Juleica Pantanal 1990 and kids: who played the role

Juleica Pantanal 1990 and Boys starring Rosamaria Murtinho, Tarcisio Filho, Ernesto Piccolo and Eduardo Cardoso. One actor deserted his inventive profession and stopped appearing in cleaning soap operas, whereas others continued to seem on tv.

Juleica Pantanal 1990 and kids

Rosamaria Murtinho was the actress who played Juleica in the first model of Pantanal. Today, the actress is 86 years previous. The actress labored in the cleaning soap opera until 2019. Her final work on tv was A Dona do Pedaço, a profitable serial, wherein she played Linda. With a profession spanning greater than 50 years, the actress has been in dozens of headlines at Globo and Manche.

In defunct stations, he participated in Pantanal (1990) and Kananga in Japan (1989). At Marinho Family Station, he appeared in titles akin to Chocolat com Pimenta (2003), Sette Pecados (2007) and Amor a Vida (2013), to call a number of. In 2009, he was one in every of the contributors of the Dança dos Famosos.

She has been married to actor Mauro Mendona since 1959, with whom she has three kids, director Mauro Mendona Filho, actor Rodrigo Mendona and musician JP Mendona.

This 12 months, the role went to Alain Borges, actress of Verdades Secretas II (2021), Totalmente Demise (2015) and Mortal Sin (2013).

It was Rosamaria Murtinho who played Zuleika in 1990 – Image: Reproduction/Caption

Tarcisio Filho, Marcelo

Juleika’s firstborn, Marcelo, was played by actor Tarcisio Filho, now 57 years previous. The well-known Tarcio is the results of the marriage of Meira and Gloria Menezes, and attracts consideration for his resemblance to his father. His final work on tv was final 12 months, in the collection Passporte para Liberde (2021).

The artist has pursued a tv profession since the Nineteen Eighties and has dozens of cleaning soap operas beneath his belt. Summer 90 (2019), God Save the King (2018), Êta Mundo Bom! (2016) and Verdades Secretas (2015) are a few of the most up-to-date.

The actor has been married to publicist Mosita Fagundes since 2010 and has no kids. Tercisio is the stepfather of his spouse’s three kids, the results of a earlier marriage.

This 12 months, Lucas Leto acquired the role. The actor beforehand appeared in the cleaning soap opera Bom Suesso in 2019.

Tarcisio Filho as Marcelo in the first model of Pantanal – Image: Reproduction/TV Title

Ernesto Piccolo, Renato

Ernesto Piccolo is the one who played Renato in Pantanal 1990. Today, at the age of 60, he’s pursuing a creative profession. His final work on tv was in 2019, when he was in the collection Detectives do Predio Azul. At Globo, he participated in Beleja Pura (2008), Desire Proibido (2008), Under New Direction (2006), Alma Gameya (2005), Malhacao (2000).

He was additionally in different Manchete productions, akin to Cananga do Zapao (1989) and A Historia de Ana Rio y J Trovao (1990).

The actor was married to producer Carolina Maia, with whom he had two kids, Carolina Piccolo and Joao Maia. He dated actress Camila Morgado between 2010 and 2012.

It was Gabriel Santana who acquired the role in the remake. He is understood for appearing in Chiquititas (2013) and Malhao (2019).

Ernesto Piccolo performs Renato in The Swamp – Image: Reproduction/TV Title

Eduardo Cardoso, Roberto

Eduardo Cardoso, who lived in Roberto in the Pantanal in 1990, gave up his inventive profession greater than 20 years in the past. Currently, he lives in the United States the place he works as a civil servant in an organization like Correos in Brazil, is married and has 4 kids, in keeping with Xtra newspaper info.

“I’m right here to save lots of marriages, to stay the American dream, and to flee the violence of Rio. I put the gun to my head twice. I had an appearing profession in Brazil, however I made a decision to go to a different nation”, he mentioned in an interview with Cars.

In 2022, Cauê Campos lives that character. He was in Avenida Brasil (2012), Detatives do Prédio Azul (2012), Babilônia (2015), O Sétimo Guardian (2018) and extra.

Eduardo Cardoso in the first version of the Pantanal – photograph: copy/TV title

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