James Harden at the beginning of the alliance: Everything you need to know about the Sixers guards’ alliance and what they can do

James Harden has been at the forefront of the NBA’s biggest business in any of the last two years. He and the Philadelphia 76ers now find themselves months away from the most exciting weather; Harden has a chance to find a player, and Daryl Morey has a chance to renew the deal around Joel Embiid and Harden. This has some well-known features that can be confusing, so this is a good time to put together a question-and-answer session that outlines some of the key issues.

So, what’s the problem with Harden’s selection of players?

It seems that Harden has not picked up or turned down his $ 47.4 million 2022-2323 playing chance as a last resort, and this opens the door for both sides. It also makes it possible for them to get out and leave, but this seems unlikely.

What can the Most High do, and how can it happen?

Typically, a player’s highest pay on a new contract depends on the years he or she has studied in the NBA and the amount of pay for the season, with 25 percent, 30 percent and 35 percent of the cup that looks like the three existing gates. trade agreement. At the $ 122 million show for 2022-23, it could mean $ 42.7 million starting pay for a player like Harden who is 10 years old or older.

However, the CBA includes excluding the system for those who are at the highest paid level; the player is allowed a 5 percent increase in his salary from the previous season, even though that puts him above the “normal” max line. Because Harden made $ 44.3 million in 2021-22, he is allowed to sign a new contract starting at $ 46.5 million, although this is more than 35 percent max. With the 76ers, that starting salary with an 8 percent annual increase has a five-year contract, $ 269.9 million.

Now, you may be thinking, “Wait, that $ 46.5 million is less than the Harden players, is it?” That is the correct idea. While the CBA allows this to happen to free-paid freelancers, keep in mind that Harden should not be free this summer, and upgrade his current contract by 5 percent each year. That way, the ultimate Harden could save the season and come in and add $ 47.4 million instead of $ 46.5 million. This leads to a total value of $ 274.7 million over five years plus entry, about $ 5 million more than any other framework.

What if Harden is willing to take less than the amount? How would that work?

The CBA is flexible when it comes to players making less money than they can afford, so a sub-max Harden contract can take a variety of forms. What is worth remembering is the first season of the new contract and the key to setting the stages. Because the 76ers own Harden’s Bird rights, they can charge him a fee ranging from his value up to $ 46.5 million. From there, the contract can be increased or decreased by 8 percent of first-year payments in each subsequent contract year.

Suppose Harden and Morey have agreed to pay a $ 40 million 2022-23 contract as part of a new deal. 8 per cent of that is $ 3.2 million, so that at the end of each season, its pay could rise to $ 3.2 million from last year, down to $ 3.2 million or any other drop in between.

The biggest drawback is this is an 8 percent risk of annual change, because this means that the deal can have ebbs and moves but not really change. These changes can be used to further other purposes, such as temporarily refunding value tax or significantly lowering Harden’s late payment in a contract where his play may be lower at the moment. Which is more important for the 76ers than Harden, especially because the way the negotiations go is that they can disrupt real money (age, dollars, guarantees, etc.) but then let Morey shape the deal in a way that makes him more understandable with his team book vision.

Is there any other way for Harden’s next contract to work?

Yes, and it is something I really like if Harden is willing to take less than he is.

Above, I talked about the idea that Harden and Morey would look at their negotiations on key issues: how much money in the long run, the options and whether the entire agreement would be fully guaranteed. In cases where Harden is willing to take less than he can afford, a CBA rate of 8 percent on an annual increase could reduce Morey’s choices beyond what he would like. However, Harden’s choice opens up another possibility: Harden’s next full-fledged contract with $ 47.4 million remains in the Sixers’ books but future seasons drop dramatically. As mentioned above, CBA provides greater latitude when it comes to players who take less, and this applies to extensions.

In hindsight, Harden’s pay could drop to any of the 2023-24 negotiated rates, so an 8% annual ban would come on the new payroll.

Let’s just say, in hindsight, Harden was willing to spend $ 35 million per season over five years instead of depending on the amount. In the new agreement from 2022-23, it can be seen as follows:

However, using the player method, the two parties can make all the money as follows:

The second method is good for Harden because he earns a lot of money soon (especially considering the cost of his time). It could be better for the 76ers, too, because they pay taxes in 2022-2323, and avoid it from 2023-2024 and withdraw in 2024-2525 when the Tobias Harris contract comes out. books – ahead of the important collaboration of the famous star Tyrese Maxey. Now, this requires Harden to be willing to accept a gradual decline, and this may not be in the cards. However, it is an interesting idea that could change the franchise elements on this line.

What about extra rules and marketing?

This CBA rule applies if Harden joins, as the ban on sales will not apply to people signing contracts within six months of being sold to their new team. However, if Harden enters and the two sides add up, he could temporarily increase up to two new seasons and make up to 5 percent raise on $ 47.4 players. Once again, the CBA is in the court with the player earning the lowest pay but the suspension of two new seasons makes any increase possible, even for one part of the season.

That said, because the add-on-and-trade restrictions expire six months after the sale, Harden and 76ers will not be able to put a mark on the paper on high-quality paper that is bound from opt-in until August 10, 2022. However, both parties can understand what the agreement might look like. , and, he has to do so because the selection of Harden players comes ahead of the league year in July. However, that is a temporary setback, not a boundary.

What about the Over 38 rule?

Harden could thank his former teammate Paul, as the CBA passed to the players when they approached their minor contracts 36 years ago, but the players pushed the players back to 38. Since Harden is 3 now2 and does not turn 33 until August, – 38 rule would not affect him.

What if Harden leaves this summer? What a change the 76ers have?

If Harden comes out and sign another as a free agent, the 76ers take his money out of their books but a big deal for Embiid and Tobias Harris means they only make up a small space: $ 15-25 million plus Danny Green $ 10 million. an uncertain contract, unless it removes the extra space for selling players with a guaranteed payout. This is enough to add someone who can help, especially if Morey is able to remove some space, even though it has a very weak free team. Instead, the deadline for making a splash without Harden could be 2023, when Harris has a contract that ended and Maxey has not started another contract.

There is also the possibility that Harden leaves via sign-and-trade, which makes a huge difference in marketing and / or sending players to Philadelphia. In the meantime, Morey is supposed to be at the forefront of these new players or using commercials, but the problem is that you still need to find and find a new player, besides, using resources to attract a business partner. send someone else.

(Photo by James Harden: John E. Sokolowski / USA Today)


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