Jorge Alfaro hits hard on homer

SAN DIEGO – Once Jorge Alfaro heard that he was not in the starting lineup of Padres on Sunday, he called his mother. It was Mother’s Day, after all. Alfaro had already sent her flowers.

Alfaro’s mother, Consuelo Buelvas, watches every game from his hometown in Colombia. She had a message for her son Sunday morning:

“If you’re not in line, get ready, run home today,” Alfaro recalled, laughing. “I’m like, ‘Mommy, it’ s hard to do.

Do not doubt the wisdom of women.

Following two runs and two runs out in the bottom of the ninth inning, manager Bob Melvin called Alfaro as a fighter. The Padres had put two men on board, and Melvin later said that he was “looking for power.”

It took one sound for Alfaro to give the power that Melvin had always wanted. The former Marlin crashed three times to send the Padres to victory over his former team 3-2 at Petco Park. It was the first San Diego strike since Hunter Renfroe did this in May 2019 against the Dodger.

“It’s hard to believe,” Alfaro said. “He sang before, before the game.…

Alfaro’s explosion certainly sounded like it wasn’t coming from anywhere. The Padres trial lasted 20 consecutive cases until the end of the ninth Sunday. But Joe Musgrove’s right-back kept San Diego in the game with seven innings in the running, and fine-tuned manager Robert Suarez added a couple of zeros in the break.

This set up an impressive ninth-half goal against Marlins right-back Cole Sulser.

Jurickson Profar fired one shot to start the rally, but appeared to have killed him when he encountered a shocking performance in third place where Trent Grisham made a mistake. CJ Abrams followed with two to save the meeting. This brought José Azocar’s place on the starting lineup.

“Azocar has been doing us a favor,” Melvin said. “But we’re looking for strength in the same place. Playing with someone like Jorge can win games.”

As Padres’ offense faltered this week – and only played five games in Alfaro’s four previous games – anxiety grew due to a lack of frustrating additions during the game. They have failed to improve their outdoor space, and are currently paying high prices.

But behind the plate, Alfaro’s discovery sounds like a robbery. Within hours of his incarceration, the Padres found him from the Marlins in exchange for a small sum of money. New coaching coach Francisco Cervelli, who played with Alfaro in Miami, insisted on teaming up.

But there were no guarantees. Alfaro made the team with the best Spring Training, and has been one of the best strikers in the offensive line, with .701 OPS in 15 games.

“He got it from Day 1, he had a great spring, he had to form a team,” Melvin said. Nothing was certain of him. He did it. He has worked hard. It started well with a bat, but soon not so much. But with her power, you always have access to something like that. ”

Alfaro spent three seasons in Miami, where he did not live up to his expectations. By the end of November, the Marlins were about to nominate Alfaro to work when the Padres came up with a deal.

There are, quite frankly, no problems for Alfaro happy-go-lucky. He spent the weekend enjoying himself with his former teammates during a wrestling match and said that a few gathered outside the field.

Asked how he felt about the business, Alfaro said: “I’m happy here. That’s all I can tell you. I’m happy here. He treats me well, the players are good, the clubhouse is good, the vibe in here is really good.

The group loves him right now. When Alfaro returned to the clubhouse, he was adorned with an existing Swag Chain. An addition to their home entertainment in 2021, the Padres did not release the Swag Chain publicly in ’22.

“It was heavy,” Alfaro said with a laugh.

After their season ended last year, a few players decided not to make a big Swag Chain show in 2022. But for those who have been wondering – and that is the question that has been asked. most of the time in the last few months – yes, Swag Chain is still in the Padres clubhouse. It seems to be reserved for special occasions.

Mother’s Day called shooting to run home? This is a good thing.


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