Instead of forcing the Warriors to enter the NBA Finals, the Celtics kryptonite returns at the worst possible time.

Marcus Smart is not just a verbalist.

In early November, the Boston Celtics lost to the Chicago Bulls the night their offense continued. After the game, Smart put the blame on the shoulders of the two best players. “Every team knows we’re going to Jayson [Tatum] and Jaylen [Brown]and each team is organized and learning to stop Jayson and Jaylen, “Smart he said. “I think everyone’s scouting report makes the guys try and pass the ball. They don’t want to pass the ball and that’s what they’ve learned. They’re still learning and we’re proud to make progress. They’re making, but they have to take action and find ways to make themselves and others on the team.

Late scoring in the game has been Boston’s kryptonite all season.

From the opening night until Jan. 15, the Boston Celtics led the NBA in the few minutes played. During that time, he completed 120 minutes of play in the fourth round and scored within five points. It was the only team in the NBA that had reached 100 at the time. Almost all the games the Celtics played until then this season were very close. Until they were not.

As of Jan. 15 minutes later, the Celtics played just 49 minutes, the second-lowest in the NBA. Only 11 games out of the last 38 games were too close to look unbeatable. It was unfortunate for the mid-season change in Boston. Apparently one night, the Celtics were very good at not winning a close game. They didn’t have to. For three months, they bombed almost every player. Resolving all the problems of the first season, the repetition that led to his defense being the best in the NBA? Their short-term offense, however, was not found in any of the replays, so they entered the playoffs untouched and unprepared. The results speak for themselves.

Boston has played 12 clutch postseason games, more than any other team. He only gets 89.1 points for every 100 points in a minute, down from a 97.7 catastrophe already in the regular season. As a matter of fact, the error that contributed to 60 percent of his full-time field goals is now 41.2 percent of the blood loss when it was most needed. And eight months after the Bulls game, Smart was singing the same song. “We to be I’m going, ” he said After Game 4. “We can’t stand up, stand up and carry us.”

Yet that is what happened Friday night in Boston. With 5:18 left, Smart made a 3-pointer to put Boston 94-90. From then on, the Celtics will only get three points. So let’s take a look at Game 4 to see what’s wrong.

We open it with Smart walking the ball in the yard. By the time Boston starts to take action, the shooting clock drops to 14. Smart goes to Brown, who calls for a cover to pull Jordan Poole, the defender of Golden State, in the game. He attacks Golden State before it changes, but he is as bad, a runner as Klay Thompson.

And now, we’re starting to follow what could ruin Boston’s game. Five 3-point tests. Five misses. At first, Tatum tried to try Andrew Wiggins away from Brown but to no avail. Brown sets at 3 and over half the remaining clock. Njerwa.

The show itself is not bad at having No. 3. Derrick White gives it to Tatum and tries to show him off the street a little bit. Tatum gets nothing, which is why he gives it back to Brown. Wiggins is still inside the arc from Tatum’s car, and he doesn’t jump back to keep Tatum around. Instead, he still has a chance to stop Brown’s car knowing he’ll be back in Tatum for a jumper. Wiggins recovers quickly to counter Tatum’s missions.

For now, what looks good here is the simplicity of the game. There’s no jumping through here, and no complications occurring based on a game or a couple of wounds. One Celtic passes through a nearby Celtic, who may or may not try to attack one by one before defeating and preparing to go to an unknown destination or jump to a rival. We find out a lot about this when the Brown switch hunts for Thompson, is stoned by Green and pushed by Smart on the corner. The ticket contains enough telegraph for Green to return and compete. Boston gets rebound. Green is also competing with Smart’s miss.

Once again, Brown hunts down Thompson. Again, they do not go anywhere. Al Horford missed the 3rd race.

We arrived at Boston’s only container of this stretch, and it came from a little more advanced material. Tatum starts at the corner before using the White cover to appear on the nail. He lied to the jumper as soon as he found it before joining Kevon Looney. The secret here is that Green is not in the basket. He is out looking for Smart. Tatum knows this, so when he pushes Horford around the corner, he knows Looney will not be able to hide the place where Green was most quickly. Tatum greases the wheels and pushes a little from the pass to give Horford the time he needs to shoot a 3-pointer. We are not re-launching the wheel here, but this is a deliberate mistake. Boston finds the best player on the move and allows him to make decisions based on what the defense shows him.

Our last resort is probably the smartest in Boston. Instead of wasting 10 seconds doing nothing, Brown immediately tries to cut the door open and arrives at Thompson. But support protects the ranking, and Brown’s poor handling of the ball, as is often the case after this season, brings benefits.

In the meantime, the competitive part of the game is over. Boston led us when his mistake gave his worst impression to give a five-minute basketball. Slow-moving games, a little passing, 3s stability, flexible hunting, none of these is taken individually which is very unusual late in the final games.

Such competitions often come when the team star is able to make the right shot on his own. And this season, Boston could not. It is as true now as it was when the season began. When the chip goes down, the Celtics stop, and when the Celtics stop, as they did with the Bulls in November, they lose.

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