Kayla Harrison is criticizing her actions after she won a by-election in the PFL 3 general election

Kayla Harrison may be one of the women’s heavyweight runners per kilogram in sports but she is a strong opponent.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist won a landslide victory in his PFL 3 match on Friday, but Harrison criticized his performance after making only one third decision in his career. All three judges scored 30-27 fights for Harrison but were not happy with the way the fight went.

“I think it was a dog’s nonsense,” Harrison said after the victory. “Sorry fans, I want to show you better. These girls are stronger than you think. I make it look easier sometimes but some nights, not too much.”

The war began like many previous theaters from Harrison where he used his shows to establish, which led to Mokhnatkina landing on the ground. Harrison was quick to step up his position as he looked to keep his naked back but Mokhnatkina was able to defend himself well to escape and return to his feet.

Harrison continued to show his tremendous size and strength as he strengthened Mokhnatkina around the cage. Although unable to land, Mokhnatkina overturned the leg lock and allowed Harrison to descend as he watched the rain fall on the ground and hit.

As the fight reached the third quarter, Harrison was struggling to catch his opponent after he told his coaches that Mokhnatkina was slipping and sweating to keep him out of the game. However, Harrison had all the power as he kept Mokhnatkina in a difficult position, going backwards and looking to establish his records.

The last five minutes were long in the hospital with Harrison pressing Mokhnatkina into the cage and dropping short punches from the inside. Mokhnatkina did enough to not always suffer, which made Harrison very difficult to find a place to look to finish.

The win puts Harrison 13-0 at work and he also spent 15 minutes in the barn, which cannot be reduced as he continues to adapt to any fights.

“This is a learning experience,” Harrison said. “I’m too young for my job. Usually when I go into the barn, I feel better. You are ready for the next one. ”

Carlos Leal Removes Disappointment

Former PFL Challengers Series champion Carlos Leal has achieved greater success in his career and has done better than former champion Ray Cooper III, who entered the heavyweight division after hitting the 176.4-pound – 5.4-pound limit of welterweight.

From the first exchange, Leal had complete confidence in his strike as he placed Cooper with a powerful shot in the foot plus a straight Hawaiian punch that briefly shook. Despite Cooper’s strenuous efforts to resume his fight, Leal was ready to defend as he repeatedly eliminated all three competitions.

In the third round, Leal came close to finishing the match after injuring Cooper in the body and tried to punch him to the ground. Cooper found a way to escape and was about to make a comeback by striking a heavy shield on Leal at the last minute of the battle.

Faithful fought with the bullets and continued firing with Cooper until the last bell.

The win puts Leal very close to a possible birth in a PFL game where Cooper will need a strong showing in his next fight after being punished for lack of weight at a ceremony on Friday.

Anthony Pettis Gets the Best of the PFL

Former UFC champion Anthony Pettis finally secured his first victory in the PFL after giving away Myles Price and leaning to the top three in the starting line-up.

Following a series of losses back in the PFL in 2021, Pettis came out with something to prove Friday night and before he could finish the floor, he was looking for a knock on his feet. As soon as Price made the pigeon to start his legs fighting, Pettis cut him off with a sturdy method that brought the work to the ground.

Although Price managed to survive and eventually changed roles, Pettis made him pay by closing the corner on three corners. Price tried to relax but only found Pettis climbing on top of him with his submission that enabled him to fight back, which forced him out with a suspension that came at 4:17 in the first round.

“A flawless victory for me,” Pettis said later. “This year is my year.”

Rory MacDonald Success Without Fault

Following the disappointing end of his first season with the PFL, Rory MacDonald was back on track for his return on Friday night with a brilliant finish for Brett Cooper.

After being part of his training with well-known coach John Danaher, the former Bellator veteran used his skills after gaining an early descent before destroying Cooper’s defense to go ashore. MacDonald dropped a punch from the top until Cooper rolled to keep it from crashing, causing him to give up.

As soon as MacDonald closed the door, he tightened his grip and Cooper was forced to pull out at the end of 2:23 at the start.

Larissa Pacheco It gets an Amazing Knockout Success

In the opening battle of the big card, Larissa Pacheco started his season and hit one side against his opponent Zamzagul Fayzallanova. Pacheco came out shooting immediately and did not stop until he hit Fayzallanova with a vicious right hand that landed him on the ground and slipped out of the cloth.

By the end of the first round, Pacheco scored six points in quick succession to start their third season with the PFL.

All Results of PFL 3:

Kayla Harrison argues. Marina Mokhnatkina through a definite election (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Carlos Leal protests. Ray Cooper III through election (30-26, 30-27, 29-27)

Anthony Pettis argues. Myles Price via shipping (ride on three angles) at 4:17, R1

Rory MacDonald protests. Brett Cooper through submission (back-naked choke) at 2:23, R1

Larissa Pacheco protests. Zamzagul Fayzallanova via TKO (strikes) at 1:25, R1

Dilano Taylor argues. Joao Zeferino through a split election (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Genah Fabian protests. Julia Budd through the final election (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Sadibou Sydef. Nikolay Aleksakhin (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)

Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi protests. Gleison Tibau through split election (29-28, 29-28, 27-30)

Helena Kolesnyk protests. Abigail Montes through a split election (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Martina Jindrova protests. Vanessa Melo through election (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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