Know the symptoms of this disease in children

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that has no treatment and is brought on by the pancreas producing insulin in the human physique.

Ana Clara Neves
(Journal de Brasilia/CEUB News Agency)

Excessive thirst and starvation, weight reduction, irritability, frequent toilet visits, fatigue and blurred imaginative and prescient. These could be some of the symptoms of diabetes prognosis. Another indication is that if ants come close to urine.

“These are the first symptoms that fathers and moms must be conscious of, in order that they will rapidly diagnose the disease and begin remedy as quickly as attainable to keep away from future problems”, explains Jacqueline Correa, president of the Instituto de Diabetes Brasil. and the mom of a baby with kind 1 diabetes. Next November 14 is Diabetes Awareness Day.

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that has no treatment and is brought on by the pancreas producing insulin in the human physique.

This specific kind of disease is extra widespread in children and youngsters, as they’re already born with a predisposition to develop the disease. The purpose of remedy is glycemic management of the physique, use of insulin and correct weight loss program together with bodily train.

“My son was identified at two years and 9 months. We had an entire household plan and diabetes was not in our plan,” stories Jacqueline Correa. He additionally says that household routines change 100%, as children require further consideration.

“I had to surrender all my skilled desires to commit myself to my son, who was nonetheless a baby, and I had nobody else to take care of him, even to consider in making use of the appropriate dosage. Because if somebody by accident makes use of the incorrect dose, it causes hypoglycemia and may trigger demise”, explains Jacqueline about her concern of leaving her son out of her care.

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Type 1 diabetics want to take care of a routine in order that they will take their insulin dose and keep as near the purpose as attainable, which is glycemic management. So you need to eat at the proper time, do bodily exercise and management a weight loss program, which can be carbohydrate counting.

A method mentioned by nutritionists, who serve individuals with diabetes together with an endocrinologist. This is a way the place the carbohydrates in every meal are counted and thru this it’s attainable to know the way a lot insulin must be administered.

The use of insulin can be for the complete life of the identified individual, making him depending on the drug. There are two varieties of treatment: basal insulin, used in the morning, and ultra-rapid insulin, used earlier than every meal or when blood glucose correction is required.

Insulin helps keep the affected person’s blood glucose ranges, that are thought-about wholesome, between 70 earlier than meals and 180 after meals. By staying inside these ranges, the individual will be capable of keep away from diabetes-related ailments, resembling blindness and kidney issues, for instance.

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New expertise

There are additionally applied sciences for remedy, resembling the Continuous Fusion System (SIC), which convey the affected person nearer to the excellent glycemic goal. It is indicated for children and adolescents and micro doses of insulin are administered based on the affected person’s wants. The physician will monitor the child’s routine and program the appropriate insulin dose, this pump will act like a synthetic pancreas.

Also, there are steady monitoring sensors. It is a patch, the dimension of a 1 coin, utilized to the arm that displays the affected person’s blood glucose. It has a reader that makes it attainable to scan blood glucose. thus offering tendencies in the glycemic index. That is, when blood glucose might rise or fall under acceptable ranges. In this approach, the affected person can visualize this data and take fast motion earlier than hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia happens.


Created in 2020, Instituto Diabetes Brasil (IDB) goals to help and welcome moms and children with kind 1 diabetes. Mentoring and befriending. As in the case of Celia Cristina, a bodily therapist and mom of a baby with this disease: “I used to be the mom of this group after which we had the concept of ​​creating this nice group that supported me. Because we develop sturdy, we study, we actually discover energy the place there’s none. And he meets fantastic individuals like I met Jack”.

“We began making some conferences with members of the family, children and youngsters with diabetes in 2016. And in 2020 we felt the have to make the institute official”, explains Jacqueline, who turned the institute’s president. He additionally reported that these teams included family not solely from Brasilia, however from throughout the nation. And therefore the identify “Instituto Diabetes Brasil”.

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The institute presently has three tasks for the common public and for diabetics and their households, particularly “Health in the Community”. A phenomenon of prevention and early prognosis. The undertaking takes well being technicians into communities, the place fingertip testing is completed, to map the quantity of individuals with diabetes in the space. Thus, early prognosis is feasible in children.

There are additionally diabetes training schemes for training professionals. Today we have now no public coverage that helps children with kind one diabetes in faculties. And enrollment of children is commonly denied as a result of the college doesn’t have the help to just accept these children, proper? So we have now an entire undertaking: Diabetes Education for Education Professionals. That we work inside the college.

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