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* When starting classes for children at the Martial Arts Academy, in particular Jiu Jitsu, It is essential that the teacher understands the child’s development and respects its stages. Children feel the same emotions as adults, only differently, they do not have the maturity and control that our adults have or should have. Unfortunately, we see adults behaving like children at this stage of development.

Children absorb all kinds of information and emotions, so even if they do not understand a particular situation, at some point they will have negative feelings about what happened.

Psychological abuse in childhood is understood as a work practiced by parents, people close to children, and some teachers, not all of them. Thus, actions related to the child occur, such as abandonment, discrimination, humiliation and ridicule. It occurs through insults, screams and abuse, or in a disrespectful way of addressing the child, creating embarrassing situations where children should be respected and not exposed in front of others.

Case study

Carlos (not his real name) was seven years old when he arrived at his first Jiu-Jitsu class at the Martial Arts Academy in So Paulo. However, he did not know that in the future his master would ridicule him in front of his training colleagues, with nicknames of shouting and bad taste, mocking, but cruel. “Go on, you fool!”, “You’re too lazy today”, “React, you idiot!”

Well, it wasn’t a healthy sport, where for many it was normal during training. Today, Carlos is in psychiatric treatment for a number of events in his life: the anxiety gained from the epidemic, his grandmother recently died, and his father unemployed. Eventually, he found a Jiu-Jitsu master who made his life worse.

At first, Carlos was excited and happy. Everything could be different if the Jiu-Jitsu master used professional ethics, but he did not, because many still believe that bad humor should be a normal part of work and training.

Whatever the condition of the students, mocking and cursing is like a joke, it is a crime (mental torture). For this reason, the importance of martial arts teachers, including Jiu-Jitsu, is clearly to show respect to their students, to give them emotional support, to help them with their insecurities, and not to cause problems of self-esteem and discouragement, as it were. In the case of Carlos, who was the victim.

In this type of mental abuse of children, the attacker does not hit his victim or even physically attack him. Instead, he uses cruel words, intimidates, manipulates, even acts to alienate them, ruthlessly ignoring them. Unfortunately, child abuse is often more difficult to detect than abuse of a physical nature, but many mental health experts agree that it is just as interesting.

Consequences of emotional abuse.

Mentally abused children suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder and even suicidal tendencies. Many mental health experts say in their research that the process of mental abuse is really complicated, but some factors can help us identify:

  • Excessive demand from parents and teachers (we can’t forget that every child has their own rhythm);
  • Constantly scolding the child (when you scold the child all the time, you block their creativity, hinder their development and make them harsh and sad, lose the desire to train)
  • Curse, rejection, belittle, use words that hurt more than corporal punishment.

Every bad and good event to remember stays in the memory and is rarely forgotten. For this reason, build good bonds with your students, give quality to relationships, time is essential for listening and talking, setting boundaries, acknowledging achievements and accomplishments. Appreciate good behavior and always be kind, your children will thank you.

Who am i Monica de Paula Silva, also known as Monica Lambiasi, has a degree in pedagogy since 2004. Embu Guachu – Through a public examination by SP’s City Hall, he has been working as a clinical psychopedagog for 13 years, an area where he has graduated since 2006. He completed his postgraduate degree in 2008. Degree in higher education and a postgraduate degree in special education and inclusive education in 2009. In 2017, he completed a master’s degree in neuropsychopedagog and is currently studying psychoanalysis and neuroscience. She is also a writer.

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* By Monica de Paula Silva

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