L. R Vicenza – Trestina: 4-0 (matchday 14)

LR Vicenza (3-4-3): Conference; Ierardi, Pasini, Sandon; Valietti, Cavion (69′ Cataldi), Ronaldo, Greco (69′ Bellich); Rolfini (58′ Stoppa), Ferrari (88′ Alessio), Giacomelli (58′ Busatto).
Subs: Grandi, Brzan, Corradi, Cappelletti, Favero, Scarsella, Oviszach. Teacher: Francesco Modesto Notes (4-3-3): Pisseri: Ciofani, Rocchi, Di Gennaro, Ghislandi (45′ Ganz); Paganini (35′ Sabbione), Gori (45′ Adoring), Lollo; Blessed (45′ Rocchetti), Minesso (84′ Iacovoni), Furlan.
Subs: Pozzi, Valori, Galliani, Sottini, Lovisa, Pellacani, Petrelli. Coach: Massimo Pavanel

Caller: Father. Antonino Costanza from Agrigento, assistant Simone Biffi from Treviglio and Veronica Martinelli from Seregno, fourth officer David Kovacevic from Arco Riva

Network: 8′ rig Ronaldo (LRV), 32′ Rolfini (LRV), 34′ Greco (LRV), 89′ Stoppa (LRV) Note: nook 5-5; Cavion, Rocchi, Ferrari, Pasini, Bellich booked; restoration 4′ and three’; 8,014 viewers

The second half

90 + 3 It ends with pink and white poker in opposition to Triestina and the second consecutive victory within the match.

89” GOOOOOL FOR VICENZA!!! Stoppa’s torpedo from distance skips two defenders who shoot on the cross and goes in

88 ‘Space and Alessio who replaces Ferrari

87′ Vicenza remains to be near a fourth objective this time with a proper-footed shot from Stoppa saved on the ground.

84 ‘ Last change for the guests as Iacovoni replaces Minesso

74′ End from distance Ganz who lowers himself on the final minute and touches the crossbar

69 ‘ Bellich and Cataldi substitute Greco and Cavion

64′ Ferrari’s left from the sting after persistence by Greco

62′ Busatto finishes with a cross after a cross

58 ‘ Double change in Vicenza: Busatto for Giacomelli and Stoppa for Rolfini

57′ Valietti crossed on the far publish for Ferrari who rebounded after Rolfini’s header stopped on the road.

55′ Testina once more with Ganz’s proper foot within the nook

52′ High free-kick from Minesso which doesn’t fear Confente

48′ Giacomelli’s cross on Ferrari’s volley is deflected for a nook

45 seconds begin

Three modifications within the teams of halberds: in Adorante, Ganz and Rocchetti exterior Felici, Ghislandi and Gori.

The first half

45 + 4 The first half ends with a yellow card for Ferrari for chasing down his opponent

45 + 3 Greek shot that finally ends up on the ground

35 ‘ Paganini cannot do it after the preliminary strike that ought to have been changed by Sabbione.

34′ GOOOOOL FOR VICENZA!!! The set additionally arrives on the similar time with an exquisite Greco idea from the sting that ends on the backside of the intersection.

32′ GOOOOOL FOR VICENZA!!! Ferrari’s Scavette to beat the protection of Rolfini who cannot make a mistake in entrance of the goalkeeper.

20′ Long throw to Giacomelli himself by Rolfini who, nonetheless, blocks badly and Pisseri makes the ball his personal.

18 “Ronaldo’s go to Ferrari who makes Giacomelli’s aspect. Number 10 tries to shoot previous with out wanting on the objective

15 ‘ Trestina’s nook, Confente comes out badly and does not hold the ball. The cross that Paganini climbs from inside a small space

8′ GOOOOOL FOR VICENZA!!! Ronaldo makes a distinction by eradicating the participant

7′ Penalty for Vicenza! Rolfini was introduced down by Rocchi inside the realm

5 ‘ Meanwhile, visiting followers additionally enter and fill the Curva Nord

1′ After 20 seconds Cavion already booked with a penalty from the correct

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