HUAN promises to resolve the situation with the companions of the children admitted to the hospital soon

Companions of hospitalized children complained about the lack of infrastructure at Agustinho Neto University Hospital (HUAN), saying they adapted themselves as much as possible to the chair.

In his defense, Juan stated that the seats initially purchased did not serve the hospital’s pediatric specific features and, therefore, directed the creation of 40 more units with consistent dimensions. According to HUAN’s PCA, seats must arrive in Cape Verde within ten days, and even within this May or the first fortnight of June, they will be allocated to that service.

Edsana Correa knows Juan’s pediatrics well, as her one-and-a-half-year-old daughter has heart problems and often has to be hospitalized when she has a high fever and vomiting.

Since her birth, she reported, the girl has been hospitalized at least five times and has always had to stay with him.

Every time they were hospitalized, Mom slept in a sturdy plastic chair.

“I never complained about the discomfort of the chair in the hospital because I went to check on my daughter’s health. If I have to pay for sleeping in an uncomfortable chair, I pay for it, “he said.

Edsana Korea says there was a time when her daughter was hospitalized for 15 days. During these 15 days, he lay in a plastic chair and leaned his head against the cage.

“When my daughter was admitted to the hospital, because of so much sleep, I had a lot of pain in my abdomen and back and I could not even go to bed at home because I was the only one who could go with her. I rarely slept in those 15 days because, in addition to being anxious for my daughter, I had to deal with the pain I felt, “she reported.

Korea guarantees that she was always treated as well as her daughter was, but the companionship problem still needs to be improved.

“I think there should be a sofa bed for those who come with the kids. However, most likely, there is no such availability because the rooms are not large enough. But, if they are arranged differently, it may be possible to place these armchairs, “he said, adding that better conditions should prevail.

The mother added that she has seen people who use HUAN armchairs, but not all of them use them.

“I have never been able to use it myself because they only make it available for babies one month or less. Older children use chairs to sit and sleep. They should increase the number of seats, ”he complained.

Pain and legs Swollen

Instead, Katia Rodriguez, the mother of a two-year-old boy, reported that her son had been hospitalized for thirteen days at HUAN Pediatrics.

During this time, however, he said that for the first ten days he lay in a wooden chair causing pain, convulsions and swelling in his body.

“Just three days before my son was released, another mother who was with her baby and had a hospital armchair kept it for me. After I started sleeping in the armchair, I still had body aches, but at least my legs didn’t swell anymore. The armchair is much more comfortable than the chair, “he added.

However, he noticed that the armchairs needed to be opened to rest his feet, and this was only possible at night, after each child’s last medication in the room he was in.

Katia Rodriguez claims she even complained about sleeping in a chair and was told that armchairs would only be available to mothers of infants and not to older children.

“Now, when a child is released who had an older child, as in my case, he can keep the armchair. However, they immediately warned that if a mother came with a baby, the chair would be removed, “he said.

“I know Juan has a lot of armchairs, I saw it in the nurses’ room and I know there are others. But I don’t know why they don’t make them available to all moms, maybe because of the place. That’s why I think in a room where you can have two armchairs, you should not have four or five cribs, which reduces the number of cribs so that there is more space for armchairs, “he advised.

HUAN will get 40 more hospital seats in the coming days

Speaking to HUAN’s PCA, Expresso das Ilhas, Imadueno Cabral explained that by the end of last year, the hospital had acquired 60 armchairs that were available in pediatric services and other wards. This is because mothers do not have their own place to stay.

However, he admits that they were not enough, even due to the specificity of each cell, the extent of which depends on the type of pathology.

“Then we realized that the seats we initially bought did not have the measurements used for those rooms. Therefore, we have sent a proposal to the manufacturing company to make 40 more units of these seats, adjusting the dimensions with those specific seats, ”he announced.

“Usually armchairs have a standard size and we have to ask, exceptionally, to make armchairs with the right dimensions and features for our room, our climate, our environment so that they do no harm,” he assures.

Imadueno Cabral added that at the moment the seats are on their way to Cape Verde and they should arrive within ten days.

“Still this May, mostly in the first fortnight of June, they will be allocated to pediatric services.

HUAN’s PCA highlights that there was an extra effort in terms of budget for this acquisition and guarantees that seats will be made available to mothers, especially young ones.

Since the seats available for this complaint are only available to mothers of infants, Imadueno Cabral responded that they were arranged according to the house, taking into account that each room has a specific pathology.

“For example, a patient with asthma may not be very close to another patient, even if they have the same problem, because they have different types of asthma problems. “That’s why we ordered the creation of armchairs specific to the size of the service and also respected the standard of health care,” he said.

Maternity waiting room

From another perspective, Elder Piva of Santa Cruz contacted Espresso das Ilhas that on April 27, his wife went to the Juan Maternity Hospital around 4:00 am to give birth.

However, he claimed that even though the waiting room was empty, he had to wait outside till 8 pm.

“When we arrived, I entered, my mother-in-law and my wife. He went to the delivery room, but the doorman told us we had to stay out because we could not stay in the waiting room. “

“I questioned and argued that there are a lot of thugs on the beach and we shouldn’t be out at that time. “It simply came to our notice then.

Elder Pieva insisted that the doorman could not point out social distance as the reason for being on the street because there was only one person there at that moment, excluding him and his mother-in-law.

“I was scared on the street, so I’m not a big fan of being on the streets at night or in the morning. A few hours later, I told her to at least let my mother-in-law stay inside and I had valuables in my backpack. “

“He let my mother-in-law go but I had to stay on the street because she claimed the place would be full. In a room of five rows, with four chairs in each, he said it would be full if I, my mother-in-law and another gentleman were inside, ”he competed.

Elder Pieva reveals that he understands that the hospital is not big and the waiting room is smaller and therefore it is not convenient because it is always full of people, especially because of COVID-19.

His argument, however, is that at least Dad should be allowed to sit in the waiting room.

“I did not even stay in Priya during the days when my wife was hospitalized because I knew I would have to stay in the sun at the door of the maternity hospital or else stay in the air at night. It didn’t make sense, “he admitted.

For this father, many men on the street are discouraged from going to the maternity ward with the midwives, even though they can do nothing at that moment.

“There is nothing we can do, but we want to be close to that moment. I request that they allow us access at least in the morning, ”he pleaded.

“Being in the waiting room means we’re in a special moment with our ladies. I know the place is not big, can’t accommodate a lot of people, but at least parents should be in the waiting room. I would even say that even the delivery room is the reason for humanizing the delivery, in my view, delivery at HUAN is not humane, “he said.

HUAN PCA guarantees that there are no restrictions on access to the waiting room at this time.

In this issue, Imadueno Cabral guarantees that at present, there are laws that indicate the right to accompany patients, with no restrictions for mate or family members in maternity services.

“We are coming out of an epidemic where there were restrictions, there were emergency measures, where the law itself prevents sick patients from staying together with other health professionals, even with their family members while they are hospitalized. That’s why we have imposed restrictions, including inspections, “he explained.

“There are some people who like to come to the hospital even if they are not family members. Sometimes a pregnant woman comes here with 20 companions and we, in the waiting room, if each pregnant woman brings 20 companions then the task becomes difficult. There are no restrictions on access to the waiting room for fathers or direct partners, which is for users, partners and family members, “he reiterated.

Imadueno Cabral said that from today, there will be a meeting of the board of directors from 04 and visitors will be allowed to enter without limits in terms of number. There will be a limit in terms of hours depending on the condition of each patient.

The text was originally published in the printed version of Expresso das Ilhas nº 1066, dated May 4, 2022.


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