Kipkosgei wins once more, Jeptanui first among women

Even stronger than the unhealthy climate that’s “fearful” solely by the rain, the Palermo Marathon celebrated its twenty-seventh version right this moment, underneath the celebrations and numbers, the finals are rising. Kenya’s Kiptoo Frederick Kipkosgei of the Run2geter group received and doubled final 12 months’s win with a time of 2h16’44. A gentle race for the Kenyan who, mile after mile, made probably the most lovely arrivals: smiling and with arms raised.

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“It’s wonderful to win, however to win once more may be very lovely – stated the athlete – a unique method than final 12 months, not a small want. Now I’m having fun with this on this lovely metropolis”. Njru Bonface Fundi’s respectable place in 2h25’45, at first of the marathon, didn’t go together with the pace of his buddy for a very long time. Third – the first among the Italians – Piedmontese Andrea Arangio: an exemplary race for the athlete from Cuneo, two years in the past the winner of the Giro podistico di Favignana. For him the time is 2h32’20. The first Sicilian Pietro Paladino from Mazara (Polisportiva Team Francesco Ingargiola) with a time of 2h50’55.

Success for Kenya and for women with Jeptanui Jackline (backside) who repeated his favourite phrases to coronary heart. The help of Ngetich’s teammate Philip Kijmaio was important, who was at all times by his facet, like a guardian angel, all through the race and crossed the end line a minute forward of him. For Jeptanui 2h38’44 the fifth absolute time recorded within the 27 editions of the Palermo marathon. Second place Ligurian Denise Zacco (Runcard) 3h05’21. The third is the first for Sicilia, the wonderful Simona Sorvillo from Trinacria Palermo, who recovered quite a bit within the second a part of the race: for him the chrono at 3h25’16.

Show within the half marathon, the victory of the male Diakite Soumalia (Asd Agex). His going was troublesome (he stored up with the Kenyans on the first stage) then dropped within the second stage of the race and closed solely, with a time of 1h08’59. “A very good race, a technical method, I’m joyful for this victory, I used to be afraid that my damage would blow, however all the things went effectively,” stated the boy from Mali who has lived in Palermo for 8 years. Behind him was Pole Kamil Nartowski in 1h14’59. Third was final 12 months’s winner Giorgio Giacalone (Palermo H13.30) in 1h15’01.

The route of the Palermo Marathon 2022-2-2

In recreation for the women of Letizia Sucameli (Polisportiva Atletica Mazara) from Mazar, who first confused her opponents after which received, with tears in her eyes, with a time of 1h30’47. “I’m very joyful. It was a dream to win in Palermo – stated Sucameli – and right this moment, along with the victory, there was efficiency, I modified about 5 minutes, it doesn’t appear actual to me ” . Second place Lombard Laura Galli (Ortica Team Milano) in 1h31’03, third shut, good Claudia Licciardi (Trinacria Palermo) in 1h33’35. In the relay race, new this 12 months, the first was chosen in a short time by the quartet made up of Cimò, Di Bella, Gallì and Primavera who completed in 2h34’37.

In the final row, for many who transfer probably the most, and Silvia Furlani; a runner who’s affected by a number of sclerosis efficiently completes the half marathon, along with two runners from Palermo and the Pink Ambassadors of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation who take part within the half marathon and a brief distance of about eight kilometers. To publish each a part of the 2 thousand runners who’re within the race, even forty beginner photographers from Arvis who’re at all times near the Palermo Marathon. Thirty-one runners of the Unicredit uni-marathon (the principle supporter since 2008) bankers additionally competed within the race, who challenged one another in reminiscence of two pals, gamers par excellence, who died earlier than their time. Unicredit half podium made by Giovanni Lo Giudice (1h25’01), Arturo Asprea (1h35’5), Antonino Lello (1h39’07).

The starting of the competitors

Start the race_

It all began like this

Starting at 8.30 sharp from Piazza Ruggero Settimo in entrance of Teatro Politeama Garibaldi. The gamers crossed the Favorita park, the inexperienced coronary heart of Palermo, the historic heart, and immersed themselves within the inventive and architectural fantastic thing about the Sicilian capital. From the Teatro Massimo to the Chinese palace, from the Villa Niscemi to the Quattro Canti, from Piazza San Domenico to the Cathedral, to cross the sq. of the Palazzo dei Normanni which is the seat of the Sicilian parliament, one of many oldest constitutions . worldwide conferences. One minute for many who selected to run the half marathon, two for the 42.195km marathon. Before the beginning, among others, the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla, councilor for sports activities of the Municipality of Palermo Sabrina Figuccia, Fabio Gioia representing the realm of ​​Coni and Patrizia Di Dio the president of Confesercenti Palermo.

