Javian Hester, living at home, was relocated to Oklahoma

It was over 50 months ago when the entire recipient JJ Hester provided by Oklahoma. Long ago and now a second chance for all parties to fix.

Hester, who joined the exchange portal two weeks ago after a few years in Missouri, has recently announced his plans to relocate to the OU.

Long ago, Hester was No. 1st state hopes for the 2020 class from Tulsa (Okla.) Booker T. Washington. He was released by the OU in February 2018, following his second season. And the inevitable ending of the recent past has not happened to those who wrote the three stars.

In Missouri, Hester grabbed 12 for 225 yards and hit twice last season after making the redshirt in 2020.

Writing at 6-foot-3, Hester showed he was overweight at the 65-yard touchdown reception against Southeast Missouri.

He finished the season fiercely with three touchdowns for 30 yards in a Tigers bowl game.

As soon as they arrived at the gate two weeks ago, many OU fans were wondering if another Hornet was coming to Norman.

Hester arrived in OR to visit on Sunday and remained until Monday afternoon. There have been some popular travel shows in Baylor or Notre Dame, but the time has come.

After Hester’s trip, many OU players with Tulsa’s girlfriends spoke loudly on TV about how happy they would be if Hester joined the club.

Among them was Gentry Williams, who signed with the OU in the 2022 class from Tulsa Booker T. Washington and will arrive next month.

Hester meets one of the final requirements for a head teacher Brent Venables and a frustrating coordinator Jeff Lebby. The OU’s depth at the recipient was a question that was going to spring and hit again when Cody Jackson entered the shipping port more than two weeks ago.

Hester becomes the second volunteer for the Most recent this week, joining former Pittsburgh quarterback Davis Bevillewho voted Monday afternoon.

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