Jaylen Brown Has Juice In This NBA Final

If you forget that the Warriors are not the fastest team, the most blast in the court, let Jaylen Brown remind you. He’s here to seduce Stephen Curry and get his word out; chasing Klay Thompson’s cut and flying from behind to extend his effort; Driving on — and through — Draymond Green on the run for the athlete. He is here to make the greatest enemy do his age.

Of all the changes that can be made and those that will be made in the final of this NBA, there is much that can be calculated to estimate the size and speed of Boston, as well as the Brown ones, in particular. Starting in Game 2, Golden State left – out of desperation – to stop testing Thompson on Brown for Green protection if possible. The idea confused Brown for the first time, as Green proved to be a good-looking, physically fit, and controversial figure.

Brown responded and reviewed the tape, seeing all that matchup could offer him, and working on one of the most defensive players in the game. Everything Green brought to the project ended when Brown started shooting him in Game 3. “This is how I play,” Brown said Wednesday. “I feel like I could be fired by every defender in front of me.”

While true, the same sentiments also made the 25-year-old Celtics persist throughout his youth and playoffs. (Like, for example, in the middle of a Boston meltdown that ruined their place in the Finals.) The fact that Brown can get where he wants to go down makes it even more important for him to know the time. no driving on the road and when no stability in fast-moving jumps. There are bigger games being played, and Brown showed a growing skill as he passed Green in Game 3.

Some of them were quick, clean and simple. Some of it, in this case, was beneficial.

Much is asked of Green in Golden State’s defense strategy, to the point that many of its responsibilities are in direct competition. Now it’s his job to keep Brown on the ground, however if Jayson Tatum has the ball on the other side of the floor, it’s Green’s job to fill in the blanks to clear his driveway. But if Brown is on the show, Draymond may need to make changes to replace Celtic. Then, if the Boston giants are lurking at the edge all the time, so be it as well often until Green criticizes them internally, because it’s easy for a few other Warriors to actually kill.

Many of Brown’s attacks in Game 3 came to the fore. Although Green was able to help inside and recover to clear the open 3, Brown responded and moved past Draymond, using his breathing power.

It’s very different. Green does not know how to play cat and mouse in self-defense, but is often the one who sets the bait and sets the trap. Brown and the Celtics have a missing problem; it takes a dangerous team to put Draymond in a very difficult position and a professional user to benefit him as Brown did in Game 3.

“Early in his career, [Brown] he would come out and just run around like a beheaded chicken, ”said Marcus Smart. “We can make fun of him for this. Now he’s really thinking about the game. He’s playing the game. He’s letting it come to him and it’s getting less and less for him.

It is not always perfect. Brown is not at the top of the road driving or riding rides that misjudge him from time to time, just as the 20-something is still coming his way. However, as with any other pre-existing wing, Brown is learning that it is explosive enough to slow down. He can take his time, count down, and still shoot or shoot at the top of almost every defender that the Warriors put in front of him.

This is the benefit of being a second priority for Golden State. Brown should not worry about the downfall of Andrew Wiggins, who banned one of his jumpers in Game 3 before even a flight. And the fact that it is Green who is defending him instead – against race and status – means that the best defender in Golden State is already counted on every car. Brown does not have to follow the same dedicated security measures that the Army puts between Tatum and the ring. He is doing well in the gaps created by his character – as a second star that makes things happen just as a second star can make things happen.

“Because I [Udoka] he’s been here, he wants to put the ball in my hands more than ever at my job, “Brown said.” I’ve been jumping around because of my experiences and so on. Sometimes I read incorrectly. I am a man; I was wrong. [But] I feel like if you put the ball in my hands, I often put myself in the right place to win. ”

The meaningful growth that Brown has shown in the game is not based on a particular skill, but on a better understanding of how to use his various skills. He knows there is a time to move around and back, as well as a easily frustrated team. They see an opportunity to defend themselves one by one, but they lead the players to their place first – as they did several times in Game 3 – to find the best spot. He returns from a 5-for-17 night shot with a clear understanding of the defender in front of him and the power he is playing.

“He has been heavily criticized this year, and he is responding,” said Al Horford. “It’s one thing I’ve seen with him. This is one of the things I’m most proud of: how he connects with challenges, responds, and achieves.”

After three games, Brown leads the Celtics in a lead (with a hair) for the Final, but not a shot — even with Tatum working as a director. They start out on corners, but find powerful ways to deal with them. The Warriors changed their defensive strategy, especially in response to such threats, and Brown twisted the change to expose the entire Golden State conspiracy. Looking back, Green’s appearance against Brown in Game 2 feels like a way to save. There is no point in hitting or catching or pushing an enemy. You do a lot of things to get someone else to do it for you.

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