Investigation into the deaths of Korean children, 121-year-old from Bahia and the mother who poisoned her son to death; See events marked week Bahia

Last week, from Sunday (1st) to Friday (6th), Salvador and other municipalities in Bahia were marked by various incidents.

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The information listed by the G1 includes the investigation and burial of five Korean children found dead at Formosa do Rio Preto in western Bahia; The discovery of the 121-year-old Baha’i woman, who may be the world’s oldest person; And the death of a 5-year-old child, poisoned in Ibica by his own mother. See:

Similar work to slavery

Housewife resumes slavery in Bahia – Photo: Reproduction / TV Bahia

Madalena Santiago da Silva, former employer Sonia Sexas Lil, rescued in 2021 after 54 years of working in a similar situation of slavery, said she did not pay the maid’s salary because she considered him a sister.

According to Labor tax auditor Liane Durro, Madalena’s former employer justified this in a statement to the Ministry of Labor at the end of March 2022, but the speech was published only on Monday (2).

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  • In a letter, the former boss accused the daughter of a domestic thief rescued from similar work in slavery at BA: ‘worked as a slave’

On Wednesday (4), the Brazilian Bar Association Section Bahia (OAB-BA) reported that the board of the organization had referred the case to the Court of Ethics and Discipline (TED) of Sonia’s daughter Christian Sexus, a lawyer who was accused of stealing her own father, a maid. .

The referral to TED took place last Monday (2). According to OAB-BA, the progress of the case includes allegations that Christian Sexus was involved in a practice that was not consistent with the practice of law.

The 121-year-old Bahia may be the oldest woman in the world

Maria Gomez dos Reis, a 121-year-old man, was “discovered” by the West Bahia bombing Jesus da Lapa municipality, after feeling ill and in need of help from the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu). Bahian, whose story was released on Tuesday (3) may be the oldest person in the world.

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According to her birth certificate, Maria Gomez dos Reis was born on June 16, 1900, in the village of Bella Vista, where she lives today. The bedridden, pensioner lives with his granddaughter Celia Christina, since all her children have already died.

Bom Jesus da Lapa Municipality has made a request to the veteran to analyze the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person in the world.

Death of Korean children

Five children have been killed in an accident at Formosa do Rio Preto’s Villa dos Corianos on Friday – Photo: TV West

The bodies of five Korean children who died after being crushed in a ditch at Formosa do Rio Preto in western Bahia were buried on Sunday (1st). The ceremony took place in a private cemetery inside the “Villa dos Corianos”, where the accident took place.

  • Formosa do Rio Pretor City Hall, West BA, announces three days of mourning for the deaths of Korean children

On Tuesday (3), the Bahia Public Ministry of Labor (MPT-BA) launched an investigation into the case. According to the MPT, there are three lines of investigation. Tragedy can be accidental, due to lack of signboards and safety at the construction site; Due to negligence, if signaling and / or safety area is obstructed; Or due to child labor, which is considered illegal.

Rio Vermelho was shot in the head at a bar, undergoing surgery

Rio Vermelho was shot in the head at a bar, undergoing surgery

A man was shot dead in front of a bar in Largo de Santana in the Rio Vermelho area of ​​Salvador on Wednesday (4) morning. Policing has been intensified in the area after the crime. A team from Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) rescued the victim and underwent head surgery on Thursday (5). The condition of the deceased is considered to be critical.

Security cameras at the scene captured the crime scene. In the video, it is possible to see the moment when the suspect shot the victim and then fled the scene. The incident caused a commotion in the area. Civil police said the suspect has been identified and is looking for him.

Exiled Bahian Transvesite

Keila Simpson, President of the National Association of Transsexuals and Transsexuals (Antra) and Director of the Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (ABONG) – Photo: Reproduction / Social Network

Bahian Transvait Kayla Simpson, president of the National Association of Transvaeites and Transsexuals (Antra) and director of the Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (ABONG), was on her way to attend a social event at an airport in Mexico.

The delegation accompanying Kyler tried to call the Brazilian embassy, ​​but failed because immigration had already scheduled his return. Keila, who is also the director of the Brazilian Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (ABANG), arrived in Salvador on Friday night (5).

Allegations of sexual violence against a physical trainer

Allegations of sexual violence against a physical trainer

Nuno Cobra, a Salvador resident, a writer and former fitness trainer for famous athletes, such as the Ayrton Senator, has condemned sexual harassment. One of his sons claimed that his father had “aged” and “lost censorship”. The case was made public on Thursday (5). According to the women, the incidents took place during the Entrepreneurs’ Trade Fair in late April.

Toxic autistic children

Itaberaba Regional Coordinator of Internal Police (Corpin) – Photo: Prakash / Civil Police

A woman has been arrested for poisoning her 5-year-old son to death in the town of Ibekera, about 400 kilometers from Salvador. According to police, he confessed to the crime because the boy had an autism spectrum disorder, “moving the pan and making the house dirty.” The incident took place last Sunday (1st) but on Thursday (5th) the police became aware after the residents complained.

  • The woman, who was arrested at BA after poisoning and killing her 5-year-old son for being autistic, showed no remorse, the representative said.

The deceased was identified as Romero Sampaio Vaz. The baby’s grandfather, who is suspected to have taken part in the operation, is also being sought. When asked about the child’s location, the mother said the boy was traveling. When questioned more frequently, he admitted that he had killed Romero with rat poison, contaminated the baby’s water and food, still on Saturday (30).

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