Jalen Hurts says ‘it’s a great time to be an Eagle’

The Eagles’ offseason program is underway and we heard from other team leaders Wednesday, including Jalen Hurts, Jason Kelce, Darius Slay, and Brandon Graham. We’ve heard about some of the traumatic changes, their thoughts on this year’s pre-season training, and what they’re looking forward to so far.

Here is what some guys said:

Jalen Hurts

“I think this is a wonderful time to be an Eagle. I think from the achievements we have achieved over the last year, I think there is a lot to look forward to. And the only way we can do this is to do it together. ”

Hurts went on to say that he has many goals from top to bottom in the organization and is in the spring phase, yet he still has the same mindset of attacking things on a daily basis.

QB was asked about AJ Brown joining the series, and he appreciated WR’s ability to use his body and make a play with the ball in his hands. Hurts called Brown a great addition to the former reception room.

He spoke briefly about the training he had done over the past few months, calling it the perfect solution – everything from ordering and managing frustrations to meals and schedules. Hurts said the whole operation has been rewarding as he returns to the offseason program. He also said that many of the QB projects are not physical, but psychological, and these are some of the things he has focused on.

Jason Kelce

“I am very happy [Cam Jurgens]. I loved her so much. I love his weapons, I love his ideas. Maybe I added a little bit to participating in the election – so I would like to go back a little bit. “

Kelce credited Jeff Stoutland, Howie Roseman, and Nick Sirianni for making the decision, and added that although he and Jurgens had similar characteristics, the incoming rookie would make his own way.

“Cam is not just a good athlete, he is a good athlete, he is strong, and – you always see him miss the ball, most of it is just violent or unstable. Very accurate things.”

Kelce also explained why he decided to return in 2022, and he explained that he was very happy at the end of last season and wanted to continue. Although the game did not go as planned, the team showed a change throughout the year and enjoyed Nick Sirianni as a head coach. He likes to go back and check where he is, but it was easy for him to go back.

The young man also spoke about how much he enjoyed working as a mentor to his successor, laughing that he had been doing this for the past eight years. Kelce wants his legacy to continue through next-generation games, so mentoring young players is something he enjoys.

Darius Kills

Slay was asked about high school, realizing he had lost two starters and did not add much depth. He also described Marcus Epps as one of the most influential people in the world, having a job and a chance to earn a living.

CB was pleased with the Eagles in addition to AJ Brown. He talked about how everyone knew he needed to add a bigger, bigger receiver, and Brown was worth the money. Although Slay has never played Brown, he knows that WR is aggressive, he finishes grabbing, running, and running his size.

Speaking on the lineup, Slay said he has high hopes of electing Nakobe Dean a third. He’s seen a lot of Dean’s films and how he flies the ball, and Slay thinks the rookie will learn a lot from TJ Edwards and the rest of the LB room.

DeVonta Smith

On the Eagles bringing in AJ Brown:

“I’m happy. Just learning from a guy like him. Someone who – every time you play football, you look at different recipients, just see what everyone has in their armory, then just sit here, and just learn from him.”

Smith was asked what he was looking for most this season, and WR said he had been working on a bit, such as crossing the street, digging deep into various offensive areas, blocking, and directing the way.

Brandon Graham

DE says he is feeling well and has returned to take part in the team, now it is almost time to return to the game. During a workout and running, Graham said he felt like Achilles’ injury had never happened before, but he should see what it was like when the football game started.

He was asked if he still hopes to be first or if his position could change this year, and Graham was quick to say he was under whatever the team wanted from him. As a final year in his contract with the Eagles, he just wants to show that he can play, but he is happy with the depth he has.

“I am 34 years old [years old] and I have a lot to prove because I did not play last year, but I know my role can change, and I am enjoying it. “

The former has spoken a bit about the newcomers, calling Jordan Davis a Jordan Mailata defensive line based on his size, and Nakobe Dean who can run on the sidelines. Graham said he was also impressed by TJ Edwards and Kyzer White, as well as for the guys who people aren’t talking about who should have a chip on their shoulders.

Graham talked about Derek Barnett coming back, realizing that Barnett didn’t want to leave Philly and fans thought he couldn’t play at a high level all the time. As a result, for him, he felt like he had a permanent business, which led to his return to the Eagles.

Regarding Fletcher Cox’s release and re-signing, Graham admitted it was a business and probably a money transfer, as well as admitting that he was initially a coward. He and Cox have been playing together for a long time, and are just thankful they have another year.

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