Iga Swiatek also dominates the French Open after playing Coco Gauff on the sidelines | French Open 2022

Iga Swiatek arrived at the French Open after being hailed as the winner of a major women’s slam title as any actress since the final season of Serena Williams, and she knew it. Over the past two weeks, he has managed all of his struggles with his ideas and in a show that remembers the great artists who preceded him, only makes him stronger.

Swiatek finished the job with a final demonstration of his reign, winning and winning Coco Gauff 6-1, 6-3 to win his second major slam title at the French Open, where he won again for the first time in 2020. This victory is a victory. crown on top of his amazing run, which wins 35 in a row with counting. He has won six consecutive titles.

Speaking after the match, Swiatek, who wears a Ukrainian ribbon in his appearance, urged Ukraine to be strong: “Ever since I first spoke in Doha. [in February] I hoped that the next step would be better. But I have hope and try to help, thank you guys, “he said.” Swiatek received a lot of excitement.

Along with her success, which parallels Venus Williams’ 21st-century history, Swiatek is now 21-2 at the French Open, the third-best women in the women’s competition, having won the competition twice in her first four years as a senior. . This is the highest of all, Swiatek will almost double the number of new world No 2, Anett Kontaveit.

Swiatek said what made her proud was more than one of Serena Williams’ achievements – 34th straight victory – and her line: “It may seem strange, but having 35 wins and doing more than Serena, is extraordinary.”

The horrors of the aura Swiatek that he has created over the past four months have been highlighted by Gauff’s audience. After an unresolved problem in the open, the viewer shouted “Coco, it’s not over” in French to the point of laughter. When he made a double mistake on the second point, the crowd shouted loudly as if Gauff already had two points from the defeat.

Iga Swiatek celebrates winning the final point. Photo: Yves Herman / Reuters

It took Gauff 22 minutes to complete his first game and after the break, a strong unrestrained network left. Swiatek smashed Gauff’s second half and hunted for Gauff’s front violently with his heavy, ugly front, making short balls that he swept.

The second set started surprisingly, Swiatek haemorrhaging points and losing his job easily, but his relentless pressure forced Gauff away from his comfort zone and Swiatek took six of the last seven games to win.

As he recounted what he had done recently, Swiatek knelt down and then went to the stand, hugging his teammate and then Robert Lewandowski, who had come to Paris to see another Polish athlete.

As Swiatek celebrated, Gauff returned to his chair with tears in his eyes and an hour later he praised Swiatek’s performance: “Iga was very good,” he said. “It’s one of those games, yes, I, sometimes, I could have played better. But he didn’t give me anything. Every time I thought I hit a good ball, it wasn’t.

Despite his tears, he spoke with conviction and confidence that he had learned from his experience and continued to do well. “Tomorrow, or tonight, we will play cards again and laugh and it will be fine,” he said.

The obviousity of Swiatek’s actions does not detract from the dramatic increase in his rise. He is the best player in the world by far and the speed with which he climbed to the top, overcoming every new obstacle, has been amazing.

“In 2020, the biggest thing I felt was a mess, because I never believed 100% that I could really win,” he said. “This time it was a real job.” He started the season at number 9, the only player in the league and has been out of action for a few months.

He kept his balance and focused even though the previous No 1, Ashleigh Barty, rested unexpectedly, and placed the responsibility on him unknowingly. As the competition enriched him in Paris, he was able to concentrate on his mind as much as possible and found the right moment he needed.

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    “It is not easy to cope with such a wide range of situations and pressures, because everyone is preparing for a major crisis all the time,” he said. “I heard the goods. The hardest thing is to let yourself think about this and analyze it deeply and not allow yourself to think about all the numbers and its complexities. ”

    At a time when the Tour has been looking for a young player who can carry the No 1 cargo, a consistent and ubiquitous victory, Swiatek has arrived and could enter the reigning season at the French Open. The past few months have become a word for everyone else: those who want to argue should meet him at the top and everyone else will be left behind.

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