Justin Verlander did not win until 8th inning vs. mapasa

MINNEAPOLIS – When you think Justin Verlander can no longer be a ruler, he does something to remind us why he is one of the best shooters of his generation.

Verlander continued its impressive start to the season in the Astros 5-0 win over the Twins on Tuesday night at Target Field by carrying the unbeaten in the eighth inning in Gio Urshela before heading in the right direction and going out. . Verlander finished with eight undefeated innings, two runs while facing at least 24 strikers.

Participating in five games without embarrassment throwing his fourth career did little to dampen Verlander’s interest in his performance on his return from Tommy John’s surgery.

Verlander states: “Even though I did this, I felt privileged. “Urhela broke it with a good, clean beat. Alas, I have been [in this situation] many times in the past and it happened. I have had a number of setbacks in the ninth inning. This, I think, is one of the things you appreciate [that] it is a good journey and it has given us a chance to win. “

The Astros, who have won eight games in a row, have closed four times in their last eight games, allowing a total of eight runs.

Verlander, who threw 89 yards, with 4-1 and 1.55 ERA, 0.64 WHIP and .150 opponents in six rounds. These are excellent statistics for a soccer player, especially a 39-year-old who has dropped a single game in the last two years.

“A man with three [no-hitters] under his belt, when you get to the eighth, he’s about to come out and I think he really got it, “said Martín Maldonado.

Verlander was a very good performer, throwing only 66 shots through six innings and 76 to seven innings. He beat Jorge Polanco to start the eighth Urshela before climbing at 95.1 mph fastball to the right field to destroy the missing money.

“I have no regrets about throwing tar,” Verlander said. “If you’re going to quit, that’s the way you should. Non-single-field, good beat by him, good words with me. Listen to your cup and move on. “

Urshela, who gave up his previous two goals to fall 0-for-5 all his life against Verlander, said he was not trying to pull the ball.

“That was really good football, so I just tried to be a little bit on the ball,” Urshela said.

Verlander had a lot of support from his defense, too. Michael Brantley fired well into the left field to steal Gary Sánchez’s hit to finish the first. Third river Alex Bregman grabbed the second Urshela roller and threw it out.

“[Brantley] I hate jumping, so I’m thankful he fixed me quickly, “said Verlander. [playing] mu. He managed to make a choice. “

Probably the best defense, however, came in the sixth. Gilberto Celestino walked two times and tried to get to second place on the ball that came out of the Maldonado glove, who threw an arrow at Jeremy Peña covering again. The throw was controlled at 85 mph.

“Of course, his work behind the plate was excellent,” Verlander said.

After scoring 101 yards on Wednesday against the Mariners for the first time since the operation, Verlander would not have passed 90 unless he had hit the ninth. He also said his start will come in four days off, so it looks like the Astros are back to a five-man rotation.

“I think we’re trying to be smart with my work,” he said. “Coming to this next round will be the first time this year to try to get around five days without [extra] rest days. It was like a prearranged, a little less. I got 100 feet on my last trip, I came back well because of this and prepared for regular rest and getting used to my body and the next and, for me, the last part. Not only do it once, but be able to be like a five-day repetition [of rest] for the first time in a row that’s where I want to get to. “


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