ISIS leader’s widow’s love affair with married US congressman leaves US politics in turmoil – Monet

Van Taylor and Tania Jaya (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

William Shakespeare immortalized his name with his work, including the forbidden love story between Romeo and Juliet. But the English Bird did not have the imagination to create such a complex plot and such a diverse couple that is currently rocking the world of American politics.

Texan Van Taylor surprised everyone after abandoning his campaign for re-election as congressman for the third district in his state. “About a year ago, I made a terrible mistake that caused deep pain and suffering among the people I love the most in this world. I had a relationship, it was wrong and it was the biggest failure of my life, “the politician wrote in a statement. He expressed regret.

Extramarital affairs may already entice many conservatives, but the identity of the congressman’s concubine has opened the mouths of many: Tania Jaya, 38, widow of John Georges, an American who joined the Islamic State in 2013. The group.

Tania Jaya and her ex-husband John Georges (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

Tania Jaya and her ex-husband John Georges (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

In an interview with The New York Post, Tania said she was not ashamed of her relationship with Taylor because she really loved him. “People may call me a homemaker, but, you know, f $ # @ – if that’s because adultery is something that happens in society,” he said. Tania further said that she imagined that they would get married and she was devoted to him since they started their romance in October 2020.

However, the woman eventually discovered that the congressman was a feminist and, concluding that she was being used by him, decided to disclose the case to the politician’s wife. “I warned Van that I was [contaria a ela]. I was responding. I was, she has a right to know what kind of man she is married to, ”he said.

During their on-off relationship, Jaya – who fled ISIS in Syria and moved to Plano, Texas – said she asked Taylor to leave Ann, but he refused because of his daughters, which angered Tania. “Guess if it’s about your kids, divorce is very normal today. We’re not living in the 18th century, “he said.” But he won’t do it because he’s afraid of his reputation as a conservative Republican. He didn’t want people to say his marriage wasn’t perfect. “

Texan Congressman Van Taylor (center) (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

Texan Congressman Van Taylor (center) (Photo: Instagram Reproduction)

Tania met Taylor through an anti-extremism campaign that began after her return to the United States from Syria. The pair initially tied the knot because they were both “unhappy” and she supported him emotionally and financially, he said. “I needed help. I needed a hero, whom I thought was caring. Van says he cares, “she said.” It wasn’t just sex … it was emotional. Van took advantage of me, but I didn’t know it until the end, “he admits. At one point, he tried to sever ties with her, saying he wanted to date” other “Indian women.

Jaya – a British aborigine from Bangladesh, not India – was more shocked by the nationality slip. “I find it very offensive, because I was, are you breaking up with me saying you want to be with your wife, but then you’re talking about sex with other Indian women?” He protested. “I even told him, ‘You’re the one who can’t hold your hand. You’re the one who can’t put your penis in your pants. He knew I was in love with him, “he added.

During the romance, Tania married an Texas IT executive, with whom she divorced last year. Shortly afterwards, in November, he revealed the truth to the Congressman’s wife.


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