Kentucky Derby 2022: 10 young adults to win the Run for the Roses as a long shot

Rich Strike suffered the most in the 2022 Kentucky Derby with an 80-1 victory. A well-known 3-year-old boy, along with Venezuelan jockey Sonny Leon, became the second-largest winner in 148-year history of the event. There has never been a major disappointment in over 100 years.

Here is a complete list of 10 Kentucky Derby winners with the longest running streak.

1. Donerail (1913), 91-1

Donerail – owned, born and coached by Thomas P. Hayes – won the 39th Run for the Roses by half as long as they met from the top spot. This frustration cost $ 184.90 per $ 2 wager. Jockey Roscoe Goose, a native of Louisville, had a successful career and was a member of the opening class of the Kentucky Athletic Hall of Fame in 1963.

2. Heavy Hitting (2022), 80-1

Rick Strike won this year’s race with a 3/4 long run ahead of the likes, Epicenter and Zandon. Rich Strike was not supposed to compete with them, but the venue opened to Ethereal Road when it started yesterday. Here is the whole story of CBS Sports on Rich Strike victory.

3. Country House (2019), 65-1

Maximum Security finished the race with a 3 3/4 run, but was eventually disqualified after Country House Jockey Flavien Prat objected. He said that the winning horse got out of its way at the end of the race and connected with another horse called War of Will, who connected with his horse. This was the first time that a horse would not be eligible for adultery in this race.

4. Mine That Bird (2009), 50-1

Mine That Bird and jockey Calvin Borel beat Pioneer of the Nile by 6 3/4 long after coming from behind. Despite being tall, the horse excelled in his blood as his father was Birdstone, the 2004 Belmont winner. Payment was $ 103.20 per $ 2 bet. Mine That Bird was inducted into the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 2015.

5. Giacomo (2005), 50-1

If you can use a time slot machine on any bet, this would be the same. Closing the Clash almost made this list as a 70-1 shot in 2005, finishing the long half behind Giacomo and jockey Mike Smith. The $ 2 bet on Giacomo changed to $ 102.60. But most interestingly, because the top two horses were long-distance shooters, the actual bet for $ 2 cost $ 9,814.80, and the $ 1 superfecta cost $ 864,253.50.

6. Gallahadion (1940), 35-1

Gallahadion finished 1 1/2 ahead of the beloved Bimelech, which was a victory when Bimelech defeated Preakness and Belmont. Gallahadion and jockey Carroll Bierman rode the railway and crossed the two horses that were in front after the final turn.

7. Apollo (1882), 32-1

Apollo did not follow the example of other Kentucky Derby winners. He did not run at the age of two, but still did well in 1882 and won half of Runnymede. He and jockey Babe Hurd were back in the field 14, but pushed for a sixth place after miles.

8. Charismatic (1999), 31-1

The competition ended on a high note when Charismatic and jockey Chris Antley pushed late in the home court to win the Menifee. Charismatic almost won the Triple Crown and won the Preakness. However, he finished Wednesday in Belmont and sadly faced the challenge of losing his job.

9. Pride Clarion (1967), 30-1

Pride Clarion lost out in all three of his two-year career, but it was not a good sign for the career he would have in adulthood. He and jockey Bobby Ussery won the 93rd Kentucky Derby length, re-recording what was the third fastest time of the time at 2: 00.60.

10. Exterminator (1918), 29-1

This derby was the first time the Exterminator was three years old and he managed to beat Escoba tall with a joke William J. Knapp on a muddy rail. Surprisingly, the owner Willis Sharpe Kilmer initially bought the Exterminator not to run, but to help train two-year-old Sun Briar, a US Champion.

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