“I threw the cane, but I couldn’t catch anything.”

“Married” with many communication problems: “I dropped the cane, but I couldn’t catch anything!”

Comedian and columnist Miguel Lambertini analyzed this Sunday’s episode of the SIC program.

Dulce and João are having a lot of communication problems.

The couple went on vacation last week, which means perfect, since they have joined the program, they have enough work. So they really needed a break to rest. During the couple’s vacation, Joao tested positive for Covid-19, which forced him to disassociate himself from Dulles, but the pensioner said they also enjoyed being away. Since he was isolated, Joao could not go to his favorite Rua Rosa for the night. He made fun of himself by doing the second thing that gives him the most pleasure: taking X-rays.

“I’ve already taken 123 of your X-rays,” Joao said in a conversation with his wife as they waited for the rest of the group to join him for dinner. It seems to me that the amount of X-rays that Joao has already taken on Dulce must be more radioactive than the Chernobyl forest squirrel at the moment. Dulles recalls that her husband explained to her that she often went to the bar “to understand what it costs a man to have sex, it’s for personal prosperity”. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. An explanation that is still very useful. In fact, the next time my wife asks me why I’m sitting in the dark in front of my computer, I have to explain that this is a personal enrichment session.

Meanwhile, Bruno and Ruth are still in love and they even show up with the same shirt and sneakers that Bruno bought, to show that they are more united than before. I think it’s too sweet … or dirty? Oh no, I think it’s bad, but they’re still sweet. On the opposite side of this couple, the holidays were not very exciting for Lewis and Christina. The football coach explained that he could not communicate with his wife and that this was a unique phenomenon.

“I have been married for 30 years and have a wonderful relationship with my ex-wife. My last three girlfriends text me every day asking if I’m okay and I can’t communicate with Christina. ” That is, Lewis is extremely successful in relationships, until they end. After talking to the experts, the couple argued on the sofa. “Don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me!” In desperation she asks Christina to move away from her husband. Seeing the scene, Bruno commented: “I think you have everything to give, I don’t know”. I also think that they have something to give this is called divorce. And, apparently, this is really the best thing that can happen, because as long as Christina ex, the success of the relationship is guaranteed.

Doina and Uicaa seem to be getting more and more different. When Diana Chavez asks how they spent this time away from home, Doina quickly responds with “daily discussions” and explains an episode that makes her uncomfortable. “Do you want to know what happened? Do you want me to be honest with you? After the ceremony we returned home and Uicãa asked me to hug. I gave her a hug and she tried to kiss me. I said, ‘Oh calm down, let’s sit here and talk’. When Joao tries to join the conversation and give his opinion, Doina says annoyingly, “Joao interferes in your marriage and talks about your things.” Doina likes to comment on other people’s marriages, but when Joao comments on her “behavior,” she’s under the dog. ”

Dulles takes advantage of the intimacy theme to tell a recent episode: “When Joao wants to ask for these things, he brings short-legged fur.” “What do you want?” Diana asks. “You came to tell me to have sex. He sat down next to me and said: ‘Dulce, I want to make love to you’. The businessman did not like Joao’s direct approach and sent him for a walk in Rua Rosa.

“I wanted to prove that I was really a Latin man. I threw the cane, but I couldn’t catch anything, “he said. I am not an expert, but in this case I believe that we are again having communication problems. Joao said “I want to love you” and what Dulles heard was: “Chavala, you know I love you. Do you want to come with me to Chadar Valley or do I have to sit on the sofa and work for my personal prosperity?”

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