Jordan Poole actually grabbed and shook Ja Morant’s knee; whether he wanted to offend her was not a matter for personal decision

The Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies to a 2-1 lead on Saturday, and it was probably not the only loss Mememis faced. Ja Morant was arraigned in court for a right knee injury at 6:19 in the fourth quarter and did not return, with the Grizzlies insisting that Jordan Poole was responsible for Morant’s injury.

The match in question took place over seven minutes before the match. Morant was found guilty of two counts of felony criminal mischief with Poole and Andrew Wiggins. Poole dropped the ball, and as Morant and Wiggins rushed to receive, Poole grabbed Morant’s right knee and pulled it back.

You can see in the picture Morant labeled “breaking the law” by shooting Steve Kerr, who has been taking “violations” to Dillon Brooks right and left since Brooks released Gary Payton II, who broke his ankle, early in Game 2 with a head injury. Morant quickly deleted the tweet, but Grizzlies’ views on Poole’s game are clearly visible.

“We just watched the repetition,” Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins told reporters. “He followed the shot and Jordan Poole grabbed his knee and shook it, which caused everything to happen, so I’ll be curious to know what will happen next.”

Jenkins said the Grizzlies have decided to focus on the league over what Poole did, which means that the practice may have to be stopped, as was the case with Brooks, who was suspended from Game 3 after hitting Payton.

Of course, anyone with the Warriors laughs at the idea that what Poole did could be seen as a dirty game. Stephen Curry said it was no joke for Morant to be harmed, but that there was “no comparison” between Poole, which Curry believes “was not a bad thing,” and what Brooks did to Payton, adding that the idea that Poole did anything wrong was. “All BS.”

Then there is the agreement: It is not BS. You can’t watch the movie and get to the other side of the story unless Poole grabbed Morant’s knee and pulled it back. Did he want to hurt Morant? I highly doubt it. I think Poole dropped the ball, and in a hasty attempt to keep Morant from recovering, so he gave his friend, Andrew Wiggins, a good shot, grabbing Morant’s knee to stop him.

If Poole had grabbed Morant’s jersey and handed it back to him, it would have been bad. But he didn’t take his jersey. He touched her knee. Then he yanked it. It’s dangerous. There are no two ways to do it.

Wanting to hurt does not mean here. Brooks almost had no intention of harming Payton, either. He saw someone come in and try to stop him. He shook violently to stop the enemy from scoring, not to hurt the young man. But he was hurt. He succumbed to that danger by deciding to slip away from the human head. You rush through the highway and get into an accident that hurts a person, your reckless actions and mistakes, even if you were not prepared to hurt them in the first place.

Up to that point, I believe Morant was not injured. If so, we don’t know if it was a drama that caused the problem. Maybe it was the same thing in the past.

In the end, it does not matter if the Poole knee was the cause of Morant’s knee injury, or the development of a back injury, or Morant’s absence, which we all believe to be the case. It just depends on what Poole did and the potential he encountered to injure the opponent. The knees are not a joke. You cannot hold and pull the knees. You can clearly see Morant’s knee shaking incorrectly.

Athletes who rush to the top when they try to win a fortune, or more often than not, try not to lose. Earlier in the game, Desmond Bane lost the ball and, in an effort to save Poole, got into Poole’s knees.

Earlier in the series, Morant was beaten and kicked and sprained his knee in Curry’s knee and knocked him down.

Again, this is a faster game that happens more than you think. Grayson Allen has been attracting opponents since college. But these are not the two mistakes that make for a good alliance. Just because Poole’s actions were more secretive than Brooks’ actions to Payton doesn’t mean they weren’t great. Poole called it a “basketball game.” I can assure you that there is no basketball game that involves catching the enemy’s knee and pushing it backwards. Is Morant injured? Let’s wait and see. Did Poole want to hurt Morant? It does not matter. He put himself at risk with what he did, and now, if Memphis really asks the league to consider suspending Poole, he may have to pay.

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