It was Bobby Dalbec’s time to give the victory, and now the Red Sox have won seven in a row

The game was cordless until the first five innings until the Red Sox climbed to the top of the sixth inning when Bobby Dalbec broke the RBI twice over Angel’s reliever Jimmy Herget to sign Alex Verdugo.

“I was trying to be inside something,” Dalbec said later. “In-bat before I start releasing the heater. So, I just try to be inside something, and whatever happens, it happens.”

It proved to be all that the Sox needed to advance in the top three games above .500 (30-27).

Herget beat Xander Bogaerts and Trevor Story to start the sixth. But Verdugo negotiated two trips, and he scored from the moment Dalbec climbed twice on the right lane that hugged the right wall. Verdugo’s run scored again for the first time since his first pick of the game this week. The first time came on Monday when he scored from Christian Vázquez’s line to the left. The Sox also won the game 1-0.

“It’s about your second leader,” said Verdugo, “and I’m being able to run.

The Sox gave Rafael Devers a break from Wednesday’s game. Dalbec played the third role, and Vázquez was previously the eighth season of his career and the first time this season. Devers hits .342 / .374 / .603 with the home team leading 12, and his deficit in the Sox line was certainly evident early.

The Sox didn’t have many answers from left-back Reid Detmers, who, despite throwing just 4⅓ innings, only allowed three hits without running.

The Sox chased the Detmers into the fifth inning, however. Kevin Plawecki was taken aback by the noise. Next, Jackie Bradley Jr. stability in external power. Christian Arroyo doubled left, placing runners second and third with only one.

Alex Verdugo points to Bobby Dalbec after scoring Dalbec’s sixth goal Wednesday night at Anaheim.Ashley Landis / Associated Press

Angels temporary caretaker Phil Nevin went to his bull, summoning Archie Bradley, who persuaded the Vázquez players’ selection and beat JD Martinez to end the threat.

On the other hand, Nate Eovaldi joined another solid Red Sox show, performing five innings and losing six and hitting five.

The Sox Round held a 1.03 ERA in the last seven rounds starting Wednesday, holding opponents in .170.

However, Eovaldi’s speed was low on his four-lane ball due to a stiff thigh, which he felt earlier Tuesday.

“I just felt like I couldn’t carry my back, which I usually have with all my strength,” Eovaldi said just starting Wednesday. “I feel like I’m getting strength from my legs. And it just sounds solid as I try to get into it. I wanted to stay in the game. I felt better. ”

Eovaldi is usually 96.7 miles per hour, but on Wednesday night, its top speed was 94 mph. Similarly, the speed of the splitter and curveball was lower than two mph. It was Eovaldi’s lowest speed since 2012 when the right hand had four starts with an average of 94 mph or less.

“He fought every game and he struggled to get it,” said Alex Cora. “He did well. He gave us five wireless innings. Things were not good but he did a good job.”

Bullpen followed Eovaldi’s performance and showed off their talents. In the last two games, the x relievers have combined 10 innings, allowing one run.

“Good,” Cora said from the bullpen. “They’ve been throwing the ball well for a while. Overall, the last three weeks have been amazing. As a result, another great victory.”

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