Itaboraí started vaccinating children aged 3 and 4 against Covid-19

Children aged 3 and 4 can now obtain their first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 in Itaborai. Following the identical vaccination schedule for adults, the second dose ought to be administered 28 days later. The choice was taken by the Municipal Health Department (SEMSA) following the advice of the National (*3*) Program of the Ministry of Health.

The Municipal Secretary of Health, Sandro Ronqueti, emphasised the significance of vaccinating children to forestall this illness. “(*3*) of children is essential, because it ensures the safety of children, stopping instances from worsening,” he stated.

Director of the Department of Immunobiologics and Cold Networks, Catusia Lesa, added that the aim of vaccination is to keep away from attainable hospitalizations and extreme instances of the illness.

“It is essential to vaccinate children from 3 years of age to scale back the danger of hospitalization and loss of life by Sars-Covid-2. The consideration of recent age teams for vaccination additionally permits to scale back viral circulation”, commented the director.

(*3*) is completed with the immunizer Coronavac and may be administered concurrently with different immunizers as a part of the nationwide immunization calendar at any interval. To obtain the primary dose, the accountable individual should accompany the kid to any well being heart with a vaccination card, CPF or SUS card.

In Itaboraí, the second booster dose (fourth dose) is being administered to individuals 40 years of age and older and to well being professionals.

opening time

The municipality has 35 immunization centres, with service hours for the general public from 9 am to 4 pm.

vaccination heart

— Mayor Milton Rodríguez da Rocha Health Post (Downtown) Avenida Veridore Herminio Moreira, 206 – Downtown

— Polyclinic of Medical (*4*) Alderman José de Oliveira Filoco (PEMVJOF) Address: Highway BR-493, Km 0, Manilaha.

— Wanderley Vieira de Almeida Family Health Unit – (USF Areal) Address: Avenida Carlos Lacerda, s/n – Areal

— Sadie Ribeiro Gomez Family Health Unit – USF Extension Rua Papa Joao XXIII, s/n – Extension

— Valdober de Souza Machado Family Health Unit (Expansion II) Address: Rua Miguel Ângelo Ximenes, lt. 6, when 53, magnification.

— Family Health Unit (USF) Porto das Caixas Address: Rua Tenente Joaquim Rabelo de Matos, 353, Porto das Caixas.

— Lizete Fernandes de Souza Family Health Unit (USF Reta Velha) Address: Rua Dois, Praça Claudinei Santos Tavares, Esperança.

— Bellarmina Maria da Silva Family Health Unit (USF Vale do Sol) Address: Avenida Laurindo Gonzalez, Retiro São Joaquim.

— Pastor Jose Mendel Family Health Unit (USF Monte Verde) Address: R. N, lt. 10, when 18, Monte Verde.

— Dimas Monteiro Nogueira Family Health Unit (USF Visconde) Address: Avenida Presidente Médici, Visconde de Itaboraí.

— José Ednaldo Mendes Family Health Unit (USF Santo Expedito) Address: Rua Desembargador Augusto Galvão, 242, Santo Expedito.

— Jorge José da Silva Family Health Unit (USF Bairro Amaral) Address: Estrada Prefeito João Batista Caffaro, qd. M, Great River.

— Family Health Unit (USF) Planalto do Marambaia Address: Rua Tocantins, lt. 4, whereas 20, Marambaia.

— Basic Health Unit (BHU) Chacaras Sambetiba (Wednesdays solely) Address: Largo da Istacao, Chacaras Sambetiba.

— Antônio Bravo Peccini Family Health Unit (USF Itambi) Address: Rua Rui Barbosa, Itambi.

— Virgílio Ribeiro Lopes Family Health Unit (USF Cabuçu) Address: Estrada Vereador Antônio Cícero, Cabuçu.

— Maria Ferreira dos Santos Family Health Unit (USF Nova Ced) Address: Avenida Américain da Costa Cardoso, Nova Ced.

— Alderman Eugênio Marins Coutinho Family Health Unit (USF Quissamã) Address: Rua César Xará, 666, Quissamã.

— Maria do Rosario Oliveira Family Health Unit (USF Apollo) Address: Rua Alcibiades Gomes Pereira, lt. 48, when 40, Apollo II.

— María Aparecida da Silva Pereira Family Health Unit (USF Joaquim de Oliveira) Address: Rua Vinte y Dois, Joaquim de Oliveira.

— Reta Nova Family Health Unit Address: Avenida José Maria Nanci, qd. 42, hope.

— Vila Rica Basic Health Unit Address: Rua Turmalina, 78, Vila Rica.

— Engenho Velho Basic Health Unit Address: Rua Manoel Laurindo, qd. 8, Engenho Velho.

— Granjas Cabuçu Family Health Unit Address: Rua 6, nº 20, qd. 16, Cabucu Farms.

— Luis José de Marins Family Health Unit (USF Sapê) Address: Estrada do Sapê, São Miguel.

— Doctor Aristeu de Oliveira Pinto Family Health Unit (USF Sao Jose) Address: Praca Nuno Duarte, Sao Jose.

— Vereador Mário Scotelaro Rodrigues Family Health Unit (USF Pachecos) Address: Highway RJ-114, km 13, Pachecos.

— Otacílio José Rafael Family Health Unit (USF Aldeia da Prata) Address: Rua Três, Aldeia da Prata.

— Grande Rio Family Health Unit Address: Rua Vinte e Seis, lt. 37, when 59, João Caetano.

— Américo Damasceno de Salles Family Health Unit (USF Jardim Planalto) Address: Rua Waldemar Bezerra, lt. 267, when 19, Manila.

— Mangueira Family Health Unit Address: Estrada Ademar Ferreira Torres, 43, c. 3, Badureko.

— Valtair Felicio da Silva Family Health Unit (USF Marambaia) Address: Avenida Cabo José Rodrigues, Marambaia.

— Picos Basic Health Unit (Tuesday solely) Address: Estrada Eugênio Costa, Picos.

— Family Health Unit Cirlei Rodrigues Viana “Lelei” – (USF Santo Antônio) Address: Rua 14, s/n – Qd. 09 Lt. 129 – Villa Gabriela

— Agro Brasil Basic Unit Address: Highway RJ 116 – km 9.5 – Agrobrasil, Parque Nova Friburgo

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