Justin Thomas, Scottie Scheffler and other PGA Tour experts turned down offers to play in the LIV Golf Invitational Series in London.

When the PGA Tour sent an email to its members at the end of Tuesday informing players that it had rejected a request to air a controversial event to play in the opening ceremony of the LIV Golf Invitational Series in London the same week with the RBC Canadian Open Tour, it was due. be the topic of discussion at this week’s AT&T Byron Nelson.

“As members of the organization, we believe the idea is very helpful on the PGA Tour and its players,” wrote Tyler Dennis, vice president and chief security officer on Tour.

Country No. 1 Scottie Scheffler said he had a busy night at home, got up in the morning and played pro am and did not have enough time to plan a Tour idea, but at first glance he helped the move.

“I thought that was the case,” he said at a press conference ahead of his AT&T Byron Nelson home in Dallas. “If you are playing here on the PGA Tour, playing something that could compete with the PGA Tour, being a member of our Tour, is not something we want our membership to do because it would ruin the competition we have against this, then, I believe that’s why he was, “Because if we have 15 guys going there to play it hurts RBC and the Canadian Open.”

2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans

2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans

Will Zalatoris took action after making a putt in the ninth team during the final of the 2022 Zurich Classic of New Orleans in Avondale, Louisiana. (Photo: Andrew Wevers-USA TODAY Sports)

Will Zalatoris, Rookie of the Year last year and a member of the Tour’s Player Advisory Council, took part in the openings and agreed with Commissioner Jay Monahan.

“I thought this was a good response,” Zalatoris said. “Because we are in a very good place, the Journey is in a very good place that has never been, it will be good and why we would like to, how can we encourage our players to get shows at the event when we have it all. These sponsors to promote our best business and if you want to be a part of this while it is going well, you don’t have to have both. You have a choice, I mean, you really have it.

Justin Thomas has made it clear that he is more interested in winning the competition and making a legacy in the game than simply placing his bank account with more profit.

“I hope it will stop them from going there,” he said. “I think Jay explained it very clearly from the beginning of what was going to happen or, you know, I think a lot of people are like, ‘I can’t believe you did this’ or, ‘Wow, you went through it.’ But I mean, this is what he said would happen all the time. And, yes, that’s one of the things he doesn’t want just a competitive trip, back and forth. You know, it’s like, Look, if you want to go, go. who have been promoting this and just talking all the time and have been the guys behind the scenes saying, ‘I’m going, I’m doing this.’ And as my whole thing is, just like going then. Like quitting going back and forth or like saying you do this, it’s like you can do it – everyone has the right to do what they want, you know what I mean?

“As if I wanted to go on a tour I could go and play with them. But I am loyal to the PGA Tour and I have said this and I think there are many opportunities to do, I mean, break history, make history, do a lot of things on the PGA Tour that I want to do. being a people who would like to change and it is like you are allowed to have a choice, you are a person and you are just part of it. “

Former European Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley, who played for a long time on the DP World Tour, served as captain, Ryder Cup teammate and competitor with many European players who joined and joined the LIV series (including Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia among others) brings Euro-centric ideas. He expressed his views in an interview Wednesday with SiriusXM and joined Scheffler, Thomas and Zalatoris in support of the established missions, which announced a strategic partnership in 2020 and rumors have been circulating about intimate relations to address the Saudi threat.

“I do not do this alone, they are all my friends,” McGinley said. “But I’m a big fan of tradition, I ‘re very much in tune with the PGA, DP World Tour and the big competition in terms of keeping and changing what we have right now, which I know, every week that we have European tours with the PGA. So I want to add that. I think we have “The similarities between the two trips are trying to advance this, that, in order to achieve a global order.

LIV Golf, which on Tuesday announced an introduction of $ 2 billion to support its launch, has been offering more money and guaranteed cash to attract players to participate in its events.

“I can understand and see where these guys are coming from. I mean, the amount of money that is put on the table is an incredible amount, a lot of money. And too late in their career the opportunity to earn more money,” McGinley said. “In many ways I understand the joy they feel and the reason they can be happy. But it is not true, for myself, on the side of the fence where I stand. ”

Commenting on the anonymity, an expert who divides time on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour told Eamon Lynch: “I’m sure I’m thinking of the pros and cons of jumping like this. Does Jay? [Monahan] choice is the most important part of it. Asking permission to play an international “trip” is what I have done with the PGA Tour since I took my card many years ago. I understand that the original design of this LIV tour was destructive as the PGA Tour did not want its side. Here for a while, the event is designed to be as non-controversial as possible that it is difficult to do. As a player who plays multiple times, events are the opposite of what we always experience and I do not see how different the LIV journey is until 48 boys are locked up in 14 events per season.


Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy are players who helped the PGA Tour on the Super Golf League with the help of Saudi Arabia.

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