockets side who are 26th in the league this year. At a press conference on Monday, Ham decided to talk non-stop about how he wants to rectify LA’s mistakes next season.

“Defensiveness is when you see us making a big leap,” Ham said. “We have to commit to the defensive side of the ball or we have no chance to do anything. Offense will not matter if we are not suspended.”

Ham was also responsible for responding to the defensive side of the ball for everyone on the roster, from LeBron James to the last man around.

“My goal is to continue to develop our young players, and to make these guys feel comfortable,” said Ham. “Everything has to be one team. If there are mistakes I have to be a teacher [James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook] as I do to all the rest. We have a saying, ‘truth in mind.’ If you see the movie and it is true that you missed your job, then it should be shown. If I can not point this out to our Big 3, then the last person or person in our transformation will not depend on what we do. It should be consistent in each group. “

2. Westbrook is fit with the team

Westbrook and Lakers’ first season was disappointing to say the least. Hed struggled to adapt to the new role alongside LeBron, and it led to a lot of criticism – some were right, some were not! – from almost everyone on the outside looking inside. It has been rumored that he has a team coming up next season, but he is still with the Lakers. Ham confirmed Westbrook – who was present at the press conference – as well as his top job in the league, as he also mentioned minor details in the interviews he has had since joining his job.

“Unsurprisingly, Russell is one of the best players our league has ever seen, and there’s a ton left in that tank,” said Ham. “I don’t know why people try to write him …” Russ and I had a very real, very 1-on-1 discussion, and the big words that came out of those conversations were sacrifices. We will give everything we have to do, and not just Russ. what LeBron has to do, what AD has to do, right down the line in our entire list. “

Ham also touched on what kind of job he sees Westbrook having next season. Despite being asked about Westbrook’s ability off the bench, Ham did a good job of escaping the actual question.

“Given the nature of his career, I expect him to be a strong and dynamic player who has been in all his career,” said Ham. “A lot can now happen without a ball in his hands, a lot of it can now happen in the defensive end. But again, we have to make a sacrifice. There is no accomplishment without all the parties sharing the goods, sacrificing and relying on one. The other.”

3. Anthony Davis in the middle of it all

It was a short year past the Lakers team, and the Davis season was really part of it. It was not that AD had a problem bad climate, he was still a force to be reckoned with and returned, when he touched on the end of the defense. However, he played only 40 games, coming out of a season in which he only qualified for 36 games. Since the Lakers won the tournament in 2020, Davis’ health has been worrying. Although Ham will not be able to control if Davis is injured, he has realized that his production is essential for LA to win.

“We’ve all seen what can happen when they are healthy, play at a high level, have a good rhythm,” said Ham. “We saw it in the bubble. His ingenuity, size, flexibility, acumen protection, immutability. His ability to deliver a lot of self-defense efforts is essential. It will be the foundation of the kind of standard we set within the ‘Darvin Ham era.’

“… LeBron will be LeBron, Russ will be Russ, but we need a connection from Anthony Davis. We need him to be healthy, we need him to be in a good state of mind, and we want him to be as consistent as possible, back to playing competitive basketball.”

When Davis is healthy he can play as one of the best players in the league. The fact is that AD is not always healthy, and sometimes when they are, they have a tendency to be powerless over mistakes. There is also controversy over where to play. Although Davis has been playing for many years in his career, the past few seasons in Los Angeles make it clear that he should be the starting point for the team. Not because he can’t play power up front, because he can absolutely and has been All-Star in that position, but because the Lakers don’t have a good position to follow Davis to make this a reality.

Last season Dwight Howard and DeAndre Jordan sat next to him on the starting line-up, two young men who are no longer close to their starting point in the league. If LA has someone in the summer who could be a starting point, then putting AD first is logical. But if not, then Davis should be the team’s headquarters, and Ham also said that the way he wants to put in place will require Davis to be in the middle.

“It starts at the end of the defense, and from then on we go back to the offense,” Ham said. “I think this type of style, four-dimensional, one, that I’m setting up, has helped all the teams.”

Chasing this type of offense, which will feature four players on the field and a post-paint player, will give Davis the opportunity to work from the center, and make decisions from the post. Sounds like a good plan, just see if Ham and Lakers can do it well next season.

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