João Pessoa City Hall offers mental health monitoring for children and adolescents

The Joao Pessoa Municipality Child Psychosocial Care Center (CAPCI) offers mental health monitoring for children and adolescents in Cerender. The service is part of the city’s psychosocial care network and currently serves more than 580 users between the ages of 3 and 17. Some mental disorders are considered serious or persistent and the use of psychoactive substances (alcohol and other drugs) is considered abusive.

According to Capana Cerender director Luana Campos, the unit adapts to a variety of situations as a result of some mental illness. “We are a referral service and we receive cases of schizophrenia and other problems such as bullying, attempted suicide, self-harm and depressive episodes. From there, we’re looking for the best form of follow-up for each of them, “he said.

Upon arrival at the service, the user goes through a qualified hearing, where he or she will be referred to the most appropriate follow-up and therapy for his or her case. “After hearing this, we have identified the user profile. This means that if he has a serious mental disorder, he will be treated at a psychosocial care center. If that doesn’t happen, it’s time to dump her and move on. “

In the case of outpatient care, users are referred to one of the municipal polyclinics. In case of emergency (emergency), care is provided at the hospital’s Municipal Infantile du Valentina, where the child or adolescent is stabilized and then sent to the Capsicum.

Call – The site provides services in psychology, psychiatry, social work, occupational therapy, physical education, therapeutic workshops, integrated practice, nutrition, nursing and drug delivery with clinical pharmaceutical care. Each user is seen at the center once a week.

Mariana (not her real name), a 10-year-old, began monitoring the service just over a month ago. “I want my daughter to be a little different, anxious and not even talk. This is not normal for her, as she is a ballerina and has always gotten along very well with other children. So, they instructed me to look for the center and after the session with the psychologist I can see some changes already, ”said the girl’s mother Marcella (not her real name).

Bernardo (not his real name), a 15-year-old, learned about the service about six months ago when his father took him away due to a serious depression. There, he was attended by a psychologist and participated in therapeutic workshops and group dynamics. “From the beginning, he was very well received and received a lot of care from the professionals. Her condition has improved a lot, “said Bruno (not her real name), the teenager’s father.

For the best support for children and adolescents, the Arruda Camara goes beyond the Capsi building, including the activities of the Zoo-Botanical Park (BICA), the Pauline Cultural Center and the Sওo Francisco Cultural Center. “We inspect homes and school environments to help children and adolescents understand the whole process,” highlights social worker Ivanide Albuquerque.

Family Partner- Capsy Cerender professionals also emphasize the importance of family participation in the therapeutic process of children and adolescents. For this, the service also provides support to family members through receptions and therapeutic workshops.

“We work in an integrated way, both the psychological part and the physical part, and we try to find the details, because sometimes children don’t tell us how they are feeling. That’s why it’s important for parents to focus on their children and their behavior, “said Jean-Paulo Dantas, a physical education professional at Capsi.

In addition to multidisciplinary follow-up, users and family members receive meals during their opening. Those who are served in the morning shift get breakfast and lunch, while those who are served in the afternoon shift get breakfast.

Service For care in Capsi Cirandar, the person responsible for children or adolescents can see the service directly, Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm, in front of Avenida Gouveia Nóbrega, s / n, Arruda Câmara Zoobotanical. Park (Bika), Roger. Personal documents of the person in charge, child or adolescent SUS card and proof of residency in Joao Pessoa must be brought. In case of questions, the public can contact us on telephone number: 3214-3333


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