Italy in the final and France in women’s work, a bad number for sabers. From 3.00 pm medals will be received – OA Sport


12.23 Thank you for following the lengthy day of our OA Sport buddies with us! We supply to fulfill you a jiffy earlier than 3.00 pm to observe together with the final group of the Saber group and the women’s check: The Blue Dream Dream group is in the hunt for continental gold! Thanks for seeing you later!

12.18 Below is a image of the women’s foil semifinals:

ITALY– Germany 45-23
France– Poland 45-28

Bronze end: Germany-Poland, 15.00 time
Gold finisher: ITALY-France, about 4.40 pm

12.15 France is about to shut the case …

12.12 Transalpine 5 final hits in women’s group information: Poland underneath 40-27.

12.09 So far, the males’s saber boardboard has been described, listed here are the outcomes of two semifinals:

France-Hungary 35-45
Chicken-Ukraine 43-45

Bronze end: Turkey-France, about 4.00 pm
Gold finisher: Hungary-Ukraine, about 5.45 pm

12.07 France is at present main 37-24!

12.06 Frightening predictions are fully revered: the tricolor quartet is exclusive! Arianna Errgo, Martina Favaretto, Francesca Palumbo and Alice Volpi at the moment are ready for the Poland-France winner: let’s examine how the recreation goes!



43-21, Double-click Ebert, however time is operating out!

43-19, NO ONE!

42-19, Italy once more! An amazing semifinal for our defenders!

41-19, Arianna objectives!

40-19, Two Speed ​​Lungs by Favaretto! It’s as much as Arianna Errigo to shut the recreation, Leonie Ebert and hers!

38-19, Sauer will get what he needs, Italy has two factors proper now …

38-18, Germans do nothing.

37-18, Five strokes had been scored and zero scored for Sauer!

35-18, 10 hits to the finish! One medal!

34-18, Another nice want! Martina right this moment is a steamroller …

33-18, Martina Favaretto receives first level hit by Anne Sauer.

In the meantime, we wish to say that France guidelines Poland (25-11): the derby comes with its transalpine brethren at the finish …

32-18, Palumbo takes the patch, time is up. The protagonists change.

31-18, The finest semifinal hit to date in Behr.

31-17, Behr solutions.

31-16, Stuttgart signed by Palumbo!

30-16, the German tries to redeem himself.

30-15, Francesca Palumbo offers factors to opponent Leandra Behr.

30-14, Here’s the factor: Silver continental Arianna Errigo has gained this too!

29-14, A jab on alternate.

28-13, Errigo misplaced an inch!

27-13, Sauer drowns once more.

27-12, Arianna’s response is fast!

25-12, Teutonic purpose.

Arianna Errigo-Anne Sauer subsequent situation.

25-11, Air Force baller closes accounts!

23-11, Ebert tried to place the piece in, Italy dropped 10 in a row!

23-10, On the shields after the first little hit!

22-10, Another hit that occurred for the new European Champion!

21-10, Francesca Palumbo returns to the podium: Leonie Ebert and hers.

20-10, 5-0 Stage and Germany pulled again! Very good Martina!

18-10, The 2001 Televised Team is the one hitting!

17-10, Another nice purpose!

16-10, Martina appears fantastic right this moment!

15-10, Here is the slant level! The protagonists change, on the Martina Favaretto platform in opposition to Leandra Behr.

He is recovering!

Another technical drawback is Anne Sauer, who has already returned to her nook twice. Palumbo has no selection however to place an finish to the plot.

14-10, Francesca on the right track!

13-10, Section 1-8 German …

12-8, On the verge of chaos, the boundaries set by the farm by Favaretto and Errigo are disturbing …

12-6, Sauer drowns once more.

12-5, Third consecutive level for Germans.

12-4, Sauer is absent and tries to repair.

12-2, a two-digit probability!

11-2, Palumbo makes his finest look!

10-2, The invasion goes properly in Italy! Now it is as much as Francesca Palumbo in opposition to Anne Sauer.

9-2, Another shot at the goal: an vital a part of beginning a blue favor!

7-2, Arianna Errigo additionally approached the podium with the proper spirit: two consecutive hits got to Leandra Behr.

5-2, Favaretto on Ebert, the match begins properly!

11.14: Alice Volpi mustn’t shoot once more. The Tuscany weren’t bodily properly forward of the European Championship. There will be Errigo, Palumbo and Favaretto.

11.10: We stay up for the begin of the match between Italy and Germany, the women’s semifinal.

10.40: These are semifinals for males’s saber


10.38: Selection at 11.00 with semifinals for women’s work


10.35: Italy had been eradicated by Turkey in the males’s final. The unconventional defeat of the blue quartet that was very irritating. Too bad two younger males and the “soldier” Curtoli.

36-44 Turkey to jab from semifinal.

36-43 Double Beat by Curatoli.

34-43 Nothing to do. Three consecutive beatings by the Turks.

34-42 It’s virtually over!

34-41 Immediately hit by Yildirim.

34-40 We don’t exist! Now we actually want a miracle from Curatoli in opposition to Yildirim.

33-39 Gallo returns to -6. Very sophisticated issues.

31-38 Italian catastrophe! We went down with seven strokes. The solely miracle of Curatoli can save us.

30-35 Turkey goals of spectacular victory in opposition to Italy. Now Gallo in opposition to Aslan.

28-33 The most tough time in Italy. Torre can also be affected by a bodily ailment.

28-30 Gallo’s vicious assault in opposition to Yldirim (3-13) and Italy underneath 30-28.

28-28 Yldirim attracts. A tough time for Gallo.

10.23: Italy leads 28-25 in opposition to Turkey.

10.17: Italy now awaits the winner in the final quarter between Germany and Spain (30-15 for the Germans to date).

10.16: Fiorettists in the semifinals! 45-20 opens the option to Italy.

10.14: Michele Gallo is making his European Championship group debut. Italy forward 15-9.

10.12: 40-18 for gamers in blue cartoons. There are 5 beats to go to the semifinal.

10.10: Excellent Pietro Torre, who scores 5-2 and brings Italy forward of Turkey by 10-6.

10.08: Luca Curtoli closes Aslan’s first assault 5-4

10.06: Italy at 35-12. The Blues are about to enter the semifinal.

10.05: The final part of the males’s saber has begun once more. Italy in opposition to Turkey.

10.01: 30-10 of the Italian dictatorship in opposition to Romania.

9.58: Palumbo holds properly in Italy. 25-9 for blue.

9.55: Peremptory 5-0 with Martina Favaretto in opposition to Saveanu. Italy in basic. 20-7.

9.53: Palumbo controls Calugareanu and Italy flying 15-7.

9.50: Errigo grows 10-6 in Italy. The drawback ought to be the dominance of the blue.

9.45: 5-4 Favaretto after the first defeat in opposition to Corbu. Now it will be as much as Errigo and Saveanu.

9.40: The disaster between Italy and Romania begins. Alice Volpi will relaxation. Martina Favaretto and Emilia Corbu at the moment are on the platform.

9.37: The quarter-finals of the males’s saber are described


9.35: Very transient on the platform for gamers to shoot in opposition to Romania.

9.34: Turkey gained! The group of the group that beat Georgia 45-42 and will face Italy.

9.33: Crazy Fill Themselves! 43-42 in Turkey, however Georgia now believes in nice success.

9.30: Sandro Bazadze is making an attempt to make a comeback. He was under 40-31 and is now capturing 4 pictures behind Turkey. 42-38.

9.22: Turkey surprisingly ahead 36-28.

9.20: Georgia and Turkey are on the platform in the males’s saber. The winners will maintain Italy in the quarterfinals.

9.05: Quarter-finals scheduled for 9.30


8.59: Romania leads 45-38 in opposition to Austria and will face Italy in the quarterfinals.

8.53: Poland (45-24 to Turkey) and Ukraine (45-23 to Great Britain) have already certified for the quarterfinals.

8.50: Romania expands. 38-28 for Romanians who see the final quarter in opposition to Italy.

8.44: Austria backs up in opposition to Romania. 29-25 to the Roma.

8.35: Changes to the present issues

Romania-Austria 26-19
Poland-Turkey 35-16
Ukraine-Georgia 33-14

8.26: Romania leads 18-12 in opposition to Austria in the fifth spherical.

8.19: In the different 16 groups Poland and Ukraine beat Turkey and Georgia simply.

8.15: Austria shortens to 12-8.

8.05: Romania leads simply 11-4 in opposition to Austria.

8.00: The sixteenth part invasion of the women’s group trials begins. Special care in Romania-Austria, the place the title of the Italian enemy will come out.

7.50: Afterwards additionally the shooters on the platform. They additionally begin the quarter-finals and at the identical time must combat for each probability in opposition to Georgia (in opposition to Turkey in the second spherical) underneath European champions Sandro Bazadze.

7.44: Interest in the semifinal crossings potential by Germany’s Leonie Ebert, European champion, and Anna Sauer. It wouldn’t be a simple job and a good Italy would be wanted. At the backside of the boardboard, France mustn’t have a lot issue in the final blow.

7.42: Italy is the number one seed and will begin its journey from the final quarter, dealing with the eighth winner between Romania and Austria.

7.38: Arianna Errigo, Alice Volpi, respectively silver and bronze solo, Francesca Palumbo and Martina Favaretto will step down from the platform.

7.35: There is nice hope in Italy particularly for foil gamers. The blues present themselves in the beginning line-up as the group battles and every part appears to be main, in addition to Russia’s absence, in opposition to France.

7.32: Today the group competitors program opens, with a draw for girls and a males’s saber.

7.30: We begin airing on the fourth day of the European competitors in Antalya.

Good morning OA Sport buddies and welcome to the LIVE LIVE of the 2022 European Fencing Championship. Turkish platforms a Antalya competitors for groups opens their doorways: it accommodates foilists and sabers in opposition to one another in assessments given to quartets.

Azzurri Medal aspirations in each classes, nonetheless Deputy Olympic champion Luigi Samele doesn’t sit in the beginning lineup after seizures in personal instances: Giovanni Repetti replaces him. With him Luca Curatoli, Michele Gallo and Pietro Torre.

Artists Arianna Errigo, Martina Favaretto, Francesca Palumbo and Alice Volpi they aren’t afraid of anybody, due to the optimistic results of the climate: take a look at the prime of the podium, lhe Italian fenced custom, nonetheless, has no opponents in this instrument.

Fence: Genoa will host the 2025 European Championship

Everyone on the platform at 8.00 Italian time, the semifinals and finals will begin at 17.30. Follow LIVE LIVE run by OA Sport if you do not need to overlook the beat as soon as: right this moment could be a superb day. See you later and get pleasure from!

Photo: Lapresse

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