All outcomes

Men: 1) Kiptoo Fredrick Kipkosgei (Kenya) 2h16’44; 2) Njiru Bonface Fundi (Kenya) 2H25’45; Andrea Aragno (Fossano Athletics 75) 2h32’20; 4) Ngetich Philip Kimaiyo (Kenya) 2h38’28; 5) Nicola Salerno (Asd Bvkteam) 2H43’22.
Women: 1) Jackline Jeptanui (2H38’44); 2) Denise Zacco (Runcar) 3h05’21; 3) Simona Sorvillo (Trinacria Palermo) 3h25’16; 4) Egle Galimoviene (Begimo Klubas) 3h26’45; 5) Dagmara Roznerska (Runcard) 3h27’21.

Half marathon
Men: 1) Soumaila Diakite (ASD Agex) 1h08’59; 2) Kamil Nartowski 1h14’59; 3) Giorgio Giacalone (Palermo 1.30pm) 1h15’01; 4) Giacomo Bruno (Cordenons runners) 1h18’54; 5) Antonino Cusumano (Lipa Alcamo Athletics) 1h19’09.
Women: 1) Letizia Sucameli (Polisportiva Atletica Mazara) 1h30’54; 2) Laura Galli (ASD Ortica Team Milano) 1h31’12; 3) Claudia Licciardi (Trinacria Palermo) 1h33’35; 4) Valentina Catania (Meeting Sporting Club Running) 1h37’10; 5) Sara Piccinato (Podsti Cordenons) 1h38’00.

Marathon Winners: PM Liu Shangpeng; SM Kiptoo Friedrick Kipsosgei; SM35 Velentino Enrico Saccon (Athletics Riviera del Brenta); SM40 Martin Humbert; SM45 Roberto Lombardo (Polisportiva Team F. Ingaergiola); SM50 Pietro Paladino (Pol. Team F. Ingargiola); SM55 Sebastian Failla (Amateur Running Syracuse); SM60 Ignazio Caruccio (Roading Salemitana); SM65 Michele DS’Errico (Polisportiva Marsala Doc); SM70 Denis Madaule; SM75 Felice Russo (Barletta Sport).

SF Jackline Jeptanui; SF35 Dagmara Roznersla; SF40 Simona Sorvillo (Trinacria Palermo); SF45 Egle Galimocomes; SF50 Paola Zagolin (ASD Running); SF55Jo Summer; SF60 Maria Giangreco (Trinacria Palermo); SF70 Ornella Croci (Athletics Tommaso Assi Trani).

Half Marathon Winners: Marco Ioco; PM Soumaila Diakite (ASD Agex); SM Giorgio Giacalone (Palermo 1.30pm); SM35 Kamil Nartowski; SM40 Vittorio La Lomia (Sicily Racing Team); SM45 Giacomo Bruno (Cordenons racers); SM50 Gaspare Messina (Polisportiva Team F. Ingargiola); SM55 Carmelo Radino (Florida Sprint); SM60 Elio Amato (Universitas Palermo); SM65 Giuseppe Caltabiano (Universitas Palermo); SM70 Christmas Senia; SM75 Mario Lo Cicero (GSD Virgin Mary); SM80 Pietro Mafaro (Marathon Monreale).

SF Claudia Licciardi (Trinacria Palermo); SF35 Valentina Catania (Sports Club Racing); SF40 Letizia Sucameli (Polisportiva Atletica Mazara); SF45 Fabiana Leonardi (Polisportiva Athletica Mazara); SF50 Anna Maria Gina Leone (Athlon Ribera); SF55 Carmela Rotolo (Athletics Mondello); SF60 Maria Bassetti (Sports Group Avellino).

In the boys’s race victory went to the quartet made up of Cimò, Di Bella, Gallì, Primavera) with a time of 2h34’37. In second place, Palermo Running with Lo Coco, Ricotta, Siino, D’Amato with 3h18’50. The third quartet (I 4 dell’Ave Maria) composed by Pellerito, Panzarella, Dragotta, Lo Re in 3h27’50.

In blended site visitors victory of Trinacria Palermo 2 with Roncone, Guagliardito, Minagra, Mazzara in 3h25’15; second was Polisportiva Pegaso (Corsetti, Fiorino, Talluto, Pace) in 3h27’54. Third blended quartet made by Accomando, Salemi, Baviera, Lo Casto in 3h40’03. Finally in all-female trade the winner was Trinacria Palermo 1 (Mastellone, Zisa, Perticaroli, Vernaci) in 3h28’20. Second place Equlibra Running 2 (Iacopino, Alfino, Della Valle, Profita) in 3h59’53. Equilibra Running Team 3 is third with Musso, Mezzacapo, Abagnale, Ricca IN 4H02’49.


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