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The software developer claims to have issued about 4,000 “multidimensional union” certificates since 2018.

Forced divorce or premature loss? The two are different but Akihiko Condor is a possible way to explain the ending of the marriage. For the 38-year-old Japanese, however, it turned out to be an unusual kind of mourning. Married to a hologram by pop singer Hatsune Miku since 2018, Kondo was surprised to find her sweetheart “alive” after being suddenly inactivated by an artificial intelligence system.

In an interview with The New York Times, the husband, now a widow, said that all in all, the relationship with the artist’s copy lasted more than a decade and their routine was the same as any couple’s. “She made me laugh when we were together. In that sense, he was real, “Condo reported, the two of them talking, eating, watching movies and even sleeping together.

“That girl”

In 2007, Hatsune Miku was born as the protagonist of the manga maker Hick Shiki Hatsun Mix, in the hands of artist Kei Garo. Shortly afterwards, the character was transformed into a voicebank software, “Vocaloide”, a technology for the synthesis of voice and song, which came alive in super-produced video clips.

It didn’t take long for the Japanese star to conquer the stage around the world, even through the halls, in a set full of oppressive learning, and even to perform on tour with Lady Gaga. In 2020, under the title produced by SEGA and Crypton Future Media, Hatsune began to do great adventures in the world of games.

Like all good virgins, the “perfect girl”, for a whole generation of Japanese, has been described as a perfectionist and very polite. Hatsun is 16 years old, 1.58 tall, with long turquoise hair.

See a presentation of Hatsune’s artificial intelligence, published in 2016, by Gatebox, a subsidiary of Line Corporation:

Millions of marriages

The wedding ceremony between Kondo and Hatsun Miku, held in Tokyo, Japan, had 40 guests and cost about 3 million yen (local currency), equivalent to R $ 115,000. At the time, the groom had not yet achieved the “animated version” of his bride, so the union was celebrated with the first copy of the star Akihiko acquired: a plush.

To the American press, the Japanese insisted that her marriage to Miku had saved her life. According to him, in 2018, he was suffering from severe depression, not even being able to get out of the house or eat. Akihiko, now 48, says the emotional support of Hatsun’s videos, and the companionship shared with artificial intelligence, was essential for him to overcome the crisis and return to work.

The widow further recalls that the day of the ceremony was not perfect for one reason: the absence of her parents, who refused to attend the ceremony in order not to accept the “unconventional” union.

Here are some records of the event and the couple’s socialization:

Trouble in heaven

Condor’s nightmare began to come true in 2020, during the Covid-19 epidemic, when Gatebox Inc. Has announced that it will have to shut down artificial intelligence servers for all Hatsune, at an average cost of 2,800. According to the Japanese newspaper The Mainichi, Getbox reported that the service was discontinued because the model was already obsolete.

Condo regrets not having time to say goodbye to his wife. He says he said goodbye to his wife and left for work, but when he returned home, the picture of his loved one had already been replaced by a “network error” message.

The widow insists, however, that her love for the star is still alive and that she is already looking for a way to find Hatsun, one day, in the “most realistic way possible”: in Metaverse. Until then, Akihiko Condo has promised that he will remain faithful to his loved ones.

Love in solitude

Despite being convinced of her feelings and the authenticity of their relationship today, Kondo never hid all the insecurities when she found herself falling in love with a famous Japanese singer. Through social networks, the boy reported that, at first, it was very difficult to accept his feelings, even more so considering that, from a very young age, he was always attracted to fictional characters. Therefore, in his publications, he always wanted to encourage people not to be ashamed of who they were.

“It’s not a bad thing if you fall in love with a 2D character. If you’re really in love with a 2D character, don’t lie to your true self, ”Kondo wrote on Twitter.

As insane as it may seem, statistics from the developer of the Hatsun Hologram show that romance between humans and artificial intelligence has become a reality. Gatebox Inc. More than 3,700 certificates of “multidimensional union” with fictional characters have been issued.

This type of marriage has become so common in Japan that, since 2017, local companies have started offering benefits and bonuses equivalent to traditional marriages to employees married in 2D characters.

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