Keep your children away from Jair Bolsonaro; There is a risk of serious moral harm – Ricardo Kurtzman

Bolsonaro: An immoralist who molests children (Photo: Campaign/PR)

It is not at the moment that I say and I repeat: Jair Bolsonaro is, with out the slightest doubt, the worst and most dangerous political chief that Brazil has had, a minimum of because the re-democratization, right here, with out all our unhappy historical past – I didn’t say”? Hmmm…

Planalto’s executioner, amongst many infamies and abominations, is the worst factor about people: immorality. Attention: immorality is one factor – for instance, Lula da Silva is immoral – and immorality (absence of morality) is fairly one other.
Being immoral is a aware alternative. It is stolen, killed, corrupted, destroyed by style, by alternative, by alternative. Yes, Bolsonaro is, in lots of respects, additionally immoral, however I’m dealing right here, and now, with one thing far worse; I take care of sociopathy.
Queiroz’s pal is devoid of sympathy, empathy, and even the slightest sense of humanity and civility. Able to despise the bereaved, mock the sick, trample the hungry, despise struggling, despise his personal daughter and spouse.
Yes, the chloroquine devotee mentioned he had a daughter (spouse) as a result of he had “a weak point”. And once more, in public, in entrance of a crowd in Brasilia, he embarrassingly embarrasses First Lady Micheál, ugh!, Michelle Bolsonaro with a refrain of “Imbrokevel.”
Queiroz’s pal has already in contrast a black boy to a meat animal. Jay says he prefers a lifeless boy to a homosexual boy. He has already defended the eviction of Indians. Jay apologizes for raping a member of parliament. Now, once more, this is an assault on harmless children.
Just a few months in the past, or years in the past, I do not bear in mind and I haven’t got the persistence to analysis, the primary assist maniac carried on his shoulders (who’re chargeable for 700 thousand deaths by Covid-19) a baby with a plastic rifle, displaying it as a trophy.

Bolsonaro and Ham head in BH
Hey Bolsonaro, go away our youngsters alone (Photo: Gladyston Rodriguez/EM/DA Press/Mahmoud Hams/AFP)

Before, or after, it would not matter, he taught a little woman to make a “weapon” along with her fingers (that idiotic gesture that symbolizes Bolsonerism so properly). Incidentally, even with a little woman, she took off the masks she used to guard herself from the coronavirus.

In any ineffective occasion, the “fantasy” surrounded by children solely instructs them to think about the political opposition, on this case, PT, an “evil”, inciting, henceforth, hatred and partisan intolerance, which, sure, is insupportable in a democracy.
Not content material with the worst, he referred to as Lula da Silva, a prison from São Bernardo, “with out a finger,” as if a mutilation, and even a start defect, introduced a moral stain on somebody. He was surrounded by children, and molested the PT head to chop off his fingers (video under).
You who learn me could hate Lula da Silva (I hate her!) and resent her (I resent her!), however it’s best to by no means try this in entrance of a baby, by no means encourage him to behave such as you. (if this is your case). One ought to have the slightest concept of ​​proper and incorrect. and of time.

It is unacceptable for a president of the republic, that is, for the president of all Brazilians (black, white, wealthy, poor, leftist, rightist, with or with out bodily defects). A perverted particular person and inspired hatred. Childish in opposition to him.
What dad or mum or I might be glad to mock their baby with a severed little finger? What dad or mum would suppose it proper to order their baby to be mutilated, or burned, or ridiculed for any state of affairs? What dad or mum or I needs to see their baby turn out to be illiberal?
Bolsonaro, as I started the article, is an immoral, a sociopath. Indeed, a cretin who may by no means maintain his floor. A baby abuser!! I repeat: baby abusers. It ought to be underneath courtroom case (too) for this.
But the Child and Juvenile Law, the Penal Code and the Law of Impeachment (crimes of accountability) are Brazil’s selective devices, for unique use in opposition to whoever the agent/manpower needs. Bolsonaro and his numerous crimes are, a minimum of to this point, unaccountable.

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