It goes on August 1st! What quantity?

Increase in SMIC. The minimal progress wage will expertise a 3rd revaluation from August 1 in 2022. What is the brand new quantity? What progress? What’s the purpose? We take inventory.

[Mis à jour le 26 juillet 2022 08h06] On August 1, 2022, the minimal wage will likely be elevated by 2.01% to take inflation under consideration. In different phrases, the minimal web wage enhance will enhance from 1,302 euros to 1,329.06 euros, i.e. an worker will acquire 27 euros monthly for paying the minimal wage. This is already the third enhance within the minimal wage in 2022, after these noticed final January (+0.9%) and May (+2.65%). Over the course of the yr, the minimal wage elevated by 60 euros in lower than seven months. As with RSA (+4%), APL (+3.5%) or AAH (+4%), this enhance is a part of a rationale for social advantages and social minimal valuations desired by the federal government.

As a reminder, the minimal wage corresponds to the authorized minimal hourly wage that the worker should obtain. This applies to all grownup staff, no matter their remuneration (time, efficiency, work, piece, fee or tip). The employer could be fined €1,500 if he pays the worker lower than the minimal wage, in addition to damages. Smic is reassessed on 1st yearlyer In January, it’s listed to inflation as measured for the bottom earnings 20% of households. This revaluation of the Smic is predicated on a acquire of half the buying energy of the common hourly wage of staff and staff. Finally, if inflation will increase by at the very least 2% in comparison with the index noticed when the final quantity of the minimal wage was established, it’s routinely elevated by the identical proportion. This is in case of revaluation on August 1, 2022.

After experiencing a 0.9% enhance initially of 2022, the minimal wage has now been elevated €1645.58 Gross monthly, in comparison with 1,589.47 euros final yr. In 2021, Smic has already skilled a reasonably unprecedented revaluation of two.2% to compensate for value will increase of greater than 2% between November 2020 and August 2021. It is the primary time since 2011 that it has routinely elevated past January 1 . As a reminder, if an employer pays one in all its staff beneath the authorized minimal wage, the latter is liable to a advantageous. €1,500. He may additionally be ordered to pay employee’s compensation.

So the minimal wage is going through a second enhance on May 1, 2022. In truth, to bear in mind the rise in inflation (+4.5% in March over a yr), the minimal wage elevated by 2.65%, a web enhance of 34 euros monthly. In different phrases, the web minimal wage rose from 1,269 euros to 1,302.64 euros web, a rise recorded on Sunday 1 May. The minimal wage will likely be raised once more from August 1, 2022 2.01%.

Every yr, the minimal wage quantity is revised. As of January 1, 2022, it’s 1,603 euros gross monthly primarily based on 35 hours per week. This enhance is the results of each the evolution of inflation and the rise in wages of staff and staff. On May 1, 2022, a brand new enhance took impact after inflation, bringing the full minimal wage to 1645.58 euros. As a sign, right here is the evolution of the minimal wage quantity since 2010:

Evolution of the minimal wage since 2010
yr Hourly Minimum Wage Amount (Total) Monthly Minimum Wage Amount (Total)
January 2010 €8.86 €1,343.77
January 2011 9 euros €1,365
December 2011 €9.19 €1,393.82
January 2012 €9.22 €1,398.37
July 2012 €9.40 €1,425.67
January 2013 €9.43 €1,430.22
January 2014 €9.53 €1,445.38
January 2015 €9.61 €1,457.52
January 2016 €9.67 €1,466.62
January 2017 €9.76 €1,480.27
January 2018 €9.88 €1,498.47
January 2019 €10.03 €1,521.22
January 2020 €10.15 €1,539.42
January 2021 €10.25 €1,554.58
January 2022 €10.57 €1,603
May 2022 €10.85 €1,645

The month-to-month web minimal wage quantity is reached 1,302.64 Euro, in comparison with 1,269 euros on January 1 and 1,231 euros in 2021. As a reminder, right here is the evolution of the web minimal wage quantity lately:

Amount of web minimal wage
yr Net month-to-month minimal wage quantity
January 2016 €1,143
January 2017 €1,149.07
January 2018 €1,174.93
January 2019 €1,204
January 2020 €1,219
January 2021 €1,231
January 2022 €1,269.45
May 2022 €1,302

The hourly minimal wage (gross) is 10.85 euros, up from 10.57 euros on January 1, 2022, and 10.25 euros beforehand. As a reminder, the hourly minimal wage lately has been:

Hourly Minimum Wage Amount (Total)
yr Hourly Minimum Wage Amount (Total)
January 2016 €9.67
January 2017 €9.76
January 2018 €9.88
January 2019 €10.03
January 2020 €10.15
January 2021 €10.25
January 2022 €10.57
May 2022 €10.85

The quantity of Smic per hour is very variable. Note that the quantity might fluctuate from one payslip to a different, as a result of quantity of social safety contributions deducted from the full hourly minimal wage. Its quantity in January 2022 Net hourly minimal wage was virtually €8.37. For instance, it was weak between January and September 2021, measured at 8.11 euros.

