Jermell Charlo has sacked Brian Castano as a junior middleweight champion

CARSON, California. – Twelve exciting competitions did not separate Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano when they met in July, and 10 months later they have not changed in more than nine months.

A wild exchange that boosted the crowd at Dignity Health Sports Park. Lots of rounds hard to score. Fight back and forth from bell to bell.

Finally, a series of shots – the right hand to the body followed by the left hook on the left head – changed the fight for the better. Castano was crushed in the Round 10 of last Saturday, PBC on the Showtime rematch that won the first battle which ended in a draw.

In other words, Castano stood up before counting 10, but his bravery was a precursor to a fast-paced finish. The Argentine had no form to continue, and Charlo felt the moment.

He ran to Castano and pulled out the left with a few tackles that made him last, then headed to the turnbuckle to celebrate where the player scored 10 points with seven seconds left. Second, Charlo scored in a rematch (against Tony Harrison in 2019) and is now the undisputed champion weighing 154 pounds after adding Castano’s head to his previous three.

“I showed the fans, I showed these enemies that I could stand up and sell,” said Charlo, who was ahead of 87-84, 88-83 and 89-82 to enter Round 10. ” it requires body parts and exhaustion. “

Round 10 was the same frame Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs) reached for his battle-changing shot 10 months ago. Castano (17-1-2, 12 KOs) dominated the first meeting when Charlo hit him hard with the counter on the left hook, but he did not come down. Castano seemed to have won the ball, but only won on one of the cards, 114-113 (some notes were 114-114 and 117-111 by Charlo).

By this time, Charlo was very sharp. He reached for the effective counterpunches on the ropes. Jab and his movement caused him to run away from trouble and eventually started a fist that settled the dispute and hosted a ninth professional boxer during the four belts.

“He was smart this time,” says Castano, 32. “I thought I had won the first fight but tonight he caught me and it really happened. I lost. I feel like there is a lot of room for me to refine my punches. “

But it was Charlo who planned what was needed to achieve great success in his career. Coach Derrick James said he told Charlo to shoot in the shoulder to catch Castano with the following punch while the Argentine was diving. The method worked.

“We were tearing him apart,” says James.

The first six rounds showed a steady pace, and Charlo was able to match Castano’s punch. Castano, as always, was constantly pressing and managed to unload a load of sharp left hook that landed.

“His goal is to shoot well at the end of the race,” said Charlo, whose twins, Jermall, have a middle head. I told myself, ‘I have to be strong.’ I tried to listen to everyone. “

Charlo, originally from Houston, ate the bullets and actually stayed in Round 7 building Castano with his left hand. He did not follow but the opportunity came three times later. And he wrote capital letters.

Now, 31-year-old Charlo, can’t deny being the junior middleweight division commander after another decisive victory in a rematch.

“I’m a regular, I go all 12, and unfortunately my strength is getting stronger around,” said Charlo. “I’m not done yet. I’m still learning and growing. I can learn from this war. … I’m hard to beat.”


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