In the campaign, Catholic Sergio Moro will join Evangelical worship in S সাo Paulo

Catholic Sergio Moro will attend a missionary service in Sao Paulo this Sunday (15/5). Moro and attorney Rosangela Moro, with whom he is married, will attend the service of Hillsong, an evangelical church known for playing rock in services, and then they will meet with church leaders who point to a young audience. The former minister wants to fight in the Senate.

Moro’s conversations with evangelicals have intensified since he began his presidential race through former minister Podemos. Presbyterian lawyer Uziel Santana is leading the evangelical campaign.

Today, with Uniao in Brazil and without any chance of running for the plateau, Moro is trying to compete for a seat in the Sao Paulo Senate. The party has not yet secured a subtitle for this candidacy. So far, the only guarantee is that he will be a federal deputy. The former Lava Jato judge’s agenda focuses entirely on the cities of Sao Paulo.


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