Ivete Kist has been announced as the sponsor of the 16th Lajeado Book Fair

Per Composition Published 06/09/2022

The 16th Lajeado Book Fair, to be held in Prasa da Matriz from 17 to 21 August, will be sponsored by author and teacher Yvette Kist. Organized by Lajeado Municipality in partnership with Sesc Lajeado, the theme of the event will be Windows Literárias – the centenary of the birth of Portuguese author Jos সার Saramago.

The sponsor of the fair has been invited to a function at the Municipal Public Library in Lazedo, this Thursday afternoon, 06/09, created by the Sahitya Akademi of Valle do Takuari (Alivat). Book fair promoters and members of the literary entity were present on the occasion. Alivat’s president Deoli Graf also announced this year’s honors. This is the historian-writer Waldemar L. Richter.

Betina Durayski, director of Sesc Lajeado, highlights that Ivete’s study and dedication to Portuguese literature is crucial and related to the theme of the fair. According to Bettina, the book fair will officially start on Monday, 06/25, the date on which Writers’ Day will be celebrated, the date on which the schedule of the event will be announced.

Graf also highlighted the importance of recognizing local writers with Alivat’s nomination as a Patron of the Fair, and recalled that Jos সার Saramago was in Portugal in 1998 when he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Patron Everett expressed gratitude for the memory of his name. He recalls that he was with fellow researchers at the University of Lisbon when he first met the Portuguese-speaking author about the Nobel Prize.

– Lazedo Nominating a patron and a respected person from this region is a matter of generosity, a matter of seeing virtue in oneself. It’s something to actually cultivate, and I’ve received this honor with humility and joy. To our appreciation, those who have come to know themselves – the sponsor of the 16th Lazedo Book Fair, have emphasized on Yvette Kist.

Carlos Rodrigo Rexigel, Secretary of Culture, Sports and Retirement, highlighted the rich work of literary production in cities and regions. Rexigel strengthens the creation of the Municipal System of Culture, which seeks to issue public notices for the publication of works through the Municipal Culture Fund. The editor also highlighted the importance of being a patron and honorary member of the Sahitya Mancha Public Library.

Meet the sponsor

Professor, PhD in Letters and Author, Yvette Susanna Kist was born on 03/25/1952 in Pauso Novo, daughter of Leo Kist and Olga Mathild Kist. He moved to Arroio do Meio at the age of 6, where he joined Colégio São Miguel 1st and 2nd. He graduated in the third grade in the Portuguese-English language industry on 12/20/1974 in the then Fetis, now at the Universidade do Valle do Takuari – Univets, Lazedo.

At PUCRS, she completed her undergraduate degree in 1979 and her PhD in 1992. He received his postdoctoral degree at the University of Lisbon in Portugal between 1998 and 1999, and at the University of Texas at Austin in the United States between 2002 and 2003. He worked as a literature teacher at Univets from 1976 to 2006, where he served as department head, faculty director, pro-rector and vice-rector.

He published the following works: 1. Gonzalez de Magalhas and the Theater of the First Romanticism. Porto Alegre; Lajeado: Sulina and Univates, 1993, with their doctoral thesis, 224 p. 2. Some reading and other conversations. Lajeado: Univates, a selection of history published in 1997 by Arroio do Meio in his weekly column in “O Alto Taquari” magazine. 3. Melodrama genre and its permanence. Sao Paulo: Ateliê, 2000, with 162 p. 4. Takuari Valley: Marks of Identity (organization) Lajeado: Univates, in 2002. Arroio do Meio maintains a weekly column in O Alto Taquari, entitled “Carta Branca”. Lives in Lazedo.

On 12/12/2011, he was sworn in as Academic in the Chair No. 15 of the Sahitya Akademi of Valle du Taquari (Alivat), with his patron author, Desio Freitas.

Meet the Honorable

Voldemort Lorido Richter, born in Forquetinha, was the son of Jos Urbano Richter and Selmira Richter. Olinda is married to Richter, the father of Paolo Caesar, Jose Paolo, Luiz Carlos and Gunter Heinz. He completed his higher education degree in history at Caxius do Sul University. He also took courses in German language and culture at the Goethe-Institut in Schwabis, Baden-W্টrttemberg and Mনাrnau in Bayern, Germany.

He was a teacher in the municipality of Lazedo and the private network. He led and was involved in several important projects for Valle do Takuri, including the Lazedo Centennial Parade in 1991, and was the founder and creator of the Park Historico de Lazedo. He was councilor and tourism secretary in Lazedo, and mayor of Forquetinhar for three terms.

Dedicated to family history and the rescue of German colonies in the region, he has published several works, including Nel Pasto C. Cantava Kosi, a collection of songs in Italian, with 34 pages; German Main Leaderhaft, 2nd edition song collection; In 1992, he launched the Weinachen / Eastern – Theater – Leader – Gedichte – a collection of texts for reciting theater, songs and poems with 96 pages. In 1998, he published the book Richter Family – It’s Origins, It’s History; On 09/30/1994, under the co-authorship of Wolfgang Hans Collison, he published Nosa Origins – Anser Harkunft. In 2000, he published Architecture in the Bilingual Enzyme. In 2015 he published the book Dobar Family – A Century and a Half of History in Brazil 1851-2006, with 116 pages, illustrated with 36 photos, and in 2019, he published Ni Gedacht (Nunka Pensa) – Bauer Family work.

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