Jack Del Rio: Coordinator for security as long as they want him

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It’s obvious, after all what he wrote Monday night and what he said Wednesday, that Jack Del Rio does not agree with what his boss and contract show as an important social issue, that he does not understand the seriousness of his words and actions and that he critically opposes. an attack on the US Capitol that killed five people and injured many others. This parcel package is enough to cast doubt on his suitability for his job, which is the commander of the Washington Commanders’ defense.

To begin with? It’s hard going to Jan. 6, 2021, terrorists in the Capitol, how about a House committee investigating what happened Thursday. That sad day was a deadly threat to our democracy. Del Rio reduced it to “dust-free.” We’ll get to that.

But the highlight of Del Rio’s speech and actions is the tit-for-tat line he wants to draw between the protests that took place in the country two seasons ago as police continue to kill black people and protests in the Capitol that began with baseless allegations. about a stolen election. It’s hard to connect the two, but Del Rio did.

Review: On Monday night, he responded to a tweet about a Brookings Institution report that says it covers “the whole story” of what happened in Jan. 6 and its following tweet: “Would you like to understand the ‘whole story’ of why the era of riots, robberies, arson and vandalism is not mentioned at all but this is ??? #CommonSense”

Coordinator of the Commanders Jack Del Rio has summoned Jan. 6 attack ‘dust’

Speaking to reporters Wednesday after the Commanders offseason exercise, Del Rio did not return. Instead, he grabbed a shovel and began digging.

“What did I ask? Simple question, “Del Rio said in response then he apologized a little. “Why don’t we watch those things if we want to talk? Why don’t we watch those things?… I can watch pictures on TV – people’s lives are being ruined. Businesses are on fire. No problem.

“Then we have dust in the Capitol, nothing has been burned, and we are going to make this great. I just think it is two kinds of standards, and if we apply the same standard and be more tolerant of each other, let’s talk. That’s all that was it. Let’s talk. ”

First, his apology. It said, “Saying the situation was inappropriate and reckless and sorry.” A good start. But what he did not disclose was the frustrating notion that the violence in the two cases was the same.

Summer 2020 will be one of the most important milestones in the calculation of colors over the last 100 years. The violence that Del Rio mentions stemmed from one of the most dangerous things in American life: that the color of your skin affected your chances of being tortured or killed by law enforcement officials who swore to protect us. It got worse with the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but this was followed by Breonna Taylor in Louisville; directed by Stephon Clark in Sacramento; led by Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minn .; followed by Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Walter Scott in North Charleston, SC, and Tamir Rice in Cleveland.

The list goes on and on, and the outrage that erupted during the summer has been intense. It was based on real lives lost in injustice. I will never know what it is like to be scared by that rage. Even Jack Del Rio.

How George Floyd Spent His Last Hours

But we can try to understand and listen – dialogue, as Del Rio said. This is what the Del Rio group did to Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old black man, who was shot dead by police in Wisconsin. On the same day in August 2020, the Washington Football Association, which at the time abandoned the practice of negotiating for all parties on discrimination and justice.

“[Team president] Jason Wright and I worked to find a solution that is right for the day of football and to think seriously about the injustice we saw in this and the recent incident in Wisconsin Coach Ron Rivera said in a statement back then.

This is still a major issue in American media. It remains an issue for the front and between the NFL and its many teams. It is a front and middle issue for Wright, the party’s first black president. It is no coincidence that, earlier this week, the Officials recorded one of their home games as “Inspire Change,” when FedEx Field would have black businesses in the holiday market. Among other things, protests that took place after Floyd’s death forced White-led NFL teams to listen to their many black players.

It is the workplace in which Del Rio is supposed to be the leader. Instead, he wants to equate the violence that began after generations of disunity and oppression – a crisis that has become entrenched and irritating – and the violence that followed the false notion that the 2020 election was rigged by President Donald Trump.

Reduction Jan. 6 Dangers – lawmakers with their sticks running through doors and crossing paths as the army passes through barriers and barricades – to the “dust” where “there is no burning” is part of the irrational thinking that Del Rio multiplied on Wednesday. . But the involvement in the riots that followed the killing of a black man at the hands of the police – a death that followed many others like him – is so disgusting that it separates the eviction.

Rebellion: Jan. 6 The siege of the US Capitol was not a surprise or an isolated incident.

Condemn any form of violence. But distinguish between fact and fiction, between systemic failures and major plots.

Rivera, Del Rio’s boss, had the opportunity to criticize his team leader Wednesday.

“If this is a problem, then we will discuss it,” Rivera told Del Rio reporters before replying. “But for now, that’s something I’ll deal with when it comes.”

They have arrived. What should Wright think? We still do not know. A Commanders spokesman declined to comment when asked to take action by the team’s president.

“I love being American, and that means I have the freedom to speak,” Del Rio said.

Right. The government cannot – and should not – have the right to come to Del Rio for what it wrote Monday or what it said on Wednesday. However, her boss is another matter. Jack Del Rio represents Washington Commanders. It’s up to the franchise leadership – at Wright and Rivera – to see if the message they want is being sent to their locker room and to their fans.

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