Howie Roseman repeats Eagles 2022 NFL Draft, discusses rumors of Honey Badger and Jalen Reagor

The Eagles finished 2022 NFL Draft Saturday evening after selecting five players, but their work is far from over. Howie Roseman, Nick Sirianni, and Andy Weidl spoke to reporters at the end of the day, and Roseman also mentioned how difficult the UDFA market can be, as well as being as brutal as possible. GMs also spoke about their focus on the back line, and what they think about CB and safety.

Roseman admitted he would probably have been frustrated with the amount of choices he made this weekend if it were not for the players he was able to find with the decision, not to mention AJ Brown’s commercials. However, in the end, she realizes that it has been several years since she did well with the enrollment team.

Here is what he said:

In place of the linebacker

The Eagles’ GM was asked about the team talking to LB last season, as well as whether this was in line with Jonathan Gannon and the defense he runs. Roseman scoffed at the notion that he had neglected the role in recent years, saying much of it had to do with opportunity throughout the preparation process and the importance of players.

HOWIE ROSEMAN* And, we’re happy about that. “

He admitted that there were other responsibilities he was expected to speak over the weekend that he did not do, but he was confident in what he did and was happy with those who added him to the list.

ROSEMAN: When we looked at where we were in preparation, and we looked at the players on the board, there were a few moments when we felt like we were just bypassing the role, or even thinking about bypassing the role. We were just like a group going, and if the boys were in the same group, or section, we would talk about the boys. And, we try to be a little aggressive after the preparation. “

Andy Weidl was asked about Kyron Johnson’s selection and talked about how happy he was with her at the Senior Bowl. Weidl also said that for a whole week, Johnson’s explosion and speed were shown, as well as the effort he put in.

ANDY WEIDL: On the tape you see the same. When you see a person getting off the ball, you can see someone who can run, winning three ways. The energy he played with was very good. He is a person of character. She ran 4.40, went down separately by 1.50 [10 second] divided, and we have just seen it. Players come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are one of the most sought after items in the world. “

Weidl and Roseman both praised Johnson’s special teams as well.

In high school

Speaking of back defense, especially at the corner, Roseman talked about how he added a few CBs last year after the camp and through trade, so he looks at the players as part of this pre-season class to come to terms with support this season. He also said he would have written CB if he was in good shape, but it did not play that way with the choices he had.

Roseman was also asked about security and whether he wanted to bring in Tyrann Mathieu. GM said he had great faith in Anthony Harris, which is why he was reinstated, and he has confidence in Marcus Epps and K’Von Wallace. He said nothing could happen to the position, but would continue to deepen it.


Roseman said he is always busy and there are a lot of conversations going on, but he tries to be as aggressive as he can and knows he will never be able to sign anyone he loves. However, he thinks he will have a good UDFA class this year.

By Jalen Reagor

“Jalen Reagor is the Philadelphia Eagles and he has been here. We want to have the best players in that room, we want to have the best players in the team, and he has worked hard to look good and come here in the offseason program and now he has a chance. we do not expect anything in return. ”

some notable

  • Nick Sirianni has confirmed that he thinks second-choice Cam Jurgens has a chance to change, similar to Landon Dickerson last year, but with more space to play as well. Roseman later said that when he saw Dickerson and Mailata on the left, they were defensive, and both players were young, so they wanted to be together.
  • Sirianni was asked about JJ Arcega-Whiteside moving to a solid end, and he was convinced he was very receptive, so this would give him a chance to use his talent and make some mistakes.
  • Roseman confirmed he had never mentioned taking a quarterback with one of their sixth picks.

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