Italian Cup Serie C: Rimini-LR Vicenza 3-5 dcr (1-1 fts)

Rimini (3-5-2): arrested; Tofanari, Students (81′ Panel), Regini; Laverone, Pasa (105′ Tanasa), Eyango (81′ Delcarro), Rossetti, Piscitella (45′ Sereni); Gabbianelli (63′ Tonelli), Vano (71′ Accursi).
Supporters: Zaccagno, Lazzarini, Gigli, Purchase Peace, Pietrangeli, Serpe, De Rinaldis. Coach: Marco Gaburro.
LR Vicenza (3-4-1-2): large; Sandon, Pasini, Bellich; Oviszach (99′ Ronaldo), Cavion, Greco, Valietti; Scarsella (63′ Jimenez); Busatto (63′ Stoppa), Rolfini (67′ Ierardi).
Subs: Brzan, Confente, Corradi, Ferrari, Giacomelli, Cappelletti, Alessio, Favero. Teacher: Francesco Modesto.
The prosecutor: Father. Giorgio Vergaro from Bari, assistant Roberto D’Ascanio from Roma 2 and Alessio Miccoli from Lanciano, fourth captain Gabriele Sacchi from Macerata.
Network: 83′ Laverone (RIM), 90’+4 Ierardi (VIC). Penalties: Ronaldo (VIC), Delcarro (RIM), Stoppa (VIC), Rossetti (RIM), Jimenez (VIC), Tonelli error (RIM), Ierardi (VIC), Tanasa error (RIM).
Notice: angle: 7-11. Reserved: Pasa, Vano, Cavion, Pasini, Sandon, Allievi, Regini, Laverone, Tonelli, Bellich, Panelli. Sandon, Sereni and Panelli have been fired. Recovery: first half none, second half 5′, first additional time 1′, second additional time none.

Penalty shootout:

XXX one other mistake of Rimini! Tanasa sends the ball to the submit, and Grandi someway managed to consider the penalty thrown by the Romagna participant, which led to Rimini’s elimination and allowed Lane to fly to the quarterfinals!

Ierardi takes out Galeotti once more! 5-3 in favor of Lane.

XXX error within the place of Tonelli, who’s put to sleep by Grandi! The remaining objectives 4-3 for Vicenza!

Jimenez takes out Galeotti! 4-3 Vicenza!

Rossetti places it at a crossroads! 3-3.

Galeotti understands however is unable to cease Stoppa’s younger and robust thoughts! 3-2 Vicenza!

Delcarro additionally eliminates Grandi and equalizes the rating: 2-2!

Ball on one aspect, participant on the opposite. A great change from Ronaldo. 2-1 Vicenza!

The first striker is Ronaldo…

An further second:

120′ Triple whistle from Vergaro: further time ends right here. It will go to penalties.

118′ 1 yellow Stoppa efficiently jumps Panelli with a physique on the sting of the realm leading to his second yellow card and dismissal. Rimini in 9 with a free kick from the sting of Vicenza. Ronaldo is in command of the joke: the previous Padova participant kicks together with his proper foot to climb the crossbar, hit the skin of the online and provides the phantasm of a purpose.

117′ RIMINI a unbelievable alternative for Rimini and Accursi beats Rossetti’s cross from the beginning with a depraved header, forgiving Grandi who on the time remained between the posts to depart a fantastic exit.

114 ′ VICENZA Jimenez shot from the sting of the realm: center finish, straightforward for Galeotti

113′ VICENZA Valietti eats a excessive header with the primary purpose with a proper foot on the cross from Greco’s kiss.

112 ′ VICENZA Jimenez’s shot from the sting of the realm: the ball flies over the crossbar and goes off the ground.

111 ′ VICENZA through Ronaldo to Stoppa who strikes together with his proper foot to cross from the highest of the field: the ball is headed into the nook by a defender.

108′ VICENZA Valietti’s right-footed kick from the highest of the field is deflected for a nook by a Rimini defender.

105′ It begins once more! The final quarter is about to throw any penalties…

105′ exterior Pasa, inside Tanasa

First addition:

105’1′ of restoration was signed

102 ′ VICENZA on the peak of the nook the ball is swept out of the realm by Galeotti. The ball lands on the toes of Ronaldo who begins to strike together with his proper foot, receiving a flying heel from Bellich who directs the ball into the underside nook for Galeotti to beat: the ball simply misses the purpose and finally ends up working behind.

99′ Oviszach, Ronaldo entered

99′ 1 yellow Panelli warned towards disrupting Greco’s resume

98′ 1 yellow Bellich booked for a late test in on Tonelli

93′ RIMINI on the sting of Rossetti’s space was deflected for a nook by Bellich’s intervention.

91 ′ RIMINI Accursi’s violent left foot, rapidly escapes Ierardi, who hits the skin of the online giving the phantasm of a purpose.

90′ Extra time begins! The first ball is hit by the group.

The second half:

90’+5 Two whistles from Vergaro: regulation time ends in a draw. We go to additional time!

90’+4 VICENZA Ierardi equalized with a Euro purpose from exterior the field. A right-footed shot that slides into the underside nook leaves no manner out for Galeotti, who can also be given a treacherous return.

90’+3 1 yellow Tonelli booked for an excellent deal with on Oviszach

90’+ 2 Ierardi is shot like a pin from the sting of the realm by Accursi, who places the ball in the midst of the realm to the speedy Tonelli who kicks with the primary purpose, discovering a deflection for a nook by Bellich.

90’+ 5 Said 5′ of restoration

90′ 1 yellow Laverone booked for losing time throwing the ball out of bounds after the sport was stopped

88′ VICENZA Stoppa tries together with his left foot from the sting of the realm: the ball flies over the crossbar and goes off the ground.

83′ RIMINI Rimini’s likelihood is a missile from exterior the realm of ​​Laverone (who isn’t completely satisfied, as a result of he respects his previous as a participant of Berico) within the case of a nook.

81′ from Allievi and Eyango, to Panelli and Delcarro

80′ VICENZA crosses from the again of Cavion which reaches the sting of the small space: Greco simply misses the hook and the ball, which escapes and reaches the toes of Stoppa, standing on the sting of the far submit. The former Palermo striker, taken unexpectedly, misplaced a second extra, permitting Tofanari to recuperate.

77′ VICENZA is stoned on the sting of the Stoppa space: Galeotti flies and places it within the nook.

77′ 1 yellow Regini booked for a late takedown on Jimenez

76′ RIMINI nice header by Regini following a free kick from Laverone’s proper: the ball goes over the sting of the submit and finally ends up behind.

71′ exterior Vano, inside Accursi

69′ Sereni’s pink mild, responsible of hitting Bellich within the face with an elbow. The numerical parity has been restored, and the 2 groups play 10 towards 10 within the finals.

67′ Modesto covers himself: inside Ierardi, exterior Rolfini. Vicenza who follows the 3-5-1.

66′ RIMINI’s penalty kick missed by Sereni, who did not make the purpose together with his low shot.

65′ 1 yellow a penalty kick brought on by a loopy exit from Grandi who, on a cross from Tonelli’s left, butterflies out and provides the ball to Vano. The Rimini midfielder fired a shot at purpose, discovering Pasini’s problem on the purpose line. The ball bounces again into the middle of the realm as Tonelli unleashes a strong left foot which is deflected off the arm by Sandon, who within the course of receives his second yellow card and is shipped off.

63′ exterior Gabbianelli, inside Tonelli. Rimini again to 3-5-2. First change and between Lane: inside Jimenez and Stoppa, exterior Scarsella and Busatto.

58′ 1 yellow Allievi was additionally booked to intervene on Valietti

56′ 1 yellow Sandon booked for late interference on Sereni

54′ 1 yellow Pasini booked for stopping Laverone’s re-test

53′ 1 yellow Cavion was booked for a late intervention on Rossetti in the midst of the pitch

47′ RIMINI crosses for Gabbianelli’s right-back: Sandon makes a careless intervention and dangers his personal purpose by placing the ball into the nook. Cheers to the boys of Modesto.

45′ It begins once more! The first ball affected by the group, who within the second half will assault Curva Est, the house of Rimini’s supporters.

45′ change at half-time between hosts: Sereni in Piscitella. Rimini adjustments to a 3-4-3 formation

The first half:

45 ‘ The first a part of the sport ends with out restoration: Vicenza has been extra harmful than the opponents within the recreation that performs slowly. Rolfini’s mistake from the choice was essential for the outcome, as a result of he missed the penalty that Oviszach gained with.

38′ VICENZA from the highest of the small space of ​​Rolfini, who doesn’t put the glass of the purpose: the ball behind.

35′ RIMINI violent left from the sting of the realm with Regini on the heel and Piscitella: Grandi refuses a nook

33′ VICENZA misses the penalty kick to Rolfini, who’s attracted by Galeotti. An uncommon mistake for Cobra, who transformed 5 out of 5 assaults in 5 years final yr and has not missed a penalty since March 2016. So the unhealthy time of the previous striker of Ancona continues.

32 ′ VICENZA is on fireplace from Oviszach on a cross from Busatto: the previous Udinese winger manages to regulate the ball on the again, returns to the middle of the penalty space and is cleared from behind by Piscitella. The participant has little doubt and provides a penalty.

30′ 1 yellow Here are the bookings for late entry to Pasini

27′ 1 yellow Pasa booked as a result of he stopped making an attempt to restart within the central streets of Greco and stopped

20 ′ VICENZA Greco tries to place it beneath a direct and left cross from the nook: Galeotti interferes with the shot with a fantastic return and places it again within the nook.

18′ VICENZA good mixture with the ball down the sting of the realm of ​​Oviszach and Busatto: the previous winner of Polisportiva Santa Maria goes to the again and places a tough ball on the sting of the small space. Scarsella technique. The former Modena attacker finishes with a decisive strike, however his deflection is saved for a nook by the intervention of the Romagna defender.

15′ VICENZA Cavion steals the ball from Rossetti on the sting of the realm and kicks with the best foot of the primary purpose: the ball finally ends up behind and passes close to the highest nook.

14′ VICENZA A gentle cross from the Greek that crosses the small space simply misses the deflection that’s gained by Busatto.

5′ RIMINI himself blows the alarm clock for his crew with a large left foot from the sting of the realm: the ball behind

1′ Let’s begin! The first ball was touched by the boys from Modesto, as we speak carrying a black jersey with pink and white inserts. Hosts in conventional pink and white test shirts.

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