Kids on mobile: How long should they use it and 7 additional symptoms

  • Andre Biernath – andre_biernath
  • From BBC News Brazil in London

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Children 2 to 5 years old must have access to cell phone, tablet or computer for a maximum of 1 hour daily.

About 90% of children and adolescents in Brazil are connected to the Internet. Of these, 95% use cell phones as the main device for accessing websites and applications.

This data from a 2019 survey by Brazil’s Internet Steering Committee supports the fact that the online world is part of the reality of the majority population – and it is virtually impossible to imagine that this “digital dependence” will diminish. Years (or future generations).

On the one hand, the Internet can bring people together and open up many possibilities for learning and entertainment. Connected time, on the other hand, carries the risk of exaggeration, inappropriate content access or scams, and unnecessary exposure, especially when we talk about young people.

But how can parents and guardians ensure that their children make healthy use of cell phones and other devices? And how do you know when this relationship with the screen has crossed the line?

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