Kicker Josh Lambo is suing the Jaguars, alleging that Urban Meyer created the workplace

Kicker Josh Lambo has filed a lawsuit against the Jacksonville Jaguars seeking $ 3.5 million in damages by 2021, as well as damages for depression. The lawsuit alleges that Lambo’s actions were aggravated by beatings and insults by then-head coach Urban Meyer.

The case, which was filed in the 4th Supreme Court in Duval County on Tuesday, alleges that Meyer and the Jaguars started a difficult operation. As Lambo reported the matter to a Jaguars judge, his release violated Florida Private Sector Whistle Blower’s Act, the lawsuit said.

Lambo, the fourth most accurate batsman in NFL history, missed an attempt to hit the Jaguars’ first two preseason games. During the final showdown against the Cowboys in August, he reportedly was at the spot where Meyer in Lambo was, kicked him in the leg and said, ‘Hey Dips – t, make your f-king! ‘”

Lambo reportedly told Meyer not to hit him again, but Meyer replied, “I’m a great football coach, I beat every time f – k I want.”

The case alleges that Lambo reported the incident immediately through his aide, Richard Irvin, who contacted the Jaguars just days after Meyer pushed him.

Irvin and the Jaguars confirmed to Tampa Bay Times on Dec. 15 that legal advisers were connected and gave Lambo the opportunity to meet with them. Lambo said, however, “he does not remember being able to speak to the Jags legal team.”

“The Jaguars’ attorney agreed and promptly responded to Josh Lambo’s question on Friday, Aug. 27, 2021,” the Jaguars said in a statement. groups. “Counselors are willing to talk to Josh, or help Josh talk to the coach or any other football player, if he is comfortable with him sharing information. Any ideas are false.”

hours after groups Recounting what happened in December, the Jaguars chased Meyer, ending his NFL turmoil after 13 games.

An employer beats an employee on the job, and threatened to do the same in response to a refusal to do so under Florida state and criminal law, the lawsuit said.

Meyer, speaking before dismissing him, denied that the incident took place as Lambo had described it.

“Josh’s reaction to me and what happened is incorrect, and there are eyewitnesses who can substantiate his claim,” Meyer said. “(General Manager) Trent (Baalke) and I met several times to strengthen his position, and this was not explained. I was very supportive of Josh during his time with the team and I wish him all the best.”

A day after the attack, Lambo said Meyer had threatened to release him, saying, “You are the first player I have allowed to speak like that in my career, and if you do it again, you are gone.”

The case alleges that the incident affected Lambo’s ability to sleep, exercise and perform his duties as he did in his seven NFL seasons.

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Mr. and the case.

The rope was released by the Jaguars on Oct. 19.

The lawsuit alleges that the Jaguars won just two games in 2021. “Many talented players lost their jobs, lost their certificates or failed to perform well on the field which resulted in the Jaguars losing. The only player Mr. Meyer and the Opponent (Jaguars) cut off the list. “

Mr Lambo is seeking a court case and hopes to be reimbursed for his 2021 debt and interest, as well as “compensation for any damages incurred due to stress, injury and fines,” among other things.

Included in the case is a written request which includes all information from Jaguars employees regarding reports made by others in Meyer’s category of misconduct, bullying, harassment or harassment at work. It also asks for documents on Meyer’s dismissal, as well as any documents proving that he was fired were related to his performance at work and how he treats staff, coaches or players in 2021.

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