Jake Cronenworth empowers Padres’ big win over Mets

SAN DIEGO – About a month ago, the Padres finished a series of games against the Cubs who played eight games above .500 and looked at rivals who said they were all unbeaten.

Well, their skeptics soon find out that they have not played much. Over the next four weeks, that changed. The Padres will face the fighters – Double Brewers, Braves, Phillies, Giants and Cardinals. And to end it all, he met the Mets-hot-hot, the owners of the best history in the National League, in a three-match series at Petco Park.

So, since we have come to the end, are the 2022 Padres real? Sure looks like that.

On Wednesday night, San Diego delivered New York’s second consecutive victory, this time a 13-2 victory in front of a crowded Petco Park crowd. Sean Manaea made seven leading innings, Jake Cronenworth stayed home and had five RBI as part of a three-time losing streak and Jurickson Profar continued to perform well in the lead, collecting two beats and three RBI.

It was a definite end to the statistics that became one of the biggest challenges on the San Diego list this season. In 25 games – which also included three games against the Pirates – the Padres went 15-10. He wrapped it up in successive successes with NL Central (Brewers) and NL East (Mets) team leaders.

Yes, as Profar said, “We also have a good team.”

As usual, the Padres ran their barrel from Wednesday. Manaea allowed just one hit in the first six innings, which was Jeff McNeil’s second bunt single. The left ended up allowing two times (one found) to cross the seven frames, continuing the incredible run in the first round of San Diego.

“I thought he was great,” said Padres leader Bob Melvin. “He set the game’s first tone, raising zero to six innings. He’s really, really, really consistent.”

Manaea has made at least six of the 10 of 11 innings he has started this season, joining teammate Joe Musgrove as the only NL thrower he has ever performed. (San Diego co-founder Yu Darvish has nine, built in third.)

No team in baseball has got at least seven starts, either. And, as Melvin quickly pointed out, “the difference between the six and seven.”

With seven consecutive starts from Darvish and Manaea, the Padres used four pitchers in their last two combined games. After a busy Thursday, he will be well prepared for four games in three days this week against the Rockies.

Apparently, the early Padres are doing their job. But she did not receive much help until recently. San Diego’s 13’s 13 runs were known to be a very high season, and every member of the team starting Wednesday recorded what hit them.

“We’ve started to spread a little bit worse,” Melvin said. “Although the first two guys on the line were very destructive.”

Indeed, the main reason for the frustrating resumption has been the emergence of Profar and Cronenworth at the top. Cronenworth, in particular, suffered greatly at the start of the season. He finished the run three times on Wednesday and ran five fast runs, coming through a double-run twice in a quarter and a homer three times down the fifth right line.

Likewise, Cronenworth’s wRC + is 98. For the uninitiated: heavy-duty running combined with a beating metric that is 100 is the league average. As a result, the Cronenworths have taken steps to get back on top of the league this year, despite struggling early in the season. (And he has done this with his permanent protection in the second phase.)

“I felt free for the past three or four weeks,” says Cronenworth. “I’ve been trying to find something to get me to the right place. Seeing it do so well, it’s amazing. ”

Cronenworth’s courage can be added to his team. The Padres were evacuated last week in St. Louis. Louis is looking for a series of Brewers and Mets. He took three out of four at Milwaukee. Then, after losing to New York on Monday, he responded with a vengeance, outscoring the Mets 20-2 in the last two games.

“This was great because of our confidence,” Melvin said. “Because we beat the best teams, and we did it in so many different ways.”

At the end of it all, the Padres did not survive their brutal month: They did well. Now, they will have three consecutive weeks of play against teams under .500. If he can do business against his opponents, he may just find himself safe the next time he meets a team with a reputation for success.

This could be June 30-July 3 – a four-game series at Dodger Stadium.


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