The minimal wage corresponds to the authorized minimal hourly wage that the worker should earn. However exemptions apply in sure instances (college students and staff beneath 18 years). The Price per hour is €10.85 From May 2022, that is the quantity paid for one hour of labor. Unlike the month-to-month Smic, which is made on a 35 hour per week foundation.

The annual Smic is calculated by multiplying the month-to-month Smic (above) by the variety of months within the yr, i.e. 12. Please word, when you profit from the thirteenth month paid to your employer, this isn’t half. The annual minimal wage calculation refers back to the new quantity of Smic 2022 legitimate from May 1, 2022, the web annual Smic quantity. €15,631.68 (1302.64×12). For its half, the gross annual minimal wage has elevated €19,746 (1645.58×12).

Smic in France is 10.85 euros per hour gross for 35 hours of labor time. Not all EU member states have one, however for people who do, the variations are fairly vital. According to Eurostat information, the bottom SMIC in Europe is Bulgaria’s SMIC (€332 monthly). The highest minimal wage in Europe is in Luxembourg (2,257 euros).

For some member international locations corresponding to Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Sweden, a minimal wage per department applies. Minimum wages can even, for these international locations, be decided by negotiations between the social companions.

Switzerland is a bit particular as a result of solely 5 cantons have a minimal wage. Geneva, Neuchâtel, Jura, Ticino and Basel-City. It shouldn’t be the identical between completely different cantons.

  • Geneva : 3,870 Euros
  • Neuchâtel : 3,370 Euros
  • Jura : 3,370 Euros
  • tikino : 2,960 Euros

Outside of the cantons, Switzerland doesn’t have a nationwide minimal wage for a number of causes. The first is that Switzerland is a federal state and every canton is sovereign. Note that the Swiss Smic stays, on common, 60% larger than the French Smic.

Since January 1, 2018, in Germany, a authorized minimal wage exists. A minimal wage is redefined each two years, and is reached €9.82 of hours from January 1, 2022. The subsequent revaluation ought to be on July 1, 2022 and produce German minimal wage as much as its peak €10.45 hours gross

In France, the Smic was revalued on January 1, 2022 to bear in mind value modifications between August and November 2021. Employees have been entitled to minimal increments 0.9% At the start of the yr. The month-to-month minimal wage subsequently drops from 1,231 euros in 2021 €1,269.45 in 2022. The month-to-month gross minimal wage has elevated from 1,554.58 euros 1,603 euros on January 1, 2022.

It was upgraded a second time since then 2.65% Until May 1, 2022. Enough to carry it €1,302 Net month-to-month.

Smic is reassessed on 1st yearlyer January It is listed to inflation as measured for the bottom earnings 20% of households. The Smic is revalued primarily based on the acquire at half the buying energy of the common hourly wage of staff and staff. An enhance can be made as quickly because the inflation stage exceeds 2%.

Employees who perform skilled actions within the lodge and catering sector have a separate minimal wage from the statutory Smic, referred to as minimal wage. At first look, the lodge minimal wage appears extra favorable than the authorized minimal wage, but it surely’s value a more in-depth look. In truth, the lodge is calculated on the minimal wage 39 hours per week, and no more than 35 hours. Another notable distinction is that when an worker is paid the lodge’s minimal wage, he routinely advantages from one 10% enhance in additional time Performed between thirty sixth and thirty ninth hours. Hence the web month-to-month lodge minimal wage quantity €1,430. Remuneration past the traditional minimal wage (1,269.45 euros) as a consequence of additional time will increase. Gross month-to-month lodge minimal wage quantity €1,804.65.

Applicable collective agreements usually present for a prevailing minimal wage. If the agreed minimal is lower than Smic, the employer pays a wage complement to succeed in the quantity of Smic. If the prevailing minimal is larger than Smic, the employer pays what’s supplied by the collective settlement.

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