How to organize your trip to Australia?


Do you want to travel to Australia but have never set foot in Oceania? Would you like to know how to best prepare and organize your trip to the country whose capital everyone thinks is Sydney when it is Canberra?

I understand you, in terms of scenery, you can hardly find better than Australia. The famous “van life”, as well as road trip life, are almost inseparable from the long Australian roads. Whether along the coasts or in the former aboriginal lands (“the outback”, as they say), I think that between its paradisiacal beaches, its unmissable national parks and the diversity of its fauna, the country of kangaroos and other koalas will be able to satisfy the desire for escape of the traveler who sleeps in you, alone, as a couple or with your family!

However, going on a trip to Australia cannot be improvised, you may be asking yourself one of the following questions (and if so, this blog post / complete guide is for you, because we will see all the preparations in order!)

When is the best time to fly to Australia? How to estimate your budget? How long should you plan for a road trip? Is it possible to organize your trip to Australia entirely by yourself or is it better to go through a (tailor-made) travel agency? How to book activities and excursions at the best prices? Where to find the best van / motorhome rentals? These are just some of the questions I will try to answer as best I can here.

I spent 2 years exploring and traveling through this country thanks to the Working Holiday Permit (PVT Australia). So inevitably, as a backpacker, you quickly learn to travel for cheap.

But this article is made for all types of travelers, because we cannot all afford to leave for several months / years, I am well aware of that. And how to organize a trip of a few weeks has nothing to do with preparing for a Working Holiday Visa.

The same goes for the budget, which will depend on the type of traveler you are. This is why I am going to present the major expenses that one finds during one’s stay in Oceania (visas, plane tickets, vehicle rental, etc.) with a complete estimate of a one-month trip to the East coast at the end of the article.

The article is long (like this intro, in fact), but wants to be very complete, I hope it will answer many of the questions and that it will transmit to you the passion that I have for this country which has changed my vision of travel. It is embellished with a lot of personal experiences to make the advice more concrete and practical.


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