How will the Talen Horton-Tucker fit into the Lakers’ ‘Was Darvin Ham?’

What he picked up on top coach of the head coach Darvin Ham Monday was his unforgettable room rules – especially his description of how a face shot made him fearless – and his dedication to the Lakers ‘Big’. 3 ”by LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook.

Despite still optimistic about the potential of the team’s three highly paid players, the self-proclaimed “Darvin Ham Era” began with a promise to give everyone in the team the ability to bring their best, night after night. ., regardless of his age. In particular, he criticizes Russell Westbrook for being a “bulldog” on defense, saying that Anthony Davis will be “key” to their big change next season at the end.

He did something to praise several of the Lakers’ (probably) returnees, namely Stanley Johnson and Austin Reaves – all of whom were in attendance. four players present for the Ham press.

But even though the stars and their supporters, one name in particular was known to be absent: Talen Horton-Tucker.

In his third professional career, Horton-Tucker failed to take action in terms of his role as the fourth highest paid player on the team. Compared to 10.0 points per game in 42/27/80 shooting games, THT was not able to provide the best support in the 3-and-D phase set to start the season, due to the tight roster around.

As evidenced by his well-known pre-season and late-season performances as a footballer, Horton-Tucker also proved to be very good as a forward guard, forcing his kidneys to open defenses, and open up opportunities for success. he and his friends. If Russell Westbrook returns to the Lakers next season, Horton-Tucker’s chances of making the team worse will be a waste of time. Meanwhile, his balky jumper hinders his frustrating performance every time he is out of basketball, which makes him a no-brainer alongside Russell Westbrook and LeBron James.

To be honest the 21-year-old will be a bit far-fetched in that department, as no one is asking him to turn into Stephen Curry – or even Jordan Poole, on the issue. They only need to pay for the protection by leaving it open to keep it closed and to keep it safe. However, until he can correct a stroke, or add something to the game between his weapons, his presence on the court next to the Big 3 will be worrying, and at the team’s hat, heavy.

Kindness to him, however, was a change he made on the defensive side of the ball. By exposing himself as a coach who believes basketball success starts with security, Ham is determined to appreciate some of what Horton-Tucker can accomplish in the end. With its more than seven-foot wings, THT often surprised opponents by choosing bags and routes more easily than expected from the generously registered guards at 6’4. The BBall Guide gave him an A- in his Pickpocket Rating and his theft of 75 items, representing his ability to be a defender at times.

He also became more and more consistent with his flexibility as the season progressed – something that wasn’t too bad in his first two seasons – and by the end of the last season he often positioned himself as a minority assistant in athletics. cycle to protect baskets easily.

If he wants to gain a moment in Ham’s reign, his ability to shoot basketball from a distance is still needed, but continuing to develop a defensive form is probably a second minute.

With a debt of more than $ 10 million next season with $ 11 million players to come this year, the Lakers will have to make a quick start from the economy if they want to win the title at LeBron window which is shrinking after major controversy. Although trustworthy young people often start to do as well as they can in their 22-year-old age, the Poole or Anfernee Simons mentioned above, whom THT is looking at here, are likely to eventually be filled with a choice. / or another regular player partnership, winning now to partner with LeBron, Anthony Davis, and (possibly) Russell Westbrook.

Like the honest Talen Horton-Tucker, I still believe he can grow to be an NBA player, but he must need a lot of spice before he can get there. If the Lakers support themselves in a place where they do not want to wait for him to arrive, by paying him his market price before it expires, he may choose to leave his relationship before he arrives. However, the selection of players, higher pay, and the upcoming free team reduces its sales value as a prospect because they can go where they want to go as soon as they leave. Selling him may be necessary, but it represents another example of small asset management from a forward office.

Although much of what Ham said on his machine meets THT’s ability, wanting to win games quickly and often as a head coach can bring down Horton-Tucker in just a few minutes. However, the history of Darvin Ham is also expressed interest in the growth of the players (though he did not name THT by name) – and the retention of well-known expert Phil Handy – shows that the club is still committed to betting on his youth, so maybe Ham could be the leader that Horton-Tucker should be fighting for. go again.

And this time, finally stay there.

Cooper is a Laker life lover who also covered Yankees at SB Nation’s Pinstripe Alley – no, he’s not a Cowboys fan either. You can hear him on Lakers Multiverse Podcast and found him on Twitter at @cooperhalpern.

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