In Plenarinho, it is the children who propose public policy

In 2021, a project that formed Red April (so that the month became the time to deal with arterial hypertension) was the basis of PL 3881, which is being processed in the deputy chamber. In 2017, another project aims to standardize the production and expiration dates of PL 9216-directed consumer products. What are the similarities between the two projects? They were made by children!

In the “Kamara Mirim” program, enrolled children in grades 5 through 9 of primary school can enjoy the parliamentary experience of detailed discussions, debates and submission of proposals for the bill. Integrates action of initiative Plenarinho, A relationship program of the Chamber of Deputies aimed at children aged seven to 14 years. The This year’s edition is open to project submissions until July 3rd.

Little kids, big ideas

Planerinho was born in 2002 at the initiative of the winners of the “Câmara em Ideias” competition. Creating the project with staff from different areas, Plenarinho was launched in August 2004 in 26 public schools in the country. The goal of the children is to inform the audience, as well as parents and educators, about the legal power and its features (draft law and parliamentary action), including accessible and humorous language. Themes related to children’s daily life are also addressed, such as health, environment, education and leisure.

In addition to the “Mirim Chamber”, there is also the “Mirim Elector” program in Plenarinho, where teachers and students participate in the election of bogus candidates every two years, starting with campaigning in a virtual electronic ballot box. The initiative produces and distributes printed materials such as Revista do Plenarinho (including comics and entertainment), booklets, special booklets for chamber art exhibitions, the Statute of Children and Adolescents in Comic Strips (ECA) and specific printed materials for participation. In celebration of the fair or ephemeris.

And what have the kids already done?
Since the first edition of Camara Mirim in 2006, three projects imagined by children have been selected each year. See the winners of the last three editions:

Red April – Arterial Hypertension Prevention Month
Adoption of biosecurity protocols in public transport
Distribute free sanitary napkins among low income people

Magistrates’ judgment in cases of violence against women
Free promotion of works of local artists on radio, TV and media in general
Mandatory chipping of pets

Inclusion of H1N1 vaccine in the annual immunization schedule
The use of pesticides in bee keeping has decreased
The Public School Library is open throughout the school year

Other suggestions made by the children’s public are available in the section “Camera Mirim winning project

Plenarinho class

To facilitate identification with children, seven characters are created by Turma do Planerinho, which includes superpowers who fight against villains who threaten childhood. They live in Brasilia / DF, but, with the help of a ship they can reach anywhere in Brazil.


Plenarinho class, left to right: Vital, Adao, Owl Edu Coriza, J. Plenarinho, Jeretta, Sida and Legis

With this group, the Chamber seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide a dynamic communication tool so that children in all regions of the country can learn about the role of the Chamber of Deputies and the power of the Brazilian legislature;
  • Working on the basic concepts of citizenship and social rights and encouraging the formation of social and human values;
  • To express the basic concepts of law-making for the formation of conscience about the importance of law-making power in the democratic integration and growth of the country;
  • Stimulating the formation of political conscience in the new generation to form future leaders;
  • Offer a consistent and dynamic source of information about the children’s legislature and bring children closer to the practice of political activity.

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How did children become the top in our country?


Advising on draft legislation and debating the country’s future is not just for adults: in Plenarinho, children and adolescents are the main characters in the changes they want in the world.

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