Juventus 2 – Inter Milan 4: Start-up and offensive appearances

For the first time in a long time, Juventus do not end this season with a tie.

It’s been 10 years since last season without a cup, which can never be changed. Hela, it has been almost the whole time this blog has been alive.

But with the result of Wednesday night – with little (or much) help from Judge Paolo Valeri and VAR – Juve’s run for the season with a single name tag ended at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

Juventus and Inter Milan need extra time to make the final of the 2022 Coppa Italia. But the long 2 minutes and 19 seconds when Juve took the lead suddenly in their place did not work, as Inter scored 10 minutes from time for a suspicious penalty and led well by two. goals in extra time, giving the frustrated Bianconeri a clear 4-2 major defeat. It has been a result of all of them making sure Juve do not win the trophy this season after doing very well at home and it is the last episode that has been a season full of frustrations for managers, players and fans. as.

You can see if things went awry in overtime.

You can see for yourself that Max Allegri was furious at the side when he was released after Inter’s second decision was made and he was sacked by Ivan Perisic. (Although, a little disappointing, Allegri’s outburst came with a suit jacket, which is strange because of what we’ve seen from him in the past.)

But this, despite all the refereeing disputes that may arise in this, is another example of Juve’s failure to get results against top Italian clubs. He did not win against Inter, he did not win against AC Milan and he did not win against Napoli this season. As much as we want Juventus to be in the top team, they will no longer be a top club until they get results against the big boys.

Did Juve have to win this one? If you can imagine how he played after 10 minutes or so how things were going before Inter agreed. that penati, then you could say Juve was a better team. But, the devil’s representative of all of this will say that Allegri was very quick to set up shop and go 3-5-2 right away when Alvaro Morata and Dusan Vlahovic gave the Bianconeri a lead with their two haymakers runners to take the lead. for the first time all night.

Inter were shaken, and as Allegri tried to secure a 2-1 lead it was an obvious move from a manager who loves to defend one point no matter what his defense, it came back to him and his team no matter what the controversy. a penalty that caused the game-winning goal to end.

There will be a lot of talk of sentencing sentences because it is Italy and that is what happens. (Although, you can imagine the annoyance if the shoe was on the other foot and there was Juve receiving game-changing phones like Inter did? Yikes almost a million times.)

But, with the loss on Wednesday night, Juventus will end this season without a goal and with less points than they did last year when it all seemed confusing. So, yeah, I’m disappointed that Juve could not save something tonight even though Inter will be the one to fully benefit from skeptical opponents.


  • Of course there will be Inter assistants who read this and I think I am about to become a homer, but I do not care. That is not a punishment. Not at all. It is immediately obvious that you can see Lautaro Martinez pulling his leg into Leo Bonucci’s bull / hamstring and falling instantly. The fact that the referee did not go ahead with the check knowing full well that the game was on the line at the big time of the night just shows that everything is wrong with the way Serie A officials treat the VAR.
  • All right, come on. At least part of the game.
  • The second punch ring, which was worse than the first, only exacerbates how the singers clash with the way these big phones do. Did Matthijs de Ligt do evil in the box? Yes, probably. But once you have played this game in one big election, you know that the other thing that makes Inter lead will be a big decision. And, strangely enough, it was.
  • Finally, Paolo Valeri leaves much to be desired when it comes to straightening out.
  • It took Juventus over 22 minutes to try and even shoot.
  • Juventus entered the final 30 minutes of his season without trying to shoot.
  • This is what experts would say if “Juventus’ defense gives the man more space to shoot.”:

Photo courtesy of Silvia Lore / Getty Images

  • So is it on Federico Bernardeschi or is it on someone else for not climbing and covering Barella’s cut inside from the left wing? Bernardeschi cried as he ran into the box for a minute and opened Barella to run to where he had been and always found the world to take the shot. It was a great shot, sure, but it helped that there was no one around him as he approached the ball.
  • And the game also confirms why Juventus needed the pepper Samir Handanovic in the Inter goal.
  • As, in essence, putting everything behind Vlahovic’s goal only speaks of how Allegri had no interest in scoring a third goal in the lead.
  • He cut off Arthur at the end of the second extra season and looked very tired and short of breath. Arthur came in the 84th minute when Allegri dropped 3-5-2 and returned to his original plan.
  • I really wanted Giorgio Chiellini to win the trophy in his final trophy as a Juve player.
  • I really wanted Paulo Dybala to win the trophy in his final cup as a Juve player.
  • Instead, we found Chiellini fighting with his ass before he got out because of what seemed to be a difficult situation and Dybala has several rounds of neighbors but there is no point in showing his effort.
  • / murmuring
  • I don’t know, but I think the realization would be very disappointing this season when Juventus lost to Inter 121 minutes like what happened at Supercoppa. Well, not only did Juventus lose to Inter tonight, but the bad Italian referee once again showed his bad head and took a big part in the final result of this.
  • Basically what I’m trying to say is that I wish they were just players playing and picking results instead of being memorable in so many great games this season. We should not embrace this kind of drama and confusion and story. Let’s talk about the 22 players in the arena, not the man standing in the middle of the bright yellow stadium.
  • That’s all right now. I would like a drink. Or five. Or seven.

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