Katie Taylor fights with Amanda Serrano to remain a professional

A few minutes after she sold her boxing match during the final game, Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano hugged each other and minutes.

With so many sales people watching the first women’s boxing match at Madison Square Garden, Serrano delivered the message.

“Women can sell, women can fight and we put hell,” Serrano said.

All three were true on the eve of the women’s boxing history.

Taylor remained the undisputed lightweight champion in a thrilling battle, causing Serrano to split on Saturday.

In the same courtroom where Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali fought in the “Fight of the Century” in 1971, Taylor and Serrano made sure they would never be forgotten in Madison Square Garden.

“People have been talking about me and Amanda Serrano for years,” Taylor said.

Katie Taylor celebrates with manager Brian Peters (left) and coach Ross Enamait after defeating Amanda Serrano.
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All of the fighters were cut off because they fit into a powerful two-minute exchange – one shorter than the men’s. In the end, Taylor was just about to be defeated in front of the 19,187 sold-out team that seems to have lost between Taylor’s Irish fans and Puerto Rican’s Serrano.

After that, Taylor came out with 96-93 and 97-93 on two judges cards, while Serrano won the other 96-94.

The Associated Press obtained 96-94 from Taylor.

Taylor (21-0) shuddered and his face bled in the fifth half, but he settled down and found what was in his right hand and hit it very well.

Serrano (42-2-1), a seven-time champion who climbed two heavyweight titles in the fight, lost for the first time since 2012.

The battle that boxers say is the most important part of women’s boxing career can actually take its place among the most successful, two long-time experts leave the crowd standing and screaming with joy as they fire powerful fists that seem to have ended almost 10 rounds.

Taylor made it to the top four of Guido Cavalleri and Glenn Feldman’s cards.

Taylor defended his four titles for the sixth time, having been the undisputed champion at 135 pounds since winning at Madison Square Garden in 2019 on Andy Ruiz under Andy Ruiz under heavyweight.

The 2012 Olympic gold medalist was a big event this time around and fans seem to love every moment.

“For tonight was definitely the best night of my career,” Taylor said, prioritizing the gold medal.

The organizers planned to have about 10,000 seats but had to make a lot of money once they were sold out, opening up the entire yard. The stadium and the surrounding area had ideas like Olympic Games, with fans carrying Puerto Rican and Irish flags, the greenery of the entire stadium and the music that resonated throughout the night.

Serrano, who lives in New York, danced around the ring with his hands raised as he entered with Jake Paul, a former YouTube star who quickly raised his profile and paid him as he began to encourage and fight him on the floor cards.

“I was told to enjoy every moment and that’s what I did,” Serrano said.

Maybe he will do it again. The two discussed aspects of the repetition, perhaps another trip to Ireland.

Southpaw Serrano came in front all the time and found opportunities on his left, but Taylor successfully bounced back and secured another third – although he fired well after the fighters and the singer did not hear the bell in the crowd. and Serrano got a punch.

Taylor came back and pushed Serrano around the corner at the end of the fourth second and the fight continued in the same direction, Serrano hurriedly threw the attachments but Taylor came back to block his ride. .

The crowd roared as they sold punches during a long exchange on the fifth corner, but Serrano won and Taylor’s face was bloody at the end of the round. But he came back with some good deeds in six.

A group of very wealthy pregnant women also has an undisputed champion after Franchón Crews-Dern who was bloody and beat the Swedish Cederroos by a good choice. Crews-Dezurn (8-1) added IBF and WBA titles to the previous two by giving Cederroos (8-1) his first loss.

Then, former 154-pound champion Liam Smith (31-3-1 18 KOs) put down Jesse Vargas (29-4-2) before stopping him in the 10th round.


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