How to live and work abroad: Immigrants give tips to leave Brazil

Brazilians emigrate to live and work outside of BrazilAmidst the political and economic instability of the country, it has attracted qualified labor even abroad, even if it is working in a low position or other role outside their basic training.

Although illegal immigration is strong – 33,000 illegal Brazilians were caught at the U.S. border alone Fiscal year 2022, since last October – the validity of documents for immigration increased by 43% between 2022 and 2021, according to the Minas Gerais branch of Colégio Notarial do Brasil (CNB / MG).

Keeping an eye on the load, developer Bruno Monteiro, a local resident of Belo Horizonte and, currently, a New Zealand resident with his family, after living and working in the United States, created the project. “Go Bora?”. He advised Brazilians who want to leave the country, especially to work, and some advice on the first steps for those who are planning to leave Brazil.

What are the favorite countries for Brazilians living abroad?

According to a recent Foreign Ministry survey published in 2020, about 4.2 million Brazilians live outside the country. There were 2.7 million immigrants in 2015, an increase of 55% in just five years. The favorite country for Brazilians to emigrate is the United States, with a population of over 1.7 million.

Here is a list of the most popular countries for Brazilians living abroad:

  1. United States: 1,775,000 Brazilians
  2. Portugal: 276,200
  3. Paraguay: 240,000
  4. United Kingdom: 220,000
  5. Japan: 211,138
  6. Italy: 161,000
  7. Spain: 156,439
  8. Germany: 144,120
  9. Canada: 121,950
  10. France: 81,400

What is the first step in living abroad?

The first step in living outside of Brazil is to determine the destination country, explains Bruno Monteiro, creator of the immigration tips website “Vao Bora?” From the familiarity with the local language to the choice for hot or cold weather, he elaborated, many factors were considered in this decision.

“Choice will make all the difference, because, depending on the country, immigration laws and opportunities are different. It is good to choose multiple countries as an alternative, but not many. I say two to three is ideal, because if it’s just one and it goes wrong, your plan is over. However, this cannot be a lot because this process requires a lot of research, a lot of energy, ”he said.

The first impetus – and usually the safest – is to choose countries where you already know someone, Monteiro said. But, in addition, you need to list priorities: Do you want to continue working in your area, for example? So, the ideal is to look for countries that have opportunities in this sector.

Another suggestion made by Monteiro is to look for Brazilians with profiles like yours in the destination country, so that there is a parameter of living conditions in that place. “The more similar your situation is, the better. If I am an IT professional, married with two children, want to go to London, the ideal is to find a person in town with this profile. It will contain a lot of market and school information, for example, “he said.

How to work outside of Brazil?

Each country has its own rules for foreigners. Many Brazilians who immigrate to European countries and the United States, even with higher education, work in lower positions or even in various functions, as it can be difficult to get a license to work in their own sector and without local reference, the foreign market cannot know the experience of Brazilian professionals.

On the other hand, some professionals, Like the IT sector, they are constantly being demanded by foreign countries. Bruno Monteiro’s advice, “Vao bora?” From, looking for a job while abroad without highly qualified professionals, for whom it is easy to find opportunities at a distance.

“For the company, hiring a person before they stay in the country is a big risk, because the issue of immigration is not with the company, but with the government and there may be some problems, without which the person cannot adapt to the new country,” he said. The country allows residency and facilitates immigration when the professional is already hired by a foreign company, but this highlights the rare path, Monteiro.

He says that even for low-paying positions, such as hotels and restaurants, it is interesting to search on recruitment sites and social networks abroad before immigrating to get an idea of ​​the amount of opportunities and profiles. Looking for international market. In Europe, foreign labor is concentrated in these sectors – according to the European Commission, the employment rate for foreigners in this sector is 11.4% and for European citizens 3.8%.

For those who are not willing to work in this way and want to continue their training, it is even more important to search for profiles of wanted candidates. “If I want to work in marketing in Ireland, I search for vacancies and two appear, so the market is not so hot. If 2,000 are seen, I know the demand is high, “he said.

How much will it cost me to stay abroad?

The norm is to have enough money to support yourself as long as the tourist visa allows, Monteiro is advised. “Most of the time, you can’t find a job right now. Good things are always planned for the worst possible situation. So, if I am going to a country where I am allowed to stay as a tourist for three months, then the ideal is to have money to support myself for that time. Or, if I’m going to study German in Germany for six months, for example, there’s money for that time. “

Do I need a foreign lawyer to immigrate?

Having a lawyer is not mandatory to complete the immigration process, but Monteiro argues that it is a safe choice. “It’s easy to miss an immigration opportunity for making a foolish mistake, filling out the wrong form or failing to send some documents, and the country’s government will not always be patient with it. It is advisable to look for one person in the area. “He noted that Portugal, for example, where there is a large Brazilian community, has already brought together many professionals from the area.

How to live in the United States?

In general, the United States allows tourists to stay in the country for six months, a period that can be extended for another six months. However, during this period, tourists are not allowed to work in the country and in order to get a work visa, a new process needs to be started. Student visa is valid for at least the duration of the course.

Another type of work residence in the country is the EB1 and EB2 visas, which provide green card – permanent residency permits for “above average” professionals in their department. The flexible concept considers employee highlights based on rewards, for example. A consultancy for such a visa can cost up to হাজার 30,000 per family, according to companies in the sector.

Another possibility of residence in the United States is a visa based on family ties, that is, when a family member who wants to move resides in the country and fills out an application for relocation.

Illegal immigration, the route chosen by Brazilians to go to the United States, is a long way to go until immigration conditions become regular. Ten-year law allows that if undocumented U.S. authorities are caught after a decade in the country, they can receive a green card after trial, which is not guaranteed.

The website of the US Embassy in Brazil is here Complete information on how to immigrate to the United States.

How to live in Portugal?

To reside in Portugal, even temporarily, it is necessary to have a visa, issued to various departments, such as students and entrepreneurs. Portugal allows tourists to stay up to 90 days, regularize their situation and apply for a residence visa after starting work – which can be time consuming. Until then, workers will remain irregular in the country and will not get the same rights as others.

Portugal has a special visa for retirees – in addition to other specific groups – D7. It allows people with a proven retirement income to live in the country.

This information has been reported on the website of the Portuguese Foreign Ministry Complete information on how to immigrate to Portugal.

How to live in Canada?

Canada has a point system for workers’ immigration permits, express entry. An “application invitation” is given to candidates who manage to score the highest, receive a job offer, for example. In addition to the Federal Immigration Program, Canadian provinces have their own streams and it is possible to apply for a direct change in one of them.

It is allowed to go from a valid temporary resident to a permanent resident already in the country – even, the location counts the points of the immigration process.

The Government of Canada website is compiled in English, Complete information on immigration to Canada.

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