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Every adoption journey is different, just like every family. The act of receiving is one of the greatest manifestations of affection. Men and women who make conscious decisions to be parents in this way, even without biological relationships, are able to form a family, ensuring the right of children and adolescents to care and protection in family life. National Adoption Day, celebrated on May 25, plays a role in providing a loving home for those who have not had this opportunity.

According to data released by the National Council of Justice, Pernambuco currently ranks sixth in the ranking of the most receiving states in the country. (CNJ). Today, in Brazil, there are 4,123 children eligible for adoption, including 160 Pernambucos. The number of potential adoptees in the state is 924, which seems encouraging at first glance, without the same barrier as always: adoption of older children or adolescents. Of the interested parties, only 14 considered adolescent adoption, for example, and these figures are proportionally repeated across the country. For this reason, the queue for adoption is never zero.

Based on the adoption data, the family project was created in 2008 by the State Judiciary Adoption Commission (Ceja / PE), with the aim of promoting the profile of older children and adolescents. They are usually those who suffer from some health problems, there is no real possibility of adoption in the near future, because they do not fit the pattern of children or young people who are usually easily sought after and welcomed.

With the disclosure of information such as name, age and existence or not having siblings, the project seeks to introduce and bring together young people and potential recipients. From its implementation until this first semester of 2022, more than 708 children and adolescents were included in the family project, of which 349 were adopted, representing 49%. After the age of 18, they are no longer part of the registry. Currently, 38 young people are on the list for adoption across the state specifically through the project.

People who want to know the faces and stories of girls and boys and get access to other information can access the TJPE website through the Ceja / TJPE page. social networks, via email Or by telephone to the Commission: (81) 3181-5953. This process is known as active search.

TJPE Child and Youth Coordinator, Judge Helia Viegas, explains how the initiative works. “The great importance of the Projeto family is to give visibility to children and adolescents who are already available for adoption and, therefore, registered with the national adoption and asylum system, but still because of their profile, either because of their advanced age Due to need or condition. The project seeks to implement the right to family life through adoption or sponsorship. Thus, the Prozeto Family has begun to provide opportunities for these children and adolescents, transforming the cool information of registration into visuals, through their photos on Ceja’s social network. When we disclose this, we show some of these children, their faces and their aspirations, promoting a predictable relationship with the future mother and future father, ”the magistrate explained.

Cesar’s executive secretary, Judge Anna Carolina Aveler Deniz, spoke of pioneering and collective responsibility to ensure the right to family life. “Projeto Família is one of the country’s leading active search tools, developed through the use of social networks, which makes it easier for adopters to access children and adolescents who are not connected to suitors through the National Adoption System. The right of family and community to coexist is no longer a cold letter of law that can become part of our justice system through adoption, custody or patronage in an effective demonstration of social responsibility on the part of all of them. State ”, indicates.

The adoption process is completely free, and anyone over the age of 18 can be considered able to start the process step by step, unless they want to adopt and the age difference between those individuals is respected to be at least 16 years. Children or potential adolescents. After completing a pre-registration in the National Adoption and Shelter System (SNA) with personal, family and profile data, the interested person will have to search their city forum or Court of Childhood and Youth and get information about the required documents. To present

Once these have been properly analyzed and approved, the interested person must participate in an assessment conducted by the Department of Justice’s Multidisciplinary Technical Team. The goal of this study is to understand the motivations behind understanding the interests, expectations, profile analysis and the dynamics that children or adolescents will have in that family. Next, it is a legal requirement given in the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) that the individual meets the adoption preparation program, which consists of a preparatory course that seeks to clarify the full adoption, both legally and psychosocially. Attitude .. At the end of the course, which has a workload of 12 hours / class, the person receives a certificate which is added to the document at the beginning of the process.

After completing all of the above steps, the judge or nominated judge will review the case, whether to grant the application or not. Once accepted, the applicant’s data is formally entered into the national adoption system and can actively begin the search process.

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Text: Anna Luiza Castro | Ascom TJPE
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