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The first day of the Italian Absolute Absolute Competition was held at Guidobaldi Stadium in Rieti 2022 of the sport. Exciting performances and many nice gamers within the metropolis of Lazio, with simply three weeks left to go to the World Cup and simply two months to the European Championships. Thirteen roles have been assigned. Here are the total outcomes for Saturday 25 June.


100 METERS (MEN) – Marcell Jacobs returns to the race with a hamstring damage and wins in 10.12 and 0.9 m / s hurricane drive. The Olympic Champion hits arduous with the likes of Chituru Ali (10.16), Filippo Tortu (10.24) and Lorenzo Patta (10.28). Click right here for the total report.

100 METERS (WOMAN) – Zaynab Dosso confirms the prediction of the night and is positioned at 11.30 (0.4 m / s of wind behind him), however he needed to escape in a sweat to beat the beast’s resistance to Vittoria Fontana (11.34). Click right here for the total report.

TRIPLE JUMP (MALE) – Andrea Dallavalle continues to fly and publish stunning 17.28, confirming itself in fifth place on the record of worldwide and first European seasons. The blue runs nicely three inches from final week’s take a look at and is trying ahead to the World Cup with excessive hopes. Click right here for the total report.

HAMMER THROW (RESIDENT) – Sara Fantini confirmed himself in Rieti in an try to repair an Italian report that was signed seven days in the past in Madrid (75.77 meters). Emilian just isn’t faring nicely, however the 71,57 meters that he gained the title are very spectacular. Click right here for the total report.

Marcell Jacobs returns to the fray and wins Italian Championship: 10.12 by a whirlwind, Ali and Tortu are crushed.

5000 METERS (MALE) – Yeman Crippa is among the stars of this remark and ought to have the primary Italian headline far and extensive. Trentino ends the take a look at in 13: 26.11, shutting down Pietro Riva (13: 33.10) and Osama Zoghlami (13: 34.97) within the final two.

TRAINING 110 – Hassane Fofana is assured on high about this specialty and approaching his employees, closing with a time of 13.45 in entrance of Lorenzo Simonelli (13.74) and Giuseppe Filpi (13.89).

TRIPLE JUMP (WOMAN) – No greater than 14 meters and Dariya Derkach wins the title and jumps from 13.99 meters (storm 1.5 m / s), forward of Ottavia Cestonaro (13.90) and Erica Fabbris (12.88).

100 TRAINING – Elisa Maria Di Lazzaro hits the 13-second common display and wins the title with a time of 13.01. Behind him Nicla Mosetti (13.12) and Elena Carraro (13.23).

5000 METERS (WOMAN) – Micol Majori has gained the quickest race with a time of 16: 00.08, having the very best performances in opposition to Letizia Di Lisa (16: 00.19) and Gaia Colli (16: 00.26).

POLE JUMP (MALE) – Max Mandusic confirms the prediction and jumps to five.50 meters. Behind him Simone Bertelli 85.35) and Eugeniu Ceban (5.30).

BEYOND JAVELIN (WOMAN) – Paola Padovan wins with 56.96 meters, beating Sara Jemai (56.86) and Carolina Visca (55.02).

SHOOTING JAVELIN (MEN) – Seal of the beloved Roberto Orlando (75.14 m), that includes Roberto Bertolini (74.88) and Jhonatam Maullu (73.38).

DISC (MALE) – Alessio Manucci wins one cent forward of Enrico Saccomano: 60.01 versus 60.00. Third place Giovanni Faloci (58.78).


400 MITA (MEN) – All the large names within the night are hiding and suspending tomorrow’s remaining time: David Re closes with a superb time (45.80) forward of Edoardo Scotti (46.04), Lorenzo Benati (46.05), Alessandro Sibilio (46.07) and Vladimir Aceti (46.20).

400 MET (RESIDENT) – Afternoon followers haven’t been recognized: Alice Mangione (52.56), Virginia Troiani (52.58), Anna Polinari (52.62) and Giancarla Trevisan (52.79) usually tend to have an opportunity than Maria Chigbolu (52.97) and Raphaela Lukudo (53.02).

800 MITA (MEN) – Catalin Tecuceanu already issues are very clear (1: 48.47) in view of the ultimate motion, however Francesco Pernici (1: 48.56) and Giovanni Lazzaro (1: 48.96) are very shut, additionally seen by Simone Barontini (1: 49.22).

800 METERS (RESIDENT) – Federica Del Buono is the very best (2: 04.23) forward of Eloisa Coiro (2: 04.76) and Joyce Mattagliano (2: 05.38). Waiting for Gaia Sabbatini has not began.

400 obstacles (Men) – Josè Bencosme (50.33), Mattia Contini (50.76) and Mario Lambrughi (50.76) cowl themselves on the finish of tomorrow.

Photo: Francesca Grana / FIDAL